Mandalas and Mantras – I AM Beautiful

I came across this book –¬†Coloring Book, Mandalas and Mantras, by Robert Martin¬†– in The Letters Of Gratitude and wanted to share…

Why a share a coloring book for adults, a seemingly odd (and  unconventional) proposition to some?

Because too many adults have lost their Magic.

In my mind, the tragedy is that everyone is capable of living a Magical Life, and manifesting good things.  

Over the years we become conditioned – by challenging circumstances, tough relationships,¬†unprocessed (or inappropriately processed) memories. ¬†We begin to use words and phrases like “not good enough,” “unattractive,” “can’t…” ¬†All dangerous and untrue.

Our conversation with ourselves, as they say, IS a conversations with the Universe. ¬†How we treat ourselves manifests the same vibration elsewhere. ¬†So taking time for US…getting to know and LOVE ourselves, is of the utmost importance. ¬†It must come before anything (and everyone) else.

I could write for hours on the subject, but to be more concise, what I LOVED about this book’s concept is that it is intended to slow us down.

It allows us to unleash our creative…

To sit with a mantra which, as we illuminate it’s form¬†with the colors our heart feels “fit,” we repeat to ourselves.

“I am beautiful.” ¬†

“I am beautiful.”

¬†“I am beautiful.”¬†

It allows us to revert to an activity which, in childhood, promoted our sense of freedom, individuality, without judgement.  

That last part is one of the keys – “without judgement.” ¬†I have learned the hard way just how much I judge myself – circumstances may slow things down, but we are in control of stopping, or forging ahead.

Color…without judgement. ¬†

Color…outside the lines if you feel like it.

Color…with the hues that make the most sense to YOU…because it is YOUR magic, YOUR Life, the colors that make you feel good inside.

If you feel like Life has lost it’s Magic,¬†and maybe that things are flying past at far too quick a pace…check out this book and let yourself just BE.

Remember what it was like, and remind yourself how amazing you are, and how good you are at being you. ‚̧