I’m often asked if I “cheat” with my nutrition…and the answer is that I don’t really.  But…I’m also not on a stringent meal plan like a competitor or a bodybuilder.  Eating clean is just part of my lifestyle – I love it.  I love the way I feel, I love the results I get, I love knowing I’m rarely at the doctor!   

And…healthy foods don’t HAVE to be boring.  I know a lot of folks say they’d be bored with what I eat, simply because I love my vegetables and protein.  That doesn’t mean it’s all the same. I personally don’t mind sticking to the predictable when I go out somewhere, but that’s me.  Remember, there are many ways to prepare things!  There are SO many great blogs (some of you!) who share awesome recipes and reviews. ❤  (THANK YOU!)

I love my eggs, for example.  And the man I adore can order for me.  On Sunday mornings, we’ll go out for breakfast, and I will get the same thing…because I love it! “Three medium boiled eggs, and a side of fruit salad. Coffee with almond milk, soy if you don’t have it,” he’ll say.  


We went to a French restaurant this weekend for breakfast and somehow “medium boiled eggs” was a tough one.  No, the waiter wasn’t french.  And if he had been, I might have been able to struggle through to explain.  They got the “medium” part but…butter and / or oil.  Nope.  I just want the fat from the egg itself, thanks!

The second time I got poached.  I wasn’t about to send that back (I’m not a food-sender-backer, I just am clear up front! 😉 ) so I had them. DELICIOUS.  While I prefer a medium yolk – not runny, not dry – these hit the spot (they cooked them a bit extra so they weren’t all liquid.)  I don’t do toast but if you were adding in the carb, you basically could have spread these on there and it would have been perfect.


Fresh fruit salad (fresh-cut fruits, no sugar or liquid) is a refreshing favorite to pair with them, particularly as I air on the side of veggies mostly.  Important to get the colors in!  Certainly there is the sugar component, but I don’t drink juice, so fresh fruits and berries are an important addition to round out a nutritional plan (much-needed vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber and H2O! 😀 ) 

I pretty much devoured everything like a voracious beast…so the deviation in preparation was actually a nice change. And I still had exactly what I wanted as far as nutrients and taste went.

= Happy girl!