New Physicians Formula

Sharing because I’ve not seen these posted, but did see them in-store.  What’s interesting is their whole “InstaReady” and “filter” angle – certainly not new (from them or other cosmetic companies) but largely speaking to modern culture’s obsession with social media (this could take a positive spin…or a negative one – that’s up to the individual!)

What it means for companies is that though cosmetics have always been designed to help us achieve and us-but-better look – why bother, otherwise? – the approach has shifted to facilitate looking even better (airbrushed, anyone?!) in photos and video.  In addition, the focus is also on getting ready as quickly as possible – how do I add a filter asap without the camera, kind of thing…

Life in 2016 (nearly 2017)! – PF Eye Primer Duo and Multi-Finish Eyeshadow – PF Glide On Gel Eyeliner (shimmer, metallic, matte) 

Make Up Forever Artist Shadow Eyeshadow and Powder Blush

Can I just say…holy versatility?!

Make Up Forever’s Artist Shadow and Powder Blush is a dream for anyone who either dolls up every day…OR performs or has a major event (think wedding, gala, etc.)  

I have a wedding (my own!) coming up soon – unfortunately (or fortunately, so says my wallet!) I already have a ton of stuff to work with.  Had I not, I’d likely have gone straight to this enormous selection to find the shades I want to mix.  Had I seen this back in my Ballroom Dancing days, I’d likely own half by now.  Okay, maybe just a fourth.

The formulas come in 

  • Matte 
  • Metallic
  • Satin
  • Shimmer

And there are more shades that I have EVER seen for any other product.  Truly, a plethora. No matter what your mood, what the season, or what the occasion, your pretty much promised something from this array.  And nevermind if the shade says “eyeshadow” or “blush” specifically – you can basically use it however you want.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.55.49 AM

Summer 2016 – Tarte

There’s something to be said for flushed cheeks – the kind you get from figure skating training during the winter…OUTdoors, from a great Martial Arts class…, or from a romp with your hunnie.  For Tarte, inspiration for the newest Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush shades comes from the latter – how saucy, Tarte!

  • Sensual
  • Seduce
  • Risque

All three hues manage the kind of just flushed color you want to wake up with, but sometimes have to exert yourself to get (or, conversely, that you have to buy and brush on.  Whatever works!)  They maintain a natural, your-color-but-better, “nude” kind of enhancement – nothing overly done, garish, or contrived with these.  Hallelujah.  I want to buy all three for that reason alone (though the sassy names add a level of fun to them by default.)

Taste does have a slew of other products as well but since I’m all for a healthy flush of color – which typically I tote around as a byproduct of my Martial Arts training and exercise – the Amazonian Clay shades caught my attention first. 🙂

The rest of the lineup, per Temptalia (who always has thorough lists – thank you!) includes:


A vegan friendly, 12-hour highlighter for an effortless, incandescent glow.


  • Sensual
  • Seduce
  • Risque


A vegan friendly, creamy concealer for radiant coverage and contouring.

  • Fair
  • Light
  • Light-Medium
  • Medium
  • Tan
  • Deep


  • Choker Warm brown
  • Rave Greige
  • Grunge Dark brown
  • Crop Top Mauve brown
  • Brownie Brown


A collection of creamy PRO eyeshadow singles in a range of high-impact metallics.

  • Pin-up Prismatic pearl
  • Shake Down Taupe
  • Grind Taupey silver
  • Dame Dusty rose
  • Scandal Bright copper
  • Scarlet Metallic plum
  • Whiskey Bronze
  • Speakeasy Brown copper
  • Poker Face Silvery lilac
  • Hussy Yellow gold
  • Sinful Plummy slate


A universal cream cheek & lip palette powered by the propriety Rainforest of the Sea™ complex.

  • Smooch Pink
  • Peck Nude
  • Butterflies Mauve
  • Saucy Berry
  • Tickled Peach
  • Cloud 9 Pearl highlight


  • Simple Life Beige
  • Happy Place Light brown
  • Virtue Antique gold
  • Weekend Rose gold
  • Lucky Charm Bronze
  • Dream Team Copper
  • Party Champagne highlighter
  • Wow Dark charcoal liner

Check out more of Temptalia’s post for additional photos!

I feel like the colors of the rest of the Collection read more heading-into-Autumn, but regardless I think they’re pretty divine.

Wild Iridescence

This acrylic set – KeeNail Nail Art Pre-design Fake Acrylic Nails – is probably one of the most beautiful I have seen – there’s something so ethereal about that glow, and I just don’t know any polish that can match the effect.

Glamorable Read it


The photo above was a viral post on Pinterest, no surprise, supporting just ow much other ladies love this look too!  These are as much a fashion statement, in my mind, as lucite heels! The 24 Nail Sets come in: photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo

Per Amazon’s description – where you can buy all three colors:

KeeNail acrylic fake nail can lengthen short nails, strengthen nails, and make your fingers look longer and more slender. If you break an KeeNail acrylic nail you can almost always fix it yourself at home. The removal process is simple and straightforward when performed by a professional. The nails can be soaked rather than filed off. Acrylics are very strong. When done correctly and with proper nail care, they can last a long time and are very robust.

I kind of wish these would fit on top of my uv gel because they are positively divine and perfect to herald Spring.

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer Maharajah 506

That’s quite a name for a lip gloss!  Giorgio Armani’s Ecstasy Lacquer in Maharajah 506 is a luscious pink cherry hue with iridescent violet micro glitter.  

The shades, featuring ten intense lacquered and eight “pearlescent metallic“s, apparently stay put even though meals and drinks.  Once it does fade  – anywhere from 6 to 8 hours later – it leaves a lovely stain behind…or at least a little bit of the glitter!  

ChicProfile – many thanks for these photos! – shares her wonderful review about the color, the lasting factor, and application.  I think the packaging is pretty divine, pairing the black gloss and the color for an bold degrade.

I used to be a glitter MANIC – I’d wear it to class in college, just because.  (Who’s Foreign Financial Markets class couldn’t use it?!) But these days, I leave the glitter to my finger tips and toes…so while I LOVE the beautiful hue of Maharaja, it may be a skip for me.

Pat McGrath Phantom 002

I wrote about Pat McGrath’s first “Gold” Collection a while back.  Well she has come out with the second Collection, Phantom 002…and that too has already sold out.  

At $240, that’s impressive…though it was also produced in a limited 1,200 units.

Per her site: 

“A defiantly decadent 8-piece kit to create underground looks that span the decades. One illegally black liner and a multiuse eye gloss for the ultimate hardcore glamour. Four self-indulgent shades to metallicize your smokey eye. Give black a new life and blitz into the darkness.”

I keep thinking regal birds of paradise – peacock, firebird, golden eagle…

It feels to me like a cross between Studio 54 sequins and heavy metal…! 

The kit contains:

  • Gold 002 pigment 0.14 oz
  • Blue 002 pigment 0.14 oz
  • Copper 002 pigment 0.14 oz
  • Fuchsia 002 eye blush 0.14 oz
  • Black 002 eye gloss 0.14 oz
  • Black Caviar gel liner 0.018 oz
  • Blender brush 002
  • Flat brush 002

It’s bold color with smoked edges, so prepare to party…and stun!

Sugar Pill Pumpkin Spice

I couldn’t help but share…in the spirit of yes-it’s-still-Autumn! (I personally feel like Halloween deserves to be taken down before it is outmanned in the aisles by Christmas!  And what about THANKSGIVING!?  Doesn’t that come first!?  *hands on hips*)

So maybe that’s why I feel the urge to pass along this coppery-bronze, pumpkiny yumminess! 

Per Sugar Pill, you can “forget about the flavored lattes, waffles and donuts. Pumpkin Spice metallic eyeshadow is all the fall spirit you’ll need to get the party started, without the stomachache!”

The color is “A very limited edition shade of rustic copper foil with warm golden flecks in a super saturated, rich and creamy formula that applies like butter (vegan butter, of course.)”

This shade would look amazing on a range of eye colors – While traditionally coppery hues make green and hazel pop, it would be warm and gorgeous with brown eyes, and pair super well with blue…

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani

In November, Urban Decay is launching a rather sizable palette in collaboration with Gwen Stefani.

By the looks of it, there are a whole number of shades you can play with to do a more neutral, non-rocker look.  But there are a couple of shimmer or metallic-looking hues and some fun shades as well, including a rich copper, deep blue, true gold, and a pinky purple.  

Gwen is absolutely precious – I may have expected a touch more spunk from the colors here, but it looks like it will be more wearable than the expectation, which is great.

Seeing Stars – Paris Fashion Week

Somehow a rouge photographer managed to capture Caroline de Maigret as the light was catching the stars on her Anthony Vaccarello top… Nevermind all the hubbub and craziness of the Paris runway shows, someone got this photo just right – it’s happy, windswept, glamorous and laissez-faire all at once. image image

I of course ADORE black – that just goes without saying.  But this black is spiced up just enough.  It’s sassy but not over-the-top by any means, and manages a level of sophistication without being showy.

The price…well…that IS over the top, sad to say – $1,645 for a wool-blend shirt is asking rather a lot.  But I suppose if I had it, maybe…  

Net-A-Porter image

Net-A-Porter image

Or maybe I’ll hold on to a hope of finding this at a vintage shop, as if it would ever be casually passed by.  (If a light in the store hit just right,  you’d be seeing stars enough you’d probably walk out with it.  But then…it would only be $29.99, right?)

Right? …?


Anyway, I loved the photo so much that I looked up the shirt too!  It would look amazing with skinny black jeans and my pointy, Italian-lasted cowboy boots…  I’m just saying…

New Maybelline On Ulta

I’m on Ulta ALL the time – it’s still 2x points today, ps! – so I generally see the new jazz well before it gets into the store.  Maybelline has two brand new palettes up (as well as the lip palette I wrote about recently.)

Gilded In Gold

Up In Smoke

I am running out to aerial yoga BUT…I had to share this first (especially given the 2x points today! 🙂 ) The links will take you straight there so you can check them out! 🙂