What Are The Odds…? Sharing Our Stories And Offering Kindness In Return.

I received this note along with a purchase I made on eBay and it absolutely warmed my heart. I’d say “what are the odds?!” but then I really do believe the Universe finds away to align things for the good…

I wrote this lovely woman a note in return to let her know her words fell into loving hands, and to offer words of support…which she so readily deserves. She is hoping to help her son “chase his dreams” to which I said how blessed he is to have her, and that as a team they will succeed.  

I then shared this Audrey Hepburn quotation:

The world is made a much smaller and warmer place when kind hearts lead the way. 



Today is my mother’s birthday, so I thought I’d honor her by sharing her absolutely phenomenal talent.  What’s even more wonderful than these beautiful arrangements is the reason behind them. . .

For as long as I can remember, my mother has participated in some kind of volunteer or charitable work.  She’s done countless classes for children, in particular, over the years, and loves nothing than giving, sharing, and seeing others surprise themselves with talents of their own.

She recently spearheaded an event, Flowers, Fashion, and Footwear, that raised money for a local social service agency that she has worked with for many years, Community Centers Of Greenwich. CCI services children, adults with special needs, and seniors, and provides educational and financial assistance for lower-income families.

I am convinced that my love and passion for volunteering with these communities was passed down by her and my father’s dedication to helping where they can.  I am honored to be their child and thankful for the early exposure to these wonderful aspects of community service.

For the CCI event, flower arrangers were called upon to pick a pair of Louboutin shoes – owned by Kent Russell, perennial specialist – and design an arrangement to match.

I looked at the photos in the Fairfield County Look article (event link above) and without knowing hers, I gravitated to them as my “favorites.”

I grew up with the great fortune of having flowers and nature in our home all year round (yes, even in the throes of wintertime!) And it wasn’t just the beautiful blooms or branches, which I, for one, adore… The unreal sculptures and art she always manages to create look more like they belong in THE fanciest spas, homes, hotels…whatever!…in the world. They’re always breathtaking.

The shoes, of course, were art of their own.  Having been in the footwear and fashion industry for many moons, I watched the birth to death of many a pair…and I know exactly what goes into them.  I’d personally steer clear of stepping out in these if I were him, however, simply in fear of dirtying their impeccable polish!

In any case, I’ll maintain my mother has a supernal gift because there’s no explaining the talent – it’s an inherent spark I wish I had.  But I’m so very proud of her, and I’m inspired by the things she does to raise money to help wonderful causes…all the time. I can only hope to make as much difference in my life, and am blessed to have the example. (Keeping in mind I won’t ever quite get the hang of flower arranging!)



Martial Arts Humor – My Mom

Leaving to head back home after visiting my parents for the weekend…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.06.00 PM

Mom: It’s going to start snowing, you better get going!  I don’t want you to have any trouble.

Me: Okay! I’ll let you know when I get there.

Mom:  Do you have your sword, Bunny?

Me: I do! 

Mom: Okay, good!  Drive safely! 


Can’t forget the important things!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.05.24 PM






Love to All The Moms!

I am NOT

By ANY stretch…


A Hallmark holiday fan.

I do NOT believe in designating days to necessarily praise or pamper just because someone says we should.  I don’t BLAME people for observing the holidays…I get my mum mother’s day cards TOO!  And I don’t really blame companies for aiming to generate business – we all do that in our own way to make a living!  So it isn’t “wrong” so much as it sort of bothers me that so much pressure surrounds holidays now.

DO NOT get me started on Valentine’s Day!  I don’t want flowers or chocolates (even if they’re sugar free!), or any special notes… I think we should do those things for each other JUST BECAUSE.

That’s right…


Leaving little notes to say “I love you,”thank you,” or “I appreciate you,”…  Picking up the phone to say something kind, or giving your mum a kiss at the end of a long day – ANY old dayJUST BECAUSE…is what matters. (At least to me!)

I will randomly tell my parents how amazing they are, how blessed I feel to be theirs…or I will say it to a friend of theirs (or mine) while they are present, even.  I don’t say it because I feel obligated – It just comes out!  I can only hope that they will never doubt how proud I am of them, how thankful I am to be their child, or how grateful I am for all that they have done for me and my siblings – it is never, ever unnoticed!

Gibson Pinup

Vintage Gibson Pinup ad that we shared on Facebook for The American Hot Rod Foundation, in honor of Mum’s Day. Not our image, but just a fun share (it was a random internet find)! 🙂

I also say those things…ALL the time…when they aren’t in the room to hear me say it.  To me, they deserve to be acknowledged – in person, just as much as when they won’t hear it directly.  Those positive vibes are still theirs to be had…and proximity won’t change that. ❤


Vintage Whitmans ad that we shared on Facebook for The American Hot Rod Foundation, in honor of Mum’s Day. Not our image, but just a fun share (it was a random internet find)! 🙂

So yes…I got my mum a card…but I also make a point to tell her that her flower arrangements are AMAZING when I see them around her house – they’re gorgeous, and the talent is out of this world.  I want her to know it!

I love to say “you look so pretty!” when she is dressed, for a meeting…or a dinner, doesn’t matter.  I want her to know.  

I make a point to tell her “I’m SORRY” when I am out of line.  Sometimes I’ll even cry because I feel terribly – and somehow, she always understands.  She deserves respect and love every day.

I will never lose the love of lifting her up, if I can…when I can.  I do not want her to Live for a split second without knowing how much I love her, and how amazing she is – busy lives mean sometimes forgetting to make it known that we are thankful.  But I don’t ever want her to doubt.

I’m not sure, honestly, I will EVER be able to tell her enough…but I hope that along the way she has heard a least some of those things, felt my sincere love, and known that the notes I write truly are from my heart.

I hope one day I can be a fraction of the mother she has been to me, to my own.  She lights me up when all other Lights go out – she gave me air to breathe.

You mums are amazing out there…  You do so much, often without recognition.  Know that today is actually NOT Mother’s Day…when I am writing this…but that even when Sunday passes by, that you are appreciated and loved and cherished for all you do.  

And when it comes down to it, EVERY DAY should be Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day…



Because no one needs to tell you.  

There is no obligation.  

Love is unconditional, and appreciation should flow freely.  ❤

Love and blessings to all.

X ❤