Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl

Today is my baby girl’s 12th birthday, and I feel more blessed than I can express – there’s nothing more special than gaining the love and trust of a wild animal. To be accepted in and of itself is a gift, and one I will never take for granted…

Ana ba hebek, Kemisi, ❤










2 AM Witching Hour

Despite that this refers to only one day of the year (whereas I experience this around 2 am EVERY morning) I think this meme is adorable…


Without fail, by 2 in the morning I’ve been jumped on and mewed at. By both of our black cats. “MOM, I’m HUNGRYYYY!” would be a fair translation.  If not that, it’s Keku saying “you DO know breakfast is coming up, right?  I mean, I just want to make sure your don’t forget or anything…”

By 4 or 5 am they’ve been pushed to their limits so the second round of waking me up usually results in silencing the little ninjas…

Just Hanging Out

When I had to let my two melanistic F1 Jungle Cats go many years ago, I was so devastated that I refused to have cats at all – my heart was broken and I just didn’t want to go through it again.  All or nothing.

But when faced with a debilitatingly painful situation in my life, a close friend gently suggested I think about it…  Bearing time alone – or any time at all – hurt so much that I was nearly unable to function.

One of the boys, a rescue, was taken into a home, and then brought back to the foster because the new family thought – because of his fur color – that he was “bad luck.” He was one of the sweetest kittens any of us had met and I decided – if he liked me too – that he would travel back home to live with me.  For good.  Black cats and I have a habit of working out. ❤


As fate would have it, a second all-black, bob-tailed rescue would show up…and the two of them got on famously.

The rest was history, and now we have two beautiful, jet black boys, Keku and Musashi.


I remember nearly every day how lonely I felt back then…and how lonely I’d feel now without them.  Even when I get mewed to death an hour before dinner time, I’d be crushed not having them in my life.  

No matter what I’m doing, they’re there just hanging out, with sweet spirits and ridiculously silly antics to assuage any bad day.


Black Cats And Love Of Bats

My love of Halloween is evident. . .right down to only ever owning melanistic felines.  Of course, that might be attributed to my witchiness and goth lean but all the same.

I am certain that my seemingly innocent boys go on all sorts of adventures when I’m sleeping, or away…  It runs in the family, you know, vampiness…


1 day to go!

Feline Humor – Out To Get Me

I never met a black cat I didn’t like. Most of the time, I think mine – let me say, those for whom I am a guardian, not an “owner” – generally like me too.

But every so often I catch them in an admittedly unnerving, blink-less glare…


Not always a comforting one either. . .



Waking up in the night to that look is even more alarming – I mean, how can you NOT feel suspicious?!


More Feline Fun!

My Boys…And My Love

I was away this past weekend and, as always, missed my boys tremendously.  My fiance (who I also missed terribly!) is the sweetest man on the planet, I’m convinced…

Not only did he FaceTime with them while they were eating (how cute is THAT?!)…


But he also took some sweet shots to send along.


Musashi’s back foot kills me! ❤

These are of my Musashi.  Keku was so ravenous HIS FaceTimes came out blurry! 😉

What is so touching to me about it, is that my fiance is the kind of person who thinks to do this. I have been in so many dreadful relationships and frankly, not one would have thought to send me a photo of my cats – who are, by the way, my family!  

Small gestures can hold HUGE value – I feel so blessed and thankful, and always remind others that they deserve the same.


Thoughtfulness goes a long way.

And SO does saying

“Thank you”…

“I appreciate that!”

…and “I love you.”