Autumn / Winter 2016 (Spring 2017) – New In Store

A few bloggers (here’s one, and another) have posted with new items that have already rolled into mass market stores – L’oreal, Garnier, Revlon among them.

I basically own an arsenal of products for my sometimes-temperamental skin but I’m always curious to see the new innovations and formulas – sometimes it’s worth switching if you aren’t getting everything you need for your skincare.  I feel like newness always includes “multi-tasking” – products are no longer just targeting one problem, but often multiple.  Doubtless there is SOMEthing for you!

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Summer 2016 – Tarte Skincare

A few interesting new items from Tarte this summer…  The overarching theme these days is leaning to as-easy-to-use-as-possible.  Streamlining is a wonderful thing!

Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser – a twist-up, 3-in-1 cleansing stick that scrubs, polishes, and offers a lovely little detox when left on for a few minutes.

Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Patches – a set of 4 treatment patches for the undereye, that are designed to reduce the appearance of pesky lines and wrinkles (I think I need some!) These contain hyaluronic acid, algae and marine extracts to soothe and hydrate. Vegan friendly and hypoallergenic.

Tarte Facial Lip Scrub another easy twist-up designed to resurface and condition the lips without causing a huge mess like pots and tubes can!

Can’t say I disagree with the format here…  Fan?

Clinique Take The Day Off

This would have been INCREDIBLY useful during my ballroom days!  

While I can’t say I have a particular use for this now, since I’m not wearing anything on my eyes – really, like, ever – I think it’s a wonderful and ingenious idea.  In fact, I’m kind of aghast that it hasn’t been done before!

Super easy to use and totally practical, the Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover Stick makes the end of the day (or look change) a piece of cake.  It’s akin to a cleansing balm, a bit more solidified, and in a much easier format – a quick twist of the stick, a nice little massage, and voila!  Well done, Clinique.

Kleenex Facial Care

Well I wouldn’t have expected this at all, though I suppose it makes some amount of sense… Kleenex, well known for babying our noses during seasonal change, colds, flus and tears, has come out with a line of products to care for facial skin.

Given the size of the brand, I am certain they have enough to fund R&D and to make something of their trial data!  Trusted as they for their gentle products, I can see people giving them a chance with these items as well – a name, and solid track record, goes a long way.  I’m happy to see the company stepping out a bit into a new (albeit a “neighborly”) category, and I’m wondering how Buf Puf feels about it!

Per WWD:

“…Kleenex, the Kimberly Clark-owned facial tissue brand, is quietly entering the skin-care category. The brand has developed five stockkeeping units focused on facial cleansing, including cleansing wipes, water-activated exfoliating cushions and eye-makeup-remover pads. After a test launch with a consumer focus group in August, the products officially became available for sale last month exclusively on

As of now, no plans for brick-and-mortar entry have been announced, but Kleenex intends to roll out its facial-cleansing products to online retailers by Q2 of 2016 — though none have been determined yet. Until then, the focus is on a direct-sell approach. “We’re testing in a real environment in the digital space,” said Kleenex senior brand manager Eniko Olah. “We’re going to take what we learn and scale up.”  “

The lineup will have five items:

  1. Facial Cleansing Wipes
  2. Exfoliating Cushions
  3. Cotton Soft Pads
  4. Shine-Away Sheets
  5. Eye Makeup Removers

Are you excited to see these?

Benefit Sexy On The Run

Benefit always has adorable boxes…and they really are a decent value. The newest, retailing for $32, is “They’re Real! Sexy On The Run,” which includes:

– 0.01 oz They’re real! push-up liner (mini) 
– 2 x 0.10 oz They’re real! mascara in Beyond Brown, Jet Black (mini) 
– 0.1 oz They’re real! remover (mini) 
– Tips and Tricks

As Benefit Cosmetics UK says, the kit helps to achieve “BEYOND longer lashes & bigger looking eyes.”  If that’s the case…and judging by the success of They’re Real…I’m pretty sure this lil’ box is going to do nicely!