Today is my mother’s birthday, so I thought I’d honor her by sharing her absolutely phenomenal talent.  What’s even more wonderful than these beautiful arrangements is the reason behind them. . .

For as long as I can remember, my mother has participated in some kind of volunteer or charitable work.  She’s done countless classes for children, in particular, over the years, and loves nothing than giving, sharing, and seeing others surprise themselves with talents of their own.

She recently spearheaded an event, Flowers, Fashion, and Footwear, that raised money for a local social service agency that she has worked with for many years, Community Centers Of Greenwich. CCI services children, adults with special needs, and seniors, and provides educational and financial assistance for lower-income families.

I am convinced that my love and passion for volunteering with these communities was passed down by her and my father’s dedication to helping where they can.  I am honored to be their child and thankful for the early exposure to these wonderful aspects of community service.

For the CCI event, flower arrangers were called upon to pick a pair of Louboutin shoes – owned by Kent Russell, perennial specialist – and design an arrangement to match.

I looked at the photos in the Fairfield County Look article (event link above) and without knowing hers, I gravitated to them as my “favorites.”

I grew up with the great fortune of having flowers and nature in our home all year round (yes, even in the throes of wintertime!) And it wasn’t just the beautiful blooms or branches, which I, for one, adore… The unreal sculptures and art she always manages to create look more like they belong in THE fanciest spas, homes, hotels…whatever!…in the world. They’re always breathtaking.

The shoes, of course, were art of their own.  Having been in the footwear and fashion industry for many moons, I watched the birth to death of many a pair…and I know exactly what goes into them.  I’d personally steer clear of stepping out in these if I were him, however, simply in fear of dirtying their impeccable polish!

In any case, I’ll maintain my mother has a supernal gift because there’s no explaining the talent – it’s an inherent spark I wish I had.  But I’m so very proud of her, and I’m inspired by the things she does to raise money to help wonderful causes…all the time. I can only hope to make as much difference in my life, and am blessed to have the example. (Keeping in mind I won’t ever quite get the hang of flower arranging!)



Static Nails

I’ve been doing gel nails for years at this point, a trend which started as a result of my ballroom dancing.  (Yes, I am the only girl at the dojo and dojang with “claws” and sparkles…two things that have no bearing – rest assured – on my kicks!)

Before I started getting them done, I had to resort to temporary glue-on ones – looking the part was a big deal in that arena, and if you want to be taken seriously, you give the best and cleanest presentation you can!  I couldn’t stand gluing them on, though, and I DREADED the after effects.

But then there’s Static Nails…  A company offering, quite possibly, some of the raddest stick-on nails I’ve seen yet. 

It’s no surprise that Dipped Soles (how very Louboutin!) is a favorite!  I didn’t associate them at ALL with the shoe designer (despite 11 years in the Fashion industry!)…but rather, just a deliciously vampy degrade.

And then there’s Red Bottoms.  

Again, no particular reason I’d have thought of Christian Louboutin necessarily (though a red underside, of course, hints at his trademark coloring.)  These matte black and swarovski crystal beauties are drop dead, no matter the inspiration – they are sassy, sexy, badass, and unconventional – love, love, l ❤ ve!  

The style allows for that inner goth and super-punk to let loose when you might otherwise seem tame.  This particular pack also comes with leopard print nails, in case you feel like really stopping the crowd!

Tremendous idea, really…  For the fashion-forward, jetset, and trendsetters, these are kind of a no brainer!

Christian Louboutin Scarabée

Christian Louboutin’s Scarabée Collection is more than just footwear and accessories…it also offers three special shades of nail lacquer.  As a fan of Ancient Egyptian history, I was positively delighted by the deliciously bold iridescence (honestly, I find iridescence much easier to wear, as its chameleon-like nature works with more things!)

This enduring little beetle has many positive, symbolic, and magical meanings – but in and of itself, the scarab has an incredibly gorgeous, color-morphing shell, shifting shades with the light and shadow.

Magic indeed.

Louboutins are well beyond cult status – it is almost as if the term itself is as much an “it” as a Dior dress was an “it” must-have in the 1950s.  This ode de la Scarabée is an edgy, delightfully bright, and showstopping array of heel heights and hand-held goodies.

The leathers are the kind of patent, high-gloss voltage that you would expect, I think…  Given the ornamentation chosen – London-punk street streak – I think it all jives.  That said, you need to have some attitude to wear these styles, make no mistake.  Metallic fuchsia to cobalt degradé…or cobalt to metallic green ombré…these are meant to be seen.

The polishes are packaged in Louboutin’s traditional bottle (which is really anything but – it’s absolutely a boudoir show-off gem, if you ask me!) Shade l feels like the most easily “translatable” color…but then, the intention with any item in the collection is to stand out…or let your personality (through fashion sense!) do so!

Having been in footwear, I know these are not inexpensive to make…in this way, with this quality.  I can’t imagine they made too many, but when something from Scarabée IS worn…I bet anything we will see it in print!

Red carpet, brace yourself for beetles!