32 “Rules For Sons” (And I’d Argue, Daughters)

A long-time friend of mine recently posted this and it gave me quite a smile. Not only because I had the fortune to have been raised with the same principles (and family and friends who also observed them), but because those dearest to me inherently abide by every single item mentioned. 

The distinction of “gentleman” isn’t awarded lightly (the word itself is imbued with class, grace, poise, and dignity – aspects that are rarer, perhaps, than they should be, and that take true allegiance to be sincere.) It is a way of life whereby one upholds oneself to a rather exacting set of morals and values on a daily basis…ones we would all do well to maintain.

These – kindness, respect, common decency etc. – needn’t, therefore, be relegated to one sex above another…but remain an aspiration for us all. 

Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette seems to be a regular topic with my gym buddies… I actually have to say that I am always surprised it comes up so much.  I don’t know why I am surprised (after seeing tsunamis in the ladies room, and tornado debris on the weight floor), but I guess I feel like people can’t possibly not realize there are other people sharing the area.  Can they?! :-8


If a person wants to keep his or her home a mess…COOL!  Doesn’t bother anyone else!  But in a gym, it’s important we try to respect those around us – whether it’s cleaning off a machine, keeping our gear out of the way (if it’s not in a locker – I do like to carry my bag with me), re-racking our weights, removing the TRX from the cable stands!…  It matters.  It’s common decency.


I’m glad that gyms post signs to remind exercisers, though I do feel a little bit like gym etiquette *ought to be* “understood.”  Call me crazy.  Or accuse me of having a mom who taught me manners (you’d be right, she did!)

I know it’s no fun to share, and I’m sure we’d all love a big, empty gym to ourselves.  BUT…not going to happen. So maybe we can try to share for the time we are there?  A “ladies room” indicates that ladies will be using it – I trust you can clean up after yourself and not leave havoc for the staff to pick up.  A gym floor is for everyone…it isn’t a personal closet for your belongings, or the weights you used ten minutes ago.


If EVERYONE pitches in…we’re golden. I kind of know that’s wishful thinking but…I’m going to wish it anyway! 😉  In case anyone needs help…here’s one of MANY suggested lists!

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