Autumn / Winter 2016 – MAC Redlite Strobe

MAC Strobe Cream is definitely one of those cult, “must-have,” go to products in the beauty world – it’s been used backstage at Runway shows religiously since it’s launch, and very likely will continue to be one of those fail-safe, backup glow-getters ad infinitum.

It took a while but MAC finally decided to expand on the product – there were posts about it months ago, but given that it is set to launch this November (for Autumn / Winter 2016/17, and indeed when this post is scheduled for), we’ve got more to say about it now.  

The one I was always most interested in was Redlite – maybe it’s the vamp in me, maybe it’s that the red lends itself to flushing cheeks.  Either way, I was psyched to see a review that focused on this shade in particular.  There will be others, not to worry if red is not your hue.  It total, the selection will be:

  • Silverlite
  • Peachlite
  • Redlite
  • Goldlite
  • Pinklite (a rename of the original)

These definitely are shade shifters, and that’s one of the reasons I love them.  They don’t appear to be glittery or garish, they just add a cool (or warm!) sheen to the skin, giving you a hyped-up highlight instead of the same old, same old.



Spring 2017 – Too Faced Peach

I’m one of those need-to-be-natural types, so anything that falls into that category works for me.  I don’t actually have the luxury of being incredibly girly-girl to begin with, given my propensity for all things Martial Arts and sporty.  But having been in the Fashion Business for many years, I appreciate those who can.

There’s a TON of hubbub about Two Faced’s Spring 2017 Peach Collection (launching November and December of this year – Merry Christmas?!)  Having seen multiple posts, I thought I’d share the one that had the most images (or at least ones no one else has) – from ChicProfile.

I’ll let you click the link above for more images – sometimes a surprise makes it more fun! 😉

It Cosmetics Friends and Fam

Just a heads up!  The It Cosmetics Friends and Family is going on until the 14th so snag your stuff now! 🙂

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It Cosmetics photo

It Cosmetics photo

If you use Ebates, you will get cash back too, so don’t forget! 🙂


Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani

In November, Urban Decay is launching a rather sizable palette in collaboration with Gwen Stefani.

By the looks of it, there are a whole number of shades you can play with to do a more neutral, non-rocker look.  But there are a couple of shimmer or metallic-looking hues and some fun shades as well, including a rich copper, deep blue, true gold, and a pinky purple.  

Gwen is absolutely precious – I may have expected a touch more spunk from the colors here, but it looks like it will be more wearable than the expectation, which is great.