Heavy Metal Humor

A woman at the skating rink recently said, “Oh, you don’t have to wear your iPod! You’re welcome to put some of your music on – we alternate!” She was utterly joyful and eager to share the sound system…until I said, “oh no, that’s okay. I like heavy metal.”

With a “just kidding” kind of laugh she replied, “you can keep your iPod!”



Happy and Safe (Driving!) T-Day

Whether you celebrate or not, Thanksgiving remains one of the largest travel days out there. We’ve decided to stay put – for a multitude of reasons, traffic notwithstanding, but if you are going to travel…please be safe.

It amazes me – I might actually say *frightens* – how many people don’t recognize the responsibility of operating a vehicle. On heavily traffic weekends especially, accidents are way, WAY too common…

A long road trip may be a fun time, especially when you have company you love, and some good tunes. But. . .

But…driving safely (not¬†tired, not intoxicated, not distracted, not angry etc) is not only for you…but for whomever is with you, and whoever else is out on the road. It isn’t just about us alone – we are driving machines capable of more than getting us to point A and B if we aren’t paying attention.¬†

I know it feels like a damper but. . .if you’re headed somewhere during the holidays (frankly when we are headed anywhere) ¬†just be extra mindful so you and your loved ones stay safe.¬†



Morning Tabata

I’m not sure about other people, but without my music, I’d have a seriously hard time getting through my cardio. ¬†

I know cardio is important Рnot just for weight loss or maintenance, but for my organs, my body as a whole, and my emotional state!  So three times a week I hop on the spin bike and jam for about 50 minutes.  

I used to do a lot more but with added Martial Arts classes, and weightlifting, anything BEYOND this is far too much – it’s a delicate balance and each person has to feel out the best approach and volume. For me, four rounds of tabata thrown into peddling seems to help. ¬†My sprints aren’t always ultra difficult – I try to do enough, but not so overboard that I can get through four-minute (eight set) rounds.

But to get me there in the first place…I put in my buds and set the iPod to shuffle.¬†I like not knowing what will come on, and I allow the songs (and types of music) to dictate my rhythm – without it, it would be a painfully long almost-hour, and given that I want to get through it, I set myself up for as much success as possible.


Fitness Humor – Please Go Away…

I think most people can relate to this regardless of the surroundings, though it did give me a good laugh thinking about recent workout interruptions…


(c) Sarah Andersen

You’ve been there, right? ¬†You’re clearly¬†“in the zone,” totally plugged into your tunes, but someone¬†still interrupts?¬† Or, even better,¬†they¬†start waving to get your attention?

I always try to figure out what about me looking in the opposite direction,¬†simultaneously lifting, and possibly even singing along to my Rob Zombie didn’t give the (solid, I thought!) indication I wasn’t in chat mode.¬†

Maybe I should try a sign??

Awareness goes a looooong way!

I’m Not A Cheerleader, But If I Were…

This would totally be my jam.

With black and red pompoms?  Hell yes.


It’s a good tune for the gym, 1,000% – spin bike, lifting, sprints, whatever – and it totally has that “pep rally” sound. ¬†You know, for when getting your ass on a treadmill is (and usually will be) the LAST thing you want to do?

Motivate with some metal!

(C) Powerman 5000 Official YouTube

(C) Powerman 5000 Official YouTube

Fitness Humor – The Cardio Conundrum

To do


Not to do…

I try – really, my damnedest – to find ways NOT to do cardio. ¬†I’m a pro at excuses on the topic, and a pro at fighting with myself (maybe not tooth and nail, but pajamas and gym for sure.)

I tell myself that a caloric deficit is a deficit, who cares how I come by it. ¬†But the reality is. . .cardiovascular activity is super important. ¬†And scarcely reliant upon my preferences! ¬†(Ah, but the world would be such a better place, wouldn’t it!?) I would do well to slow it down a bit, personally – and I have (*gleefully patting myself on the back!*)¬†But. . .I should be doing it. ¬†

The benefits are countless, forget that whole bipedalism situation!  Still, you are not alone if you struggle to get it done.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.33.22 PM

I go through waves – some days (and they are more the exception than the rule) I feel great, and ready to sprint like the wind. LETS GOOOoOoo, LEGS!!! But it happens that I’ve been overtraining myself lately (I SO know better!) and there’s a severe DRAG going on… ¬†A lot of the time I wake up and think to myself “welllll, I don’t really HAVE to. ¬†Right? . . . Right?!”

Then I get really irritated because I know damn well that I need to do something. From there I work on my “I just need to do a little bit” strategy – that¬†can offer a little boost every so often.

As for depression, it can rear its ugly head around now, absolutely – “But you HAVE to do it, and you know when you do, you’re going to push yourself. ¬†So really even though you’re saying you’ll do less, it’s going to be horrible!” ¬†(~sarcastic tone, laden with frustration~) THANKS, BRAIN!¬†

An enormous sigh belongs at this stage, followed by the unhappy ceremony of struggling into a sports bra, donning my shorts, lacing my sneaks, and grabbing A.) my iPod, and B.) some bubblegum.  

Whatever it takes!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 4.18.14 PM

Whoever came up with the meme above? ¬†They hit it on the head – the cycle I go through is very much in that order but – most of the time – I manage to squeeze the cardio in. ¬†I’m not wholly proud of the shorter bouts but right now it is about maintenance and keeping in the habit. ¬†That last part – keeping in the habit? ¬†That’s THE biggest key of all – a little DOES go a long way!

And then there’s The Oatmeal – Matthew, from Seattle, his two dogs…and the hilarity of his brain!¬† Cardio ISN’T just good for your body, but it’s also incredibly helpful in regulating the rest of you, brain and emotions very much included!

I laughed myself silly over this cartoon – gosh he’s really got it down.

Are my sneakers quite so magical? ¬†Mehhh…

But the feeling of having actually run and kicked some ass – even if only a little? ¬†Yeah…it’s something like panel two. ūüėČ

We Can’t Always Choose The Music But…

Life isn’t always easy – it just goes without saying that there will be ups and downs, diagonals and roundabouts… ¬†And, yes, maybe even some tornado-twirls thrown in for good measure. ¬†

But. . .we always have a choice in how we manage events, and how we handle ourselves and our emotions. ¬†I DEFINITELY could do a better job of being “in the moment” myself – it’s something I work on every day, particularly as my Empathetic self feels so profoundly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.15.48 AM

While it is something I try to stay ever mindful of, though, reminders never hurt. ¬†This morning I woke up feeling¬†down – I felt “old,” and that’s a feeling I’ve not yet experienced. ¬†And yet here I am…happy, healthy, ALIVE. . .and so incredibly blessed. . .that “feeling down” is the part that doesn’t fit! ¬†

We ARE allowed to feel – so I’m not angry with myself for being human. ¬†I know it’s more than okay – and frankly most healthy – to acknowledge and be aware of the feelings. ¬†But I also don’t want them to ruin my day and keep me from the activities I need to be doing!

So…I reread this wonderful quotation, took a deep breath, and said my thanks with a smile. ¬†I may not always be able to choose the tune – or the onset of a feeling – but I can choose how I dance to it. ¬†

And…how about this…I CAN dance in the first place, and that’s one more blessing to add to the heap! ūüėČ


Must Have Music…

When in doubt…crank up the tunes! ¬†


Some days you might find it harder to motivate – exercise is meant to be an effort, after all! ¬†When at all possible, add in some music…whatever it is you feel in the mood for…and turn up the volume. ¬†Once you hear a beat, chances are you will find yourself moving to it…!


Get up, get out, and do it!  

Nothing feels quite as good as getting it done (even when it isn’t your record!)