Got Grunge?

I’m seeing a ton of Spring these days, which isn’t at all a bad thing…  But it’s kind of like seeing Christmas decorations before Halloween…and I personally think Halloween (especially Halloween!) should have its time to shine!  

Same goes for colors and texture – in fashion apparel, color cosmetics, packaging, what have you – it’s nice to relish in the tempestuous, Earthen, burnished shades for a while (It isn’t even New Years!)

These four hues read autumnal, wintery, nocturnal and vampish – and, as you know, I am ALL for vamp! 😀

The new Legendary Creams, not only giving a nod to the aforementioned, but also to the moody, dark-lipped grunge of the 1990s, are as follows:

  1. Plum Role – Matte Dark Plum
  2. Punked– Matte Deep Grey
  3. Coffee Run – Cream Rich Brown
  4. Witchy – Cream Deep Burgundy (had me in mind for this last one?!)

These will be strong and bold, and with Plum Role and Punked, you teeter on a sassy edge – so if you are faint of heart, steer clear.  Otherwise, paint your pout and rock with denim (torn and battered, of course!)


L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Noir

Yes, indeed…another palette from L’Oreal, fit for the dark, Wintery, holiday months!

La Palette Noir is currently on Target’s site for $15.99 – it combines ten moody shades, which appear to lean to the cool side of the spectrum,  presumably giving you an inky…and sultry…gaze.

Curious to see swatches as I am sure there is more variation in color to be seen once out of the pan! nouveaucheap enlargement nouveaucheap enlargement nouveaucheap enlargement nouveaucheap enlargement