La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo Unifant

I’m a huge La Roche Posay fan – their products are great quality, and always manage to deliver.  The Effaclar lineup is a hugely popular one, and has been since Effaclar Duo (specifically) launched about two and a half years ago.  As an athlete, taking care of my skin is not only important, but imperative – rolling on sweaty mats means I have to take extra steps to keep my peau clear!

The newest addition (no launch date just yet!), Effaclar Duo Unifant, takes the anti-blemish technology and pairs it with mineral pigments to visibly even your skin tone and reduce redness, while going to work on potential blemishes AND letting your beauty show – nice.

BritishBeautyBlogger image

BritishBeautyBlogger image

The formula boasts a combination of:

  • Niacinamide, an anti-inflammatory form of Vitamin B3
  • LHA. a hydroxy acid (and Effaclar favorite) to aid in cell renewal
  • Piroctone Olamine, which fights off bacteria
  • Procerad helps to calm the kind of inflammation that allows dark spots to form
  • Linoleum Acid, which regulates sebum 
La Roche Posay image

La Roche Posay image

The product comes in only two shades for now – light and medium (my disappointment resides here, as I feel it is important to offer a deep, and ultra fair as well.)  Overall, though, I love this brand, and I LOVE non-masklike products that let the best of your skin show through.  

For more images, check out BritishBeautyBlogger

Sweatproof Minerals Designed By (And For) Athletes

The concept behind this Company is one near and dear to my athletic, but womanly, heart – products designed for athletes that will stay on, stay true (in color), and don’t cause havoc for your skin.  

But…the reviews for this newbie – Sweat Cosmetics – range from terrible, to “not worth it,” to five-star.  It’s a little tricky to tell where this really will average out, but overall the reaction hasn’t been stellar – hopefully that will change (I’m rooting for you, ladies!)  

The line is made up of just four products so far – the Translucent Mineral Powder ,  Mineral Foundation with SPF 30, Mineral Illuminator with SPF 30, and the Mineral Bronzer with SPF 30.  I have seen a lot of water-resistant, longer wearing products in the last year or two, which is definitely a-ok by me – I need products that live up to their claims of staying power without making my skin freak out.  But…not all of the offerings out there manage to be a home run in both categories…  Their twist brush also makes life a lot easier, another plus for women on the go.

I love that this was created by five Olympic and pro athletes though – they GET the struggle active women face! 🙂 For many years I wanted my own product line too (not that I was noteworthy as a public sports figure, but I sure as heck have knowledge and experience!)  I was managing the Fragrance section of the Cosmetic Department in NYC in a massive department store, so my exposure to the cosmetics arena at the time was daily.  I was frustrated by the lack of products that could lend a more natural feel, last through rigorous training, and long days.  I’m seeing more of it but I still have to rely on random pieces from specific brands – I can’t get all products from the same brand because it doesn’t really exist.  

So overall, the idea is wonderful – I’m just not sure these particular formulas have caught on as yet, or that they are delivering quite as they need to…but I really hope that they do, and that more women try them out.  I’m reluctant to switch what I use currently because my formula (my collection of go-to products) really works for me.  I also have my wedding coming up in October and trying to avoid any potential skin woes – product-induced clogged pores, breakouts, acne, whatever! – beforehand!

The reason I personally get it?  HERE!




Summer 2016 – L’Oreal Masks

I’m a little bit nutty about taking care of my skin – it’s one of those things that you have to be incredibly proactive about (as in, start early in life!)  It will make a difference if you start to baby your skin early on in life – not only because it becomes an engrained habit, but because you have protected it so well from nature’s aggressors over time.

I’ve always like L’Oreal as a brand – not so much because it is an absolute monster of a company, but because that as a giant in the industry, it has the resources to do solid research and testing – great R&D results in products that actually DO what they say they will…and all the L’Oreal products I have tried, have delivered.  

Their L’Oreal drugstore line is on the moderate to higher end where pricing is concerned, but it also won’t break the bank (La Mer, anyone) so it makes loving your skin less damaging to your wallet.

The newest items, coming this Summer, include a variety of masks – always a fun way to de-stress, and pamper your epidermis.  There will be three formulations available:

  • Exfoliate & Refine Pores  3 Pure Clays + Red Algae
  • Purify & Mattify –  3 Pure Clays + Eucalyptus
  • Detox & Brighten –  3 Pure Clays + Charcoal


Per BudgetBeautyBlog, one of the few places posting the news, these creamy , 10 minute masks combine:
  1. Kaolinite (to cleanse & exfoliate)
  2. Montmorillonite (absorb oil)
  3. Rhassoul (rich in minerals to condition & hydrate)
I’m kind of excited to see these.  I don’t really need another mask, but I always get excited about new products. 🙂  Are you looking forward to checking these out?  

L’oreal True Match Genius Foundation

I was terribly excited to see a new L’Oreal Foundation (True Match Genius) as I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new products, formulas and innovations.  You can buy it on Boots (which does make me a wee bit jealous – shipping to USA…and not yet in the USA!)

L’Oreal True Match Genius is touted as a “smart-make-up” that’s formulated to “smooth, unify, correct and finish your skin tone” by way of a combination priming gel, creamy base, and mineral pigments.

The six shades include:

  • Linen 
  • Gold Beige
  • Rose Beige 
  • Beige  
  • Sand 
  • Rose Vanilla

Huge thanks to Reallyree for sharing additional images and swatches!  (She has some before and afters too, so check it out!)

It looks like it gave her a gorgeous glow, and what I love most about it?  Yep…it’s portable!  I’m a big fan of compacts because they can be tossed in a gym bag, purse, car…wherever!…for quick and easy touchups.  For me, that’s a big selling point. Always!  It won’t spill and it’s easy to apply.  Long-wear is another key component for me – I didn’t see that here, but maybe more reviews will tell!


Spring / Summer Sweet Tooth

I’m not going to say I don’t have chocolate cravings…or that I wouldn’t *want* to devour a lava cake just because…but I know that my body not only doesn’t respond well to sugars, but that eating like that would absolutely show.  My personal goals are more important to me than having something I know I will feel disappointed about later, especially because I work incredibly hard.  

It’s important to say…staying fit is not only about the “looks” – there is so much more to spending time at a gym, and watching what we eat.  Indulging in some foods will actually make me physically unwell, and that’s a great a reason as any!  Sugars, processed carbohydrates and heavy (trans and saturated) fats can render me anything from lethargic, to puffy, to cramped.  No good!  Every person is different, though, so I steer clear of proselytizing (which drives me bonkers!)  My triathlete friends and I eat very differently because our needs, bodies, and goals vary – we are all right.  The way that I eat actually does make me very happy – I love the foods, and I don’t skimp!

Since I do LOVE chocolate, I keep individually wrapped sugar-free dark chocolates in my cabinet.  I will just have one if I want to satisfy a craving.  But often I’d rather have something that I know is good for me, and simultaneously squash the craving from the get go.  I realize that not everyone believes this idea works, but it is worth a try if you are struggling with eating too many desserts.  Not only do fruits provide that sweet taste, but often the water and fiber content helps you to feel full…keeping you from over indulging!

I was at my parents’ last night and had a total sweet tooth – not sure what prompted it, but let’s just say I made a bee line to the GINORMOUS bowl of red grapes!  


I prefer red to green, primarily for taste reasons…but it’s nice to note the added benefits of having these little (technically more-purple-hued) guys.  Red grapes contain vitamin c, vitamin k (as well as other trace vitamins), a good amount of potassium, as well as the pholyphenol antioxidant resveratrol.  Resveratrol is touted for various benefits, including its anti-inflammatory and antiestrogenic effects, as well as potentially playing a role in both  the prevention of heart disease and cancer (I won’t delve into specifics, as I am neither a doctor nor a scientist, but it is fair to say red grapes are a much better choice than processed desserts!)  

I also like to keep pineapple in my fridge, whether already cut or one that I’ve chopped myself – YUM!  I’ve been known to sprinkle cinnamon on mine, which probably sounds quirky…but it’s delicious.  Pineapple is also high in vitamin C, A, B1 (Thiamine) and beta-carotine, as well as manganese and phosphorous.  The key enzyme in pineapple, bromelain, is its own powerhouse, contributing to better digestion, lower inflammation (including post-operative), and reduced hypertension.  



So you can basically have your cake and eat it too with these fruits, and many others…figuratively speaking, of course! 🙂  If you are battling a sweet tooth, and concerned about maintaining goals – whether regarding how you FEEL, or your waistline – it’s worth asking for a bowl of fresh fruit or berries.  

You may be pleasantly surprised – you can be just as satisfied, and forgo the personal guilt trip!  Isn’t THAT a nice break! 😉