Once A Vamp, Always A Vamp

Cant’ take the goth or vamp out of me, no matter which way you spin the world…

As evidenced by my Pinterest pages…

Bella and ‘N Spice or really just the whooooole kit and caboodle.



Vampy Claws

For Ballroom, I had to have my nails “just so” – the grooming is impeccable and it’s unheard of NOT to have gel nails (or at least ferociously long, often outlandishly wide, french manicured nails.)  I opted for glittering, far more narrow tips myself…

Were I still in the sport (or perhaps even if not) I’m pretty sure I default to these unbelievable, deliciously, pointy claws.

@nikkietutorials and @electanailart

My Martial Arts rules out such a possibility (though they could be easily utilized in Ninjutsu!)  I suppose back in the day my weight lifting habit (of, now, nearly 26 years) would have also required some level of caution. . .

But still…these sharp, fresh-blood red talons are out of this world… At least to this not-so-secretly goth girl in a gi…

Nails Inc Sheet Masks

I know – I did a double-take too.  Not exactly what you were expecting, but then why wouldn’t other manner of beauty companies jump on board?  Asia has always been a trend setter – not only in fashion, but in the beauty and skincare arenas (I’ve gone on about it forever, many of my early posts touting the overseas’ creativity and innovation.)

Let me quell the curiosity up front, though – The masks are made for your SKIN, as it turns out – so under the surface, it’s more like the company is branching out into other areas of beauty, as opposed to a sheet mask FOR your nails (which, honestly, wouldn’t surprise me after seeing news of these.)  Slight disappointment because sheet masks are everywhere to the point of sensory overload.

But though it makes sense for a beauty brand unrelated to makeup, or even the skin at all, to hop on the sheet mask wagon, it still feels like a surprise. 



In the last several years, nails have had more attention – the products offered in mass market retailers alone is somewhat astounding.  You can get anything from gel polish, gel lamps, pre-designed but high-end glue on nails, nail art (stickers, rhinestones, tools), you name it.  But there always seems to be a lull or plateau – it’s like what else can you do with nails.  At home?

Nails are as much an accessory as far as fashion is concerned – they are an extension of that fancy handbag, after all – so keeping the field interesting is important for companies out there.  Boredom is a killer. 

Enter Nails Inc with a few 15-minute sheets for anything from dryness, to anti-aging, to brightening.  When all else fails, I guess trying to expand makes some sense – I hope for them that it works.  From the sound of it, they might also be entering color cosmetics too…

Static Nails

I’ve been doing gel nails for years at this point, a trend which started as a result of my ballroom dancing.  (Yes, I am the only girl at the dojo and dojang with “claws” and sparkles…two things that have no bearing – rest assured – on my kicks!)

Before I started getting them done, I had to resort to temporary glue-on ones – looking the part was a big deal in that arena, and if you want to be taken seriously, you give the best and cleanest presentation you can!  I couldn’t stand gluing them on, though, and I DREADED the after effects.

But then there’s Static Nails…  A company offering, quite possibly, some of the raddest stick-on nails I’ve seen yet. 

It’s no surprise that Dipped Soles (how very Louboutin!) is a favorite!  I didn’t associate them at ALL with the shoe designer (despite 11 years in the Fashion industry!)…but rather, just a deliciously vampy degrade.

And then there’s Red Bottoms.  

Again, no particular reason I’d have thought of Christian Louboutin necessarily (though a red underside, of course, hints at his trademark coloring.)  These matte black and swarovski crystal beauties are drop dead, no matter the inspiration – they are sassy, sexy, badass, and unconventional – love, love, l ❤ ve!  

The style allows for that inner goth and super-punk to let loose when you might otherwise seem tame.  This particular pack also comes with leopard print nails, in case you feel like really stopping the crowd!

Tremendous idea, really…  For the fashion-forward, jetset, and trendsetters, these are kind of a no brainer!

Glitter UV Gel

I’ve done UV Gel for years…ever since my competitive Ballroom dance days.  Most of the ladies do a wide French but I alway stuck to my degrade glitter – it was different, still maintained the look of long “lines,” and just made me happy!  It may be the girliest thing about me, matter of fact…

I moved about two months ago and I was worried about finding a replacement for the woman I went to – she knew exactly what I needed done, and exactly how I wanted it.  But thanks to Google – there is always Google! – I located a few places and found the perfect one!  


I wasn’t going to wither and keel over if I could have them done – it isn’t the end all be all by any stretch! But  little comforts or treats that we have for ourselves keep us in a routine, and give us some kind of control.  

Leaving one place and starting over can feel overwhelming – something as small as getting your Gel redone, or having your haircut can be a stressor!  Might sound silly to some, but when you think about it, those little things are like reference points – they’re things you look forward to in order to unwind and treat yourself!


The great news is, there is always someone else out there, and they are often close by.  Read reviews and do your due diligence, but know that it really isn’t a big deal…and you will find your  groove soon enough! 🙂

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Nail IT Magazine posted an adorable Halloween stamping video (which I have to share because…HALLOWEEN! ❤ ) 

http://nailitmag.com and JessiJayBeauty

http://nailitmag.com and JessiJayBeauty

The video comes by way of blogger JessiJayBeauty, who also has tons more!  She uses the MoYo London Gothic Stamping Plate (of which, there are 13…my favorite number, and oh, how appropriate! ❤ ) 

I’m excited because I actually didn’t know about MoYo prior…and though I have gel nails, you never know when I might want to paint OVER them! The polishes used in the video are also available on MoYo – Black Knight and Ginger Rust.  Sah-naaaazzz-IE! 

MoYo website image

MoYo website image

Color Club Oil Slick

I love snazzy polishes!  For a girl who has gel nails…and does a specific glitter degrade…it’s AMAZING how many polishes I still own!  I generally go for glitter – silver or red – and red solids.  Those are my go-tos.  

But…I saw this new Oil Slick Polish from Color Club and was intrigued!  I love the idea of chrome or metallic, but I find myself disappointed – most of them fail get to “chrome” (which is likely inevitable.)  

The lacquer comes in seven shades, all super slick and sassy!

  • Burnt Out
  • Cash Only
  • Don’t Kale My Vibe
  • Ice Breaker
  • It’s Raining Men
  • Sorry, Not Sorry
  • We’ll Never Be Royals

The formula uses “Trichrom Technology, Color Club’s next Limited Series Microbatch™” which has a radiate-from-within purported glow – sounds pretty awesome to me!  The colors shift, as one would expect with this name, lending a multi-hued effect.

Countless ladies have posted their own swatches, as has the Color Club Nail Lacquer Instagram page – always appreciated, but especially with a product whose color is tough to gauge by the “dots” on the site’s product page.

@colorclubnaillacquer page - http://www.online-instagram.com/media/1074073461330074270_303464149

@colorclubnaillacquer page 


@crisstivall - http://www.online-instagram.com/media/1013321249940678688_1719401129

@colorclubnaillacquer page repost by @crisstivall 


@colorclubnaillacquer page

@colorclubnaillacquer page

I think We’ll Never Be Royals is my favorite…

Holy Nail Swag!

I passed by this Instagram page – belonging to @nail_swag, clearly – and I nearly fell over.  If you are even REMOTELY interested in nail design, it’s worth looking at.  

I do not know the owner(s) of this page, but I can safely say that the creativity…and execution…is incredible.  

Some of these remind me of lacquer and inlay jewelry boxes…beautiful, artisan, handed-down ones…

Others remind me of the blown glass designs in Murano, or the whimsical coloring from old Venice…

There are sharp shapes and metallic glints, impossible to miss…

They range the gamut, truly – from modern and minimalist, to henna-inspired… Geometric, marbled and magical…

I feel like I could scroll at length, and I know some of you ARE into all things polish…so if you haven’t seen the page as yet, do take a peek.  Even if you are more traditional, the shapes and shades are sure to inspire. 


Fall 2015 – Anna Sui Nail Art Foil Collection

Anna Sui has always beat to her own drum…but given how massive the nail art trend has become over the years (here in the USA, it really has exploded – not to the level of Japan, mind you, but it’s been a noteworthy surge!), there is more room for “it” looks…so wether or not foil is the top must-have, it will have it’s fans. 

Anna Sui’s Fall 2015 Collection is made up of six snappy Nail Art Foils:

  • Metal Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown Green
  • Red Glow
  • Copper
  • Brown

Her packaging is as whimsical as ever, emulating a bird-topped, glossy black and glass bell – definitely more vanity-worthy that what most companies offer, for sure!

In addition to the six shades above, there are two foils – silver and gold – which can be applied to the polish for a more artistic, metallic effect (naturally!)  As always with foils, it’s good to add a clear gloss topcoat to seal them in, and even the high shine.