Autumn / Winter 2016 – Dior Skyline

Another as-always-thourough post from ChicProfile on the newest from Dior (lost of photos!)  

As a tip…The backstage scene during runway shows are guaranteed to reveal some newness so I generally will check out those photos specifically when reviewing catwalk coverage.

I love Dior generally, and have always appreciated the quality of their products (cosmetic and otherwise.)  There is something to be said for flawlessness… 

Illamasqua Nail Veil

Nail “polishes” are no longer strictly about color – for a long time color cosmetics have been edging towards giving “more” than just a tint.  It is not a new concept that makeup doubles as skincare…but that nail polishes double as treatment hasn’t really been around as long.  It isn’t wholly novel, necessarily, but it hasn’t been as mainstream as it is these days.

I didn’t totally expect this from Illamasqua, but as off beat as they are, I guess I shouldn’t be bowled over!  I like that they are considering the impact of their products, and that they take them to another level entirely, not only giving a beautiful look, but also something body-loving (er…nail-loving, anyway!)

The Neil Veils are “water and oxygen permeable,” providing “anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties” in a super glossy, sheerly-tinted pastel polish.  Nice.  Colors include Bamboo and Breathe, pastel Orange and Pink, respectively.

These are subtle, offering a refined, pull-together look while also caring for your nails – as the warmer Spring and Summer months are upon us and we find our fingers and toes full-on exposed, this is a nice way to stay natural, but also groomed. 


Spring / Summer 2016 – MAC Future

This is a SHARE of two posts…

I saw PerilouslyPale post some great photos of this up and coming Spring 2016 Collection, as well as ChicProfile, and wanted to pass them on! 🙂  MAC has been a long time favorite with my background in Ballroom Dancing, Ballet, and Figure Skating – their products ALWAYS perform as hard as we do, and the pigment stays true! (Impressive!)

MAC ad image

MAC ad image

Thanks to Christa and ChicProfile for their wonderful entries – enjoy!

MAC ad image

MAC Dark Desires

This Collection has gotten lost of coverage already, but it is available beginning today if you are interested in snagging any of the items!  As far as I’m concerned, the inky, vamptastic, night-crawler coloring is DIVINE! ❤ So says the Goth in me!

Per the site:

Bathed in black, fuelled by desire, rich colours simmer in their darkest tones. As night falls, sinfully succulent lips, sultry stares and ebonized nails emerge from the evening’s depths. Uncover the shameless indulgence of Into The Well Eye Shadow’s pure matte pigments – a pressed powder eye shadow/eye liner that’s as sensuous as velvet. An indentation in the middle of the pan can hold a drop or two of water, creating an inky shade lasting well into the morning hours. Bad never felt so good.

How do you not love that?!  Soooo Edgar Allen Poe and late October… ❤

The Collection includes the following (thanks to ChicProfile for the full list):


  • Black Knight – Black with Red & Gold Pearl (Cremesheen)
  • Boyfriend Stealer – Blackened Plum (Cremesheen)
  • Heavy Petting – Burgundy (Cremesheen)
  • Ring My Bell – Pale Cool Neutral (Glaze)
MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

Studio Nail Lacquer

  • 6 Inch Stilettos – Blackened blue
  • Unzipped – Blackened green
MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

Studio Eye Gloss

  • Pearl Varnish – White Gloss with pearl
  • Spank Me – Black with multi color glitter
  • Erogenous Zone – Violet with multi color glitter
MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015


  • Blitz & Glitz


  • 246 Synthetic Fluffy Eye Brush

Kohl Power Eye Pencil

  • Mystery
  • Raven
  • Orpheus
  • Feline (Repromote)

Into the Well Eye Shadow

  • Think Kink – Greyed Silver White
  • What’s Your Fantasy – Black with heavy multicolored pearl
  • Switch Me On – Dark Navy
  • Dark Desires – Blackened Eggplant
  • Beg For It – Black
  • Midnight Tryst – Chocolate Brown
MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

MAC Cosmetics Dark Desires 2015

Definitely not for the light…nor faint of…heart…

Holiday 2015 – Pony Effect

Pony Effect’s Holiday Collection, “That Girl,” has come to the USA by way of Memebox.  

I personally LOVE the add images – there is no question that there are tons of enhancements and light adjustments, so I’m not suggesting it represents reality.  

What I love about it are the colors – it’s vibrant and fun, with a good does of youthful sass – case in point, her GORGEOUS ombre hair!  Note also the color-shifting rainbow fonts – it’s energetic all around!

In any case, the Collection is composed of five items:

  • Outfit Lipstick
  • Illusion Nail Lacquer 
  • Fever Shadow Palette

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 7.58.28 PM

  • Luminous Contouring Palette
  • Holiday Limited Collection Set

There’s nothing humdrum about this Collection at all, but it is also wearable – if you are feeling blue with the darker, colder months, this looks like a fun pick-me-up without being too over the top.

Spring 2016 – MAC Faerie Whispers

How wonderfully Midsummer Night’s Dream!!! ❤  (Shakespeare fans anywhere?!  This reminds me of Titania and her entourage!)

MAC Faerie Whispers 2016 Collection

MAC Faerie Whispers 2016 Collection

I love this MAC Spring 2016 Collection – Faerie Whispers – already! Thanks to Nadyaamk for so many images!

MAC Faerie Whispers 2016 Collection

MAC Faerie Whispers 2016 Collection

Per ChicProfile, the Collection includes:

MAC Foiled Eye Shadow

  • Enchanted Forest – warm rich brown
  • Fairie Fayre – mid-tone peach terracotta
  • Magic in Your Eyes – soft lilac
  • Fly By Twilight – taupe
  • Fairy Land – warm champagne
  • Joy Toy – pink copper
  • Sweet Illusion – light color neutral
  • Feminine Wiles – light pearly pink

Iridescent Pressed Powder

  • Sparkling Rose – champagne with pearl

Beauty Powder

  • Pearl Sunshine – soft peach with pink pearl

Powder Blush

  • Cheek Pollen – warm nude (Satin)
  • Spellbinder – pastel yellow pink (Satin)

Cremesheen Glass

  • Over Indulgence
  • Calypso Beat – neutral pink with pearl
  • Softly Lit – soft beige
  • Enchanter – copper brown with pearl


  • A Sprinkle of Magic – dirty orange nude (Frost)
  • Midsummer Night – mid-tone coral nude (Cremesheen)
  • Among the Fireflies – soft mocha (Cremesheen)
  • Gossamer Wing – dirty beige with gold pearl (Lustre)

Studio Nail Lacquer

  • Spelldazzling – rose gold with pearl (Frost)
  • Sweet Potion – soft beige nude (Cream)


  • 221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush
  • 133 Small Cheek Brush


Holiday 2015 – Tom Ford Noir

The Tom Ford Noir Collection is inky and gilded, by the looks of it… The ad is uber dramatic, much in contrast to the site, which is neatly laid out, and seeming very “pulled together.”

I love the contrast of the pinky, nude lip with the sooty, smoky eyes…  Plus that dash of indigo!





Tom Ford’s products AREN’T on the inexpensive side, but I’ve not heard one negative word since he’s been on the beauty side of things.  The quality is there, and the packaging is impeccable.  If you are looking for a splurge and are head over heels for these colors (the colors in the ad really are fabulous for a sexy Holiday look!), then maybe this is worth the splurge!


Fall 2015 – Anna Sui Nail Art Foil Collection

Anna Sui has always beat to her own drum…but given how massive the nail art trend has become over the years (here in the USA, it really has exploded – not to the level of Japan, mind you, but it’s been a noteworthy surge!), there is more room for “it” looks…so wether or not foil is the top must-have, it will have it’s fans. 

Anna Sui’s Fall 2015 Collection is made up of six snappy Nail Art Foils:

  • Metal Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown Green
  • Red Glow
  • Copper
  • Brown

Her packaging is as whimsical as ever, emulating a bird-topped, glossy black and glass bell – definitely more vanity-worthy that what most companies offer, for sure!

In addition to the six shades above, there are two foils – silver and gold – which can be applied to the polish for a more artistic, metallic effect (naturally!)  As always with foils, it’s good to add a clear gloss topcoat to seal them in, and even the high shine.

Sinful, Oh SNAP!

Another new Collection from Sinful, which I just saw this past weekend at Walgreens goes by “Oh Snap!” 

Thanks to Nouveaucheap and Coolpolish for sharing the photos and colors with everyone – I didn’t have my phone so I’m so happy someone else snagged shots! The Collection represents “Runway Colors, with Vintage Flair.”

Per Nouveauchep (and one of her readers, Kim) for the shades in the display, left to right:

  • Antique Your Interest (NEW)
  • Plum Luck (NEW)
  • Ink Positive (NEW) 
  • Purple Haze (NEW)
  • Rose Dust (repromote; originally released Spring 2015)
  • Clear Top Coat
  • No Filter (NEW)
  • Retro Rosie (NEW)

I’m always looking to find a red in the bunch, as I will often say, but the colors are pretty in person.  Still, I’m not sure I’d say “vintage” per se – these feel more pigmented and poppier than “vintage” connotes to me personally.  Hmm…

MAC in the Celestial Realm

Celestial Nights is an up-and-coming MAC Collection which *appears* to be for Winter 2105.

MAC Celestial Nights ad image

MAC Celestial Nights ad image

Thankful to BritishBeautyBlogger for her post, because there really isn’t much info out there just yet.  Per her site, it appears that there are several products included in this Limited Edition bunch:


  • Tan (muted pinky brown bronze)
  • Deep Blue Green (rich, deep bluish green)
  • Reflects Gold (white with flashing gold)
  • Blue Brown (brown with blue/green pearl)
  • £16.00


  • Fabulous Fete (dirty platinum with gold pearl)
  • Formidable! (teal green with pink multi changing pearl)
  • Anti-Fashion (midtone dirty purple with pearl)
  • £10.00


  • Luna (bright white with shimmer)
  • Madly Magenta (vivid pinkish purple)
  • Root (red-taupe brown with shimmer)
  • £16.00


  • Desire (purple berry)
  • Spite (muted plum-taupe brown) £14.50
  • MASCARA Haute & Naughty Waterproof Lash, £19.00
  • EYE KOHL Feline rich black, £14.00

She mentions this might be in Selfridges in October – I’m in the USA so I don’t have more info about it currently, but again, grateful to her for sharing!  MAC was a long-time favorite for the dance floor – formulas ALWAYS deliver in my experience. 🙂

MAC Celestial Nights image, via

MAC Celestial Nights image, via