Martial Arts – Respect Your Beginnings

I’m not sure I’ve seen a cuter image…!

Respect those who teach you, and who give selflessly to further your growth and learning in life… And respect where you came from.  Your actions and behaviors will speak volumes of their own when you uphold values so noble as these.



Food Humor – There Is No “WE”…

I’ve never been great about sharing food.  In fact, I tend to get incredibly defensive and downright dirty when it comes to all things edible (provided I want them…)

Not going to lie, I’m like a food ninja and anyone eyeing what I want is considered the enemy. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone took a photo and my face looked like this. . .

I know self-shaming is a horrible thing but…it’s full-on psychotic if you ask me…


Martial Arts are a way of Life, no matter their origins, their focus, their techniques. At their core, they are – heroically and with grace – brimming with precious words of wisdom. . .ones which transcend all temporal confines.

That everything begins, and ends, with respect is not relegated to the Arts, but to Life, our relationships, our interactions, and ourselves.

To maintain respect in the face of adversity and calm alike is at the heart of being a warrior. . .and a solid human being.  Like integrity and honesty it is a key pillar of a fulfilled, happy, and healthy Life.