The Color Corrective Trend Continues…

I feel like there is a literal ONSLAUGHT of these products (not to mention posts, articles, newsletters etc…)  I’m not exactly complaining – I learned how to utilize such “correctors” early on as a performing athlete, and they WORK – but it is somewhat a sensory overload situation at this point!

In any case, if you are interested in further expanding your arsenal of perfectors, Sephora has a brilliant selection of items to choose from!  

Algenist has a new, concentrated liquid dropper formulation, which you can score a deluxe sample of at the moment…  (Dropper bottle foundations and serums are also (as no doubt you are aware) a major 2015 tail-end trend.)

Becca has four shades which appear more pigmented, and therefore much like the Kryolan or Ben Nye wheels I’d buy at Ricky’s New York back in my competitive dancing days…

Marc Jacobs has three swirled pop-up sticks, a fun take on the trend that I haven’t seen quite the likes of elsewhere.

Sephora has launched seven gel-serum correctors in a lip gloss style format, as has Urban Decay (who has five shades.)

YSL’s infamous Touch Eclat ALSO now comes in three corrective hues, which I have to say is pretty fabulous (the original is divine.)  

Smashbox is offering a pencil in four color-fixing shades, which is great for easy application.  In line with uber-ease, Cover-FX has their own new stick for brightening (LOVE brightening!), thought it does also come in five other colors! 

For those in love with powders, I adore the cute, loose pots from Besame, who have expanded one shade into five lovely tints…  Now if palettes are more your speed – having multiple colors in one place is often incredibly useful! – you might like Make Up Forever’s (which comes in five combinations), or the cheeky six-sampling from Benefit.

It’s rather a lot but I guess better to be able to choose from a larger variety depending on your own skin correcting needs!

For more…  

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Winter 2016 – MUFE Ultra HD Concealer

The Make Up Forever HD Collection has indeed been growing, though I suspect many have been wondering “why not a concealer?”  I feel like foundations almost shouldn’t launch without a sidekick hide-it-all, so I was delighted to hear about this one.

The formula is designed to plump and hydrate by way of hyaluronic acid, as well as glide weightlessly on skin, smoothing creases as it goes.  It’s Ultra HD status, I am sure, also means it ought to be undetectable – always the goal!  I’m curious to see and hear more photo photo

as word of it makes mainstream.  Excited for it to launch?


So…I know MUFE’s HD foundation stick meant to be incredible, impeccable, and basically impossible to see… Designed for 4D after all!

But is it me or does it look terrible in this photo!?  

I air on the side of being super positive with everything, though I have to confess my disappointment here.  I would much rather recommend another full coverage foundation over this to someone wanting solid camouflage because I feel like…at least in this image…it enhances what one would want to disappear.  I’m guessing a highlighter was possibly used here as well but I think they could have lessened it on the chin and nose.

I think what’s particularly noteworthy about it is that this lady has LOVELY skin!  I would therefore be concerned that if the canvas wasn’t as smooth, this would really bring out the bad.  

All that said, I’m not suggesting anyone has to look perfect… Nor do I mean to give hefty support to marketing images that *might* be farther from the truth than not – I want REAL.  

So I don’t know…  I want to say maybe it wasn’t the best choice to post this photo because I wouldn’t buy the product seeing this result…  But then would I be disappointed if this WAS the result and the image was much better?  

I like to see what a product TRULY looks like on the skin – that matters to me.  But again, I think this wasn’t really the most stellar representation of their new HD stick.  

Sephora EPIC Awards

Well, I hadn’t heard about these before but SUPER psyched to.  Sadly, I used a whole plethora of points already BUT…I think I’m adding them up again.  YAY!

Part of me wishes Sephora did what CVS does with Extra Bucks…but I guess Epic Awards are pretty awesome too!  

Based on your points, you can get these incredible “on-line only, extremely limited quantity” sets…and even a trip to Paris.  Check out the descriptions here, and prepared to be wowed…

While I still say I’d rather use my points Extra Buck style…I have to admit that these are outrageously amazing.  Decadent, even…  Visit L.A. with GlamGlow, plus treatments? Um…helloooo!


Come September, Make Up Forever will add two new HD items to their roster – the Ultra HD Stick Foundation, and the Ultra HD Liquid Foundation.

How does it differ from the original HD Liquid that’s out?  The Ultra HD has been designed to work with the 4k technology that is (frighteningly) our ultra-up-close-and-personal reality.  No matter how magnified the resolution, the idea is that these new additions will look completely natural on camera, and to anyone who happens to be with you in person (which makes more sense for us non-silver-screen-imortals!) 

The formulation is enhanced with the following (as per ChicProfile’s post)…

The Liquid will be offered in 40, medium-coverage shades….and the Stick will be offered in 15.

Much that I get excited about such things, ingredients and whether a formula is comedogenic matter to me…so I will keep my eyes peeled (“oil-free” doesn’t guarantee no issues, fyi!)  

I recently got Innisfree’s Longwear Cushion and I’m loving so…I may not buy these right off the bat.  Not to say I don’t *want* to! 😉 


Innovative Bronzing

Self tanning has EXPLODED over the years – forget beds and stand-in spray booths, the types of products, and applications are astounding.  

Fortunately, I caught the beginnings of the trend when I was a Ballroom competitor – if you aren’t familiar with the sport, being bronzed was a MUST.  No exceptions.  As someone who can appear nigh translucent (oh, how well I’d blend in during Elizabethan times!) I often had to get spray tanned TWICE before competitions.  

Then there was the actually face bronzerpowders that were touted for being spectacular in every major magazine, but ones that hot lights would…most definitely...MELT.  Yes, even my beloved NARS would streak from time to time – 20 latin dances in a row and there was no possibility of not sweating some of it off.

Enter the new, innovative formulations of 2015…

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion maintains that it is a “waterproof bronzer that blends on like a second skin.”  I can tell you right now, if I was still competing, I’d be buying my shade in this. My I’ve-been-sprayed-down-twice shade, that is.  I will definitely snoop around for reviews myself, and suggest that you stop into a Sephora store to play around with it!  Sadly, I’m not sure they can shave a sample of this particular item (I LOVE that Sephora samples!), but you can still get your paws on it!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.16.10 PM photo


Now then…Vita Liberata Trystal Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals (long name, but true) is even another step further.  Frankly, it sounds pretty miraculous.  Once again, I’d have run out to play around…and likely purchase…this powder!  As per the claim…

“This revolutionary self-tanner offers pure mineral coverage, instant bronzing, and a lasting tan. The natural bronzed effect suits all skintones and can be used to contour or provide allover glow. The tan deepens over a four-to-eight hour period and lasts up to five days.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.24.42 PM


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.28.55 PM

Um.  Seriously?!   So you get the at-that-moment bronzing effect, and it deepens during the day (or half day)…and it lasts for up to FIVE days?!  Oh…AND it suits a variety of skin tones?!  That’s pretty amazing! :-O

Though then again…maybe it’s better I’m NOT competing?  I’m saving myself money on the spray tans…AND the awesome newness on the market (which I kind of want anyway!) 😉