Clearly Bronzed

Where was this when I was ballroom dancing! In ballroom, bronze is not only “beautiful” but begrudgingly a “must-do.”  If you want to be taken seriously – and I’m not exaggerating – you better believe you need to grace that floor looking like a golden goddess.  Pale skin is NOT in, much to my own dismay.  Protesting the fact won’t get you anywhere. . . 

Trust me on that.

Enter – years too late (*insert expletive here*) – this phenomenally, brilliantly clear Hydra-Mousse from Tan-Luxe. It apparently delivers exactly what it claims to, minus all the horrendous “side effects” of a traditionally brown-dyed solution.  

Now I can’t be too hard on the brown-tinted selections out there – they DO make it easier to see and smooth out mistakes.  BUT…the prospect of using a self-tanner and NOT having overly-orange skin where you’re drier, OR clothing, sheets, and expensive costumes that have decided to tan along with you. . .well, that’s pretty damn fabulous.

I mean, dancers everywhere can rejoice finally.  No more brown streaks, overly glowing elbow, or horrific scent (thanks a lot, DHA!) It isn’t inexpensive necessarily but then if you’re saving on cleaning bills (and not freaking out about warming up and starting to smell funny!) this might be for you!

Vita Liberata Tan

I have to be honest, I am SO not sad that my wedding is during the Autumn!  And if it were during Spring or Summer, I’d steer (incredibly) clear of anything “tan” at all – self, or sun. I know a little bit of “color” can wake up the complexion, but over the years, the quest for a self-tanner that doesn’t turn you into a giant tangerine (along WITH your clothing!) has been littered with ones that DO.  The wedding gown can be spared!

That aside, the orange’d hue is often accompanied by the telltale, and frankly repugnant redolence of DHA (dihydroxyacetone.) Not a good look, and definitely no fun when your body heat turns up – dancing under hot lights caused a cocoon of the scent (cloying to me AND anyone in my remote proximity!)  Not to mention those rivulets of sweat making for fun, streaky skin…since the formula just couldn’t hang on.  


Well…Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse is one of those products that endeavors to eliminate those mishaps, to keep you golden and glowing…and fragrance-free! BudgetBeautyBlog posted a review a little while back – I liked it because she sports a pallor also, and beginning with fair skin can often lead to curious results.

Sephora photo

Sephora photo

Addressing the issue of lasting power – something many brands fail to conquer – the pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse sticks around for two to three weeks.  BRILLIANT!  I could have saved a good amount of money NOT having to double self-tan for Ballroom competitions with this streak-free, hydrating, and non-scented mousse!  Per the description on Sephora: 

Research results after just 2 applications: 
– 80% agree pHenomenal tan lasts 15 days or longer 
– 100% agree that skin was silky soft after using pHenomenal
– 100% agree that they were comfortable enough to go straight out after applying pHenomenal
– 100% agree pHenomenal tan is quick and easy to apply
– 90% agree pHenomenal tan faded like a natural tan

Budgetbeautyblog photo

Budgetbeautyblog photo

I haven’t tried this myself as yet, but I feel like if I do have an event to attend – at which my ghostly white gams might be “too much” for the crowd – it might be worth a try.  Bronzed without consequence of skin damage?  Nice to have the option!

Soap & Glory Speed Plump

Oh my!  Speed Plump Overnight Moisture Mousse sounds like a cross between a super spa treatment and a frothy, cake-batter-scented concoction from a kitchen preparing for a birthday party!

It is not, alas, edible, but…it is apparently promising miracles enough to make up for that.  It is a “Super-light, yet astonishingly potent” cream created for dry, dehydrated, or dull skin. The texture is a soft, “uniquely bubbly” mouse that contains a variety of active boosters promising to rehydrate and smooth (er…plump!) your fine lines by morning.  

Hmmmm… It sounds pretty fabulous, so I am keeping my eyes peeled for reviews!

If you were down and out that this product was for overnight, and desperately wanted a daytime version…well…meet the All-Day Super Moisture.

A light-weigh, fast-absorbing fluid for dehydrated skin, made up of “oxygenators, a super-hydrating watermelon extract, a wrinkle-smoothing marine plant and elasticity-promoting raspberry stem cells.”  

Per the site:

– Gives skin a miracle moisture makeover 

– Instantly plumps up moisture from within 
– Smoothes fine lines & wrinkles 
– Energises & refreshes skin 
– Locks in moisture for 24hrs 
– Gives skin a youthful dewy healthy glow

So you have two options…or two to combine for a double-punch to dry, winter skin!  Perfect for the colder months coming up, I’d say! 😉

L.A. Splash Smitten

L.A. Splash has a newbie out – Smitten Liptint Mousse.  At first I was incredibly confused, having remembered L.A. Girl’s Matte Pigment Gloss, which has a similar flavor.  

L.A. Girl USA photo

L.A. Girl USA photo

The Liptint Mousse is $14.00, which for whatever reason I felt was kind of steep.  I’m not well versed with L.A. Splash Cosmetics, but I had in my mind that they were more mass market, and therefore a bit lower with price points.  Having said that, it is also possible I fully confused them with L.A. GIRL’s, who’s matte lippie is only $5.00.  I was expecting to see that kind of price for this one.


My favorite shade, hands down, is Ravens Claw.  I liked Harry Potter, but I’m kind of thinking on a more vampy tangent – name sounds cool, minus the association! I also LOOOOVE deep reds.  I wish I had an excuse to wear it, but I think the gym goers may shoot a few looks (not good ones!) in my general direction were I to march in sporting a dark red lip and my weight gloves.

Hey, it takes all kinds, right?! 😉

Inflamed is second runner up!

(As for L.A. GIRL, my favorite there was Secret, though what I love about their range is that the shades are more versatile overall.  Still not for wallflowers, but in colors more expected.)



Just Browsing

How gorgeous is this Instagram photo from Clinique for the new Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse tints?

The formula claims to have 24-hour wear – that would be amazing – that “tints, tames, and fills-in even the sparsest arches.”

Touching up brows CAN make a marked difference in how polished a look is.  When I competed in Ballroom, that’s when I really noticed it – it adds a subtle definition that helps to frame your eyes, making them do more of the “talking.” 🙂

The product comes in four water-resistant shades:

  • 01 Blonde
  • 02 Light Brown
  • 03 Deep Brown
  • 04 Black / Brown

Snag it now for $16.50 at Sephora or Clinique!