Nails Inc Sheet Masks

I know – I did a double-take too.  Not exactly what you were expecting, but then why wouldn’t other manner of beauty companies jump on board?  Asia has always been a trend setter – not only in fashion, but in the beauty and skincare arenas (I’ve gone on about it forever, many of my early posts touting the overseas’ creativity and innovation.)

Let me quell the curiosity up front, though – The masks are made for your SKIN, as it turns out – so under the surface, it’s more like the company is branching out into other areas of beauty, as opposed to a sheet mask FOR your nails (which, honestly, wouldn’t surprise me after seeing news of these.)  Slight disappointment because sheet masks are everywhere to the point of sensory overload.

But though it makes sense for a beauty brand unrelated to makeup, or even the skin at all, to hop on the sheet mask wagon, it still feels like a surprise.

In the last several years, nails have had more attention – the products offered in mass market retailers alone is somewhat astounding.  You can get anything from gel polish, gel lamps, pre-designed but high-end glue on nails, nail art (stickers, rhinestones, tools), you name it.  But there always seems to be a lull or plateau – it’s like what else can you do with nails.  At home?

Nails are as much an accessory as far as fashion is concerned – they are an extension of that fancy handbag, after all – so keeping the field interesting is important for companies out there.  Boredom is a killer. 

Enter Nails Inc with a few 15-minute sheets for anything from dryness, to anti-aging, to brightening.  When all else fails, I guess trying to expand makes some sense – I hope for them that it works.  From the sound of it, they might also be entering color cosmetics too…

Christmas / Holiday 2015 – Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument

Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument is, I have to say, pretty spectacular.  It’s vampy and glam at the same time… ❤  Oh, la la!

A bunch of ladies have posted their own swatches online…which I always love to see.  Thank you to all who shared!

swatches of Troublante 675, posted by liguriansea on

swatches of Troublante 675, posted by liguriansea on

The Collection includes the following products:

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Signe Particulier (below)

  • Satin Beige Pink
  • Velvet Purple
  • Black Red
  • Saffron Gold

Joues Contraste Lumiere Highlighting Blush  (above)

  • Coups de Minuit – peach beige


Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer  (above)

  • 57 Or Safron – warm saffron gold


Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil  (above)

  • Rouge Noir – black red


Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow  (below)

  •  857 Rouge Noir – shimmering black red (ummm…swoon!!!)

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara 

  • 27 Rouge Noir – intense black red
  • 90 Ultra Black – intense black


Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour (below)

  • 237 Vamporeuse – light pink purple
  • 109 Rouge Noir – black red (holy smokes! ❤ )


Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour  (below)

  • 437 La Merveilleuse – intense raspberry red


Levres Scintillantes Glossimer  (below)

  • 477 Rose de Lune – shimmering soft pink
  • 487 Etincelle – golden black red

Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour  (above)

  • Merry Rose – soft grey pink


Le Vernis Nail Colour  (below)

  • Rose Fusion – luminous purple grey

Le Top Coat | Gold Sparkle Nail Coat  (above)

  • Lame Rouge Noir – shimmering black red