The Power Of I Love You

Never stop saying “I love you” – to hear those words can alter the course of a day. Or a lifetime.

Never stop appreciating those who make your world brighter, including their quirks, differences, eccentricities…even those qualities that irk you from time to time.  Remember to let them know in words and actions…


Hold their hand just because.  Kiss them when they least expect it.  Give them a hug, or leave them a positive note, or just call to say “hello.” 

The “little things” have the power to alter the deepest pain, fiercest anger, and most pressing frustrations.  They remind us of our blessings when we lose sight of them, and they remind those we love that they are valuable in this life…in our life.

Life is precious, and so very fleeting – Love is a gift to cherish, but above all to share and express.  To “give back” ensures that what time we – and our loved ones – do have is lived to the happiest full. ❤


Smile For No Great Reason

The enormous smile I have in this photo was because I got in the car and realized my seatbelt intersected my vampire tee.  

Indeed, scarcely humorous on the surface (or really to anyone other than myself, I fully realize!), but the juxtaposition of the “keep out!” hash mark across the biting, goth-girl-at-heart’s grin was worth a giant, sunny smile for my part. I think it was the irony.

#vamp #irony #smile #happy

The little things in which we can find laughter or a smile (for no great reason in particular) each day. . .keep your eyes out for more of them.  OFTEN.  They really are worth their weight in gold.

Wearing With Pride

Little things make me so happy…like the victory my school won in getting a sweatshirt with their name on it.  The overarching brand generally doesn’t allow it, but I think we – the students – asked enough collectively that our instructor was finally heard by the powers that be.

We all have a sense of pride surrounding the quality of training, instruction, and of students who attend, so in a way this is like a show of support to sport the hoodie.  For a Martial Arts school, you always hope that’s the case – the friendships forged there are meaningful because you are in the thick of it together.  Even if you don’t hang out with everyone all the time, you know you can count on mutual respect and feedback when in the dojo.  Since it isn’t ALWAYS the case, it’s a special thing to find that kind of environment.  And as a result…wearing our name out an about puts a huge smile on my face. 🙂

BJJ Gracie Hoodie

BJJ Gracie Hoodie

More Martial Arts fun!

Article Share – 8 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Get (or Stay) in Shape, By Lori Deschene

8 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Get (or Stay) in Shape,  By Lori Deschene is a wonderful, quick read that came to me via Tiny Buddha.  


I love Lori’s suggestions, as they are some of the more reasonable (and therefore achievable) ones that I’ve come across – refreshing!  


Sticking to goals feels great, and is something we all aspire to do…but Life is busy, and on the days we lose that motivation, it’s helpful to have some easy – and realistic – suggestions.  


It doesn’t have to be your best, and you don’t need to shatter a personal record all the time – it’s about the little steps along the way that add up in the end. 


The Little…Big…Things

Most people don’t get where they are in Life without having first traversed a narrow, steep or tumultuous path…of some kind.  In certain cases, it’s all three.  During such ascents, the World can seem insurmountable, riddled with confusion, pain, loneliness…  But even eclipsed in darkness, there is “good”…and learning…to be seized. 

In each and every experience, no matter how dire, there is always promise of something brighter.  

The last few years were very trying for me – debilitating in many ways.  But even at the worst, I would dream.  I never stopped dreaming…or believing…even when all other lights went out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.11.32 PM

I’d dream in hues that transcended the universal spectrum…because I needed illumination…not just a rainbow.

I’d dream, feverishly, with every ounce and fiber of my being, that I’d learn my lessons solidlythis time…so I could elevate my soul higher, and finally Live.  

We all deserve the beautiful, wonderful, “little things.”  But without fully appreciating our gifts, understanding our value, and knowing what we deserve, those things have a more difficult time reaching us.  

At the dawn of 2015, I finally understood – The Universe knows the difference between knowing, and actually believing.  Years and years of lessons besieged me at once – “overwhelming” scarcely covers it.  But I knew if clarity was truly mine, only goodness could come from it.

Some days are tiny steps…but they are going forward, and that is progress enough.

Some days feel indomitable, full of anguish, and frustratingly rearward missteps.

And yet other days are filled with joy, confidence, hope and beauty. ❤


For me, it’s the little things.  

And it’s the people around me who do, or say, these precious “little things”…


Meeting someone and feeling like you have known them for more than one Lifetime is a gift and beyond… But the ability to be yourself completely, without fear, or shame, or embarrassment…because they allow you to be who you are?  Utterly priceless. There are those who set out to change others, mold them into his or her own “ideal,” but it’s a notion I never could quite get my head around – forcing oneself (or another person) to conform, in any way, is surely a sad, and unsustainable end.  And for what purpose?  Where there is one of us, there are many more.

Listening, accepting, at least endeavoring to understand…those are some of the most generous gifts a person could offer – they demonstrate respect.  And respect is paramount to a foundation for lasting love.  We all have flaws, but true respect makes us FEEL that we are good enough, and that what we have to say has value, flawed or fragile we may be.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.21.43 PM

It’s things like a person focusing on the good, and lifting you up…not only when you are having a bad day, but even when you aren’t.  

It’s letting you know that they are there for you, just to listen, or to make you laugh…just because, or should you need it.  Because they love you, and honor you, no matter how silly, or grumpy, or crazy you can be sometimes.  They are there anyway, because that’s what love and friendship IS.

It’s positive.  

It’s UP.  

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.46.38 PM

It’s the little things…

Like the flowers that arrived one day because he wanted to be absolutely certain you knew you were on his mind.  And more so, it is the *thought* that he had to begin with…  The thought which incited him to do something so touching, no matter how busy he was.  Not on a holiday, just A day.  

Just because.  

Because you matter

And to FEEL like we matter is a gift words cannot express.


Little things like letting you go through a door first, opening your door, allowing you to order first…those are things a gentleman would do.  They are things that make a woman feel appreciated, respected, and like a lady.  

I am – no two ways about it – an independent, strong-minded, strong-bodied woman.  I am used to doing things on my own and supporting myself.  But when a gentleman comes along, you can bet I am, without a doubt, the single-most sincerely thankful woman around.  Literally, brimming with gratitude.


It’s the little things…

Like reaching over and holding your hand.


Like reiterating for the waiter that she prefers her food without anything extra on it…to be sure it comes out perfect…

And making her a snack for when she gets home…

And scrolling through her blog even though it’s mostly pictures of lip gloss and eye shadow and shoes…because it’s hers.


It’s the little things…

Like kissing her goodbye before going to work…

It’s checking in during a two-second breather during the day, or calling on his way home from work to ask how your day was?!  He may not even know how much that means…but it means a LOT…and she sees ALL the beautiful, wonderful, little things.


It’s the little things…

Like not just giving you a hug when you break down in tears…but telling you it’s okay to “feel,” without judgment, because being human means we are all vulnerable sometimes.  

It’s when he holds you – not just hugs you – as if you give him peace, and safety, and joy…and he wants to do the same for you.  

It’s when he looks at you as if neither the Moon nor stars existed…  

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.47.10 PM

Those are little things…that some people do…that are really BIG things. 

Those are things that matter…because Life is short and doing something because you feel forced or obligated will always show through.      

Those are the “little things” that make others feel appreciated, and loved, and special…and that need to be cherished.  

Those are the things we hopefully give each OTHER, because that’s what love is.  Accepting and loving in spite of flaws, and quirks and missteps.  

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.45.25 PM

Love is a best friendship, in which little things happen all the time, every day…

Love is all those little things…

It’s appreciating all those little things…that are actually a whole lot like HUGE things…and cherishing those who do them.

He makes me feel like the Moon itself…

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 6.28.55 PM

I, for one, feel blessed and grateful…and I’ll just go ahead and blame my alexithymia for begin unable to fully express my gratitude! 😉

X ❤