Colorless Caffeine (= Ultra Bright Smile)


Someone (CLR CFF to be precise) has actually taken the stain out of your morning beverage – I can hear your pearly whites glinting in the sun. . .

Why so see-through?  Well, for the above reason first and foremost.  But the drink also boasts a unique taste, minus all the “uglies” (artificial flavors, preservatives, sugar, sweeteners, or stabilizers) – so it’s kind of in the clear on all counts.  It’s also only 4 calories, which is nice if you need any add-ins.

The production method, using high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water, is apparently completely new and innovative (though how it robs the liquid of its signature earthen hue…?  No idea.)

If you drink your coffee from a straw (yes, I do, as a matter of fact!) and you’ve desperately wanted to ditch the plastic tubing…well, now’s your chance.  Plus, it’s so damn photogenic…

Sold at Whole Foods and Selfridges.

Nails Inc Sheet Masks

I know – I did a double-take too.  Not exactly what you were expecting, but then why wouldn’t other manner of beauty companies jump on board?  Asia has always been a trend setter – not only in fashion, but in the beauty and skincare arenas (I’ve gone on about it forever, many of my early posts touting the overseas’ creativity and innovation.)

Let me quell the curiosity up front, though – The masks are made for your SKIN, as it turns out – so under the surface, it’s more like the company is branching out into other areas of beauty, as opposed to a sheet mask FOR your nails (which, honestly, wouldn’t surprise me after seeing news of these.)  Slight disappointment because sheet masks are everywhere to the point of sensory overload.

But though it makes sense for a beauty brand unrelated to makeup, or even the skin at all, to hop on the sheet mask wagon, it still feels like a surprise.

In the last several years, nails have had more attention – the products offered in mass market retailers alone is somewhat astounding.  You can get anything from gel polish, gel lamps, pre-designed but high-end glue on nails, nail art (stickers, rhinestones, tools), you name it.  But there always seems to be a lull or plateau – it’s like what else can you do with nails.  At home?

Nails are as much an accessory as far as fashion is concerned – they are an extension of that fancy handbag, after all – so keeping the field interesting is important for companies out there.  Boredom is a killer. 

Enter Nails Inc with a few 15-minute sheets for anything from dryness, to anti-aging, to brightening.  When all else fails, I guess trying to expand makes some sense – I hope for them that it works.  From the sound of it, they might also be entering color cosmetics too…

The Estee Lauder Edit

I had seen some articles about this new launch, The Edit, from Estee Lauder a couple of months ago, though it was more challenging to get additional information at the time.  The reason it resonates with me is two-fold…

Growing up my mother ALWAYS stressed the importance of skincare – she is 73 and, in my opinion, looks great for (and unlike) her age.  

Second, I wrote my thesis in Business School about Estee expanding into Asia – at the time (this was 1999 or so), Asian products were NOT easy to come by.  These days – especially in the last two years or so – they have become almost “cult” here in the states.  Of course I’m beaming because I’m thinking “I TOLD YOU SOOOO!” 😀 <—*insert smug grin here!*

I have always and ever been enamored with Asian skincare – the ladies across the ocean (from me, anyway!) weren’t out basking in the sun, and I saw that they took extra time and care of their epidermis, things that mattered to me even at a young age.  I can’t say at almost 38 that I am NOT showing signs of aging myself, but I do feel that I am “aging well,” thankfully.

So I LOVED hearing that Estee was branching out, not because it isn’t already a fabulous brand, but because it always had that “older appeal.”  It seemed more geared for, and fitted to, and older crowd – one perhaps that isn’t “aged,” but that does have concerns about aging.  So The Estee Edit is like a fresh update for the brand, bringing in, and catering to a younger market.  The brand / segment is chic, youthful, and fashionable, and there is a true modern (and glow-enhancing!) edge to the products (brightening powder, lip color transformers, flash illuminators…)  AWESOME.

There have been several posts about it recently so allow me to share!




Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Aquacealer

It goes without saying that we all want clear, even, smooth skin…and some days, our epidermis (apparently on strike) isn’t…AT ALL…in accord.  The market is over-saturated with products, many of which are indeed “HG’s (holy grails.)  You may remember Tarte’s Rainforest Of The Sea water-based fluid foundation from August, 2015…well…

This new Rainforest Of The Sea Aquacealer is a super hydrating, full coverage, anti-aging concealing serum formulated with pigments suspended in a water / conditioning serum hybrid base.  It is “4 times lighter” than like products out there, another lovely benefit for those of us who want clear radiance without heavy weight. I usually opt for a tinted moisturizer designed with athletes in mind, as I want sheer, skin tone evening, and water resistant…but this looks pretty amazing (and it comes with a brush, which is always nice!)

At $29.50, it doesn’t seem “too much” given that it does rather a lot with just a tiny drop.  There’s a great video to go along with the description here, and worth watching for the before and afters.  

Farmer’s Fridge

I ran across this Farmer’s Fridge spot in the May 2015 Marie Claire and was super excited to see it – I had literally just been listening to a nutritionist on Sirius Doctor radio talking about glass-jar salads as something you can do for a Spring or Summer gathering (SUPER cute, and uber healthful idea!)

A lot of people have a tricky time finding healthful choices on the go, or run out of ideas about what to make – these adorable little mixes combine all sorts of good-for-you veggies and greens, berries and legumes, calcium, protein and healthy fats – awesome all around. 


Farmer’s Fridge’s jars are super fun (yes, salads can be fun! 😀 ), they’re easy to make (if you can’t get to a location), easy to shake up and munch…and they look like live decor (I’m thinking of Takashimaya again.)  The jars are free of BPA, which makes them even more awesome, and they are travel / office / lunch etc friendly.

There are a number of salad options (there are more, this is just a screen shot)…

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.05.18 PM

And breakfast and snack options too (there are more, this is just a screen shot)… I like that some nutritional stats are provided, where possible, as well – I personally always like to note my macros and micros when I can, as it allows me to stay on track with my own goals and needs.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.05.42 PM

And, there is a section on protein… ❤ (Happy girl!!!  Again, there are more than those shown below.)  The packaging for all of these is simple and straightforward, which is also rather refreshing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.06.57 PM

Farmer’s Fridge Kiosks are an ADORABLE idea (this veggieholic is DELIGHTED!)  They aren’t in my area at all (if you are in Chicago, you lucked out!) but again, this is a really fun idea for home entertaining in the warmer months (or, really, whenever!)  

Way to go, guys – what a fun and exciting way to offer healthy food selections to the community!  (Fun for kids too! 🙂 ) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.08.33 PM

Rebel’s Market

I get newsletters from Rebel’s Market all the time – I’m guessing I’m the only girl in a fairly large radius who would (I’d say it’s predominately preppy here, and I can’t pull that off so well.  Variety is the spice of Life, so they say!)

Rebel’s Market is a buy and sell site geared toward all things edgy and alternative.  I know a ton of people who would shop on here, and honestly some of the stuff is badass.  They have everything from apparel to decor to artwork, and their own blog (which covers Fashion, Lifestyle, Contests and Resources.)

Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

In my Town it’s pretty unusual to see a skull go by…unless I’m wearing it. (I’d definitely sport the Feed My Lips tank walking around here.  And honestly…I’d wear the cat-earred hoodie just to get looks (it’s adorable.)

Aren’t you 37?”  


Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

Sad to say, one of the local spin gyms has recently taken to the skull as an identifying emblem –  I was pretty horrified to see it en masse at the gym.  *Yikes*  So, I appreciate the array of markets online that cater to those of us with a little “renegade” in our blood, and those of who don’t have to be “of-the-moment” so much as totally-myself-and-what-I-feel-like!”

Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market

If you lean at all gothic, gothic lolita, steampunk, alternative, rocker, biker or psychobilly, you might want to check it out.  There’s a plethora of tattoo’ed, sugar-skulled, studded, campy horror, and some sassiness. So while you may have to snoop through a bit, there’s sure to be something to suit your fancy-or-fun. 😉  

(I adore the Bettie Page Mermaid sign.  ANYthing Bettie rocks!)

Rebel's Market

Rebel’s Market