Summer 2016 – L’Oreal True Match Highlight

I never use Snapchat – in fact, I’ve no idea, really, what the app even looks like.  But Budgetbeautyblog posted an image (this IS Instagram, no?!) of some fun new highlighters from L’Oreal.

I personally have AN ARSENAL of highlighters.  My wedding is in October, so naturally I am sifting through them all to see which ones I will actually end up using (wouldn’t it be tremendous to layer them all!? Ermagawd!I am incredibly discriminating, however, when it comes to “glow-getters” – and I am ever-determined to find ones that DO. NOT. GLITTER.  

Back in my college days, wearing glitter on my eyes, dark and painted jeans, and combat boots was no big deal.  In ballroom, it was basically a prerequisite.  But – as I have droned on about over and over again – I no longer feel my skin has to sparkle.  

No.  No, thank you.  I just want to glow – healthily – in a gleaming, possibly pearlescent manner.  But any sign of glitter – however small – will send me running the other way.  When the sun comes out (or the moon!) I expect my radiance to appear as though I am, indeed, lit from within.

Lofty wishes, maybe… Demanding of my products, 1,000%.  But I have found highlighters that glow beautifully, minus that disco ball scenario.  I don’t know if these L’Oreal liquid creams will just be “sheen” or something too-young for my taste – they look quite lovely swatches here, though!  Clavicle, brown bone, cheeks…the shades would work anywhere.  Curious to see more about these in the next few weeks!

Summer 2016 – CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops

Aaannd, more droppers from CoverFX suited for Summer 2016 – CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops.

Highlight, strobe, or beach-bronze yourself with one of six shimmering shades:

  • Moonlight
  • Candlelight
  • Celestial
  • Sunlight
  • Sunkissed
  • Sunset

As with the Company’s many dropper-ed lineup, these are simply added to whatever liquid product you own and want to pair them with.  So layer on your luminosity to your heart’s content – its Summer time, after all.  Time to go with the glow!

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The Color Corrective Trend Continues…

I feel like there is a literal ONSLAUGHT of these products (not to mention posts, articles, newsletters etc…)  I’m not exactly complaining – I learned how to utilize such “correctors” early on as a performing athlete, and they WORK – but it is somewhat a sensory overload situation at this point!

In any case, if you are interested in further expanding your arsenal of perfectors, Sephora has a brilliant selection of items to choose from!  

Algenist has a new, concentrated liquid dropper formulation, which you can score a deluxe sample of at the moment…  (Dropper bottle foundations and serums are also (as no doubt you are aware) a major 2015 tail-end trend.)

Becca has four shades which appear more pigmented, and therefore much like the Kryolan or Ben Nye wheels I’d buy at Ricky’s New York back in my competitive dancing days…

Marc Jacobs has three swirled pop-up sticks, a fun take on the trend that I haven’t seen quite the likes of elsewhere.

Sephora has launched seven gel-serum correctors in a lip gloss style format, as has Urban Decay (who has five shades.)

YSL’s infamous Touch Eclat ALSO now comes in three corrective hues, which I have to say is pretty fabulous (the original is divine.)  

Smashbox is offering a pencil in four color-fixing shades, which is great for easy application.  In line with uber-ease, Cover-FX has their own new stick for brightening (LOVE brightening!), thought it does also come in five other colors! 

For those in love with powders, I adore the cute, loose pots from Besame, who have expanded one shade into five lovely tints…  Now if palettes are more your speed – having multiple colors in one place is often incredibly useful! – you might like Make Up Forever’s (which comes in five combinations), or the cheeky six-sampling from Benefit.

It’s rather a lot but I guess better to be able to choose from a larger variety depending on your own skin correcting needs!

For more…  

Twitter (A few reblogs on this topic!)


Spring 2016 – Stila

Stila is expanding its Aqua Glow lineup this Spring with a Serum Foundation and Serum Concealer, falling very much in line with the liquid, dropper bottle trend.  

Stila Spring 2016

Stila Spring 2016

The Foundation is a lightweight, moisturizing formula, offering weightless, radiant coverage.  The ionized water-base paired with hyaluronic acid, helps to “instantly blur, hydrate and perfect the look of skin with buildable to full coverage.”   “A generation of highly refractive, multi-reflective color pigments use light to” additionally smooth the surface of the skin, reducing all those imperfections we want to conceal!

The Concealer, also ionized water-based, offers a buildable, lightweight, and semi-matte coverage that conceals all of your pesky circles and blemishes.  The difference here is that it is more liquid in texture, a departure from traditionally creamy formulations.

And, for a fun Spring touch, Stila is also delivering two new Convertible Color Palettes – Sunrise Serenade and Sunrise Splendor.  The Convertibles are amazing, and so easy to use on the fly.  

Sunrise Serenade:

  • Petunia (warm pink)
  • Peach blossom (warm peach)
  • Gerbera (peachy nude)
  • Camellia (warm beige)
  • Twilight Rose (deep rose)
Stila Spring 2016

Stila Spring 2016

Sunrise Splendor:

  • English Rose (warm rose tone)
  • Lillium (pinky nude)
  • Cherry Blossom (pink)
  • Fuchsia (bright pink)
  • Tulip (deep plum)
Stila Spring 2016

Stila Spring 2016


Too Faced Melted Chocolate

Thanks to BudgetBeautyBlog for sharing the great sneak peak photo of Too Faced’s Melted Chocolate lineup…. The name is yummy enough to want them all! 🙂

The release for these will be January 2016, so keep it on your radar!  There will be six shades, include ding three metallics, and three long-wearing.

Fall 2015 – Clinique Beyond Perfecting, Round Two

Clinique started with a Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in liquid form…and they are now moving to a powder version, Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer.

I love that the website makes it incredibly easy to see what finish, covered and color group each shade belongs to – it’s difficult to know how well the computer (or site) is conveying a swatch…so this helps.

This formula is designed to last all day, through sweat and humidity (just as the liquid version), without clogging pores or losing color.  It doesn’t appear to be markedly different from the liquid, so it may just be a matter of preference here.  OR…you might want both, relegating the powder to on-the-go. 



Lancome Liqui-Drama

New from Lancome are the Drama Liqui-Pencil Longwear Eyeliners, pairing “the high intensity color of a liquid liner and the ease of application of a pencil.”

The product is designed to provide smooth color “while giving eyes maximum color intensity and all-day wear. Featuring a creamy, instantly blendable formula, it sets quickly for 24-hour wear—without budging or fading.”

I think it’s fair to say that most of us want the MAXIMUM from all of our products – it’s 2015, people! *lol* I’m not sure it’s just the fast pace of modern Life, or that we are somewhat spoiled with uber-performance from mass market cosmetics just as much as high-end nowadays.  Either way, we really do expect more…and companies have caught on, pushing the limits all the time.

I love anything long-wear myself because I’m just so active – I need things to stay put, feel lightweight, and come off easily at the end of a performance (or just any ol’ day!)  What would work best for me of this group is Brûlée, as it would be most natural and subtle.  I wanted to say the nude shade but what appears to be a skintone is actually Lame, based on the Sephora site (metallic white gold) – I bet this is gorgeous, though!!!

Colors are as follows:

  • Noir Intense – deep black
  • Brulee – chocolate brown
  • Pluie – grey
  • Minuit – matte midnight blue
  • Parisian Night – pearlized midnight blue
  • Cote D’Azur – blue klein
  • Ampoule – pearlized purple
  • Baroque – matte lavender
  • Embrase – pearlized grey
  • Paradis – pearlized tropical grey
  • Pacifique – matte sea green
  • Soleil – bright yellow
  • Macaron – pink
  • Lame – metallic white gold
  • Lumiere – metallic silver
  • French Lace – matte white

Lancome’s quality has never really faltered for me – while I don’t own a ton of their products, I know my mother (for one) swears by them.  The reviews for this look pretty fabulous so if you need a smoothie pencil, and rich color, check them out! 🙂

Estee Double Wear…To Go!

I am thrilled to see how many companies are going forward with on-the-go versions of their best products – as someone who is super active and always on the move, I appreciate this enormously!  That said, the packaging for these products makes a ton of sense for everyone – if you need to run to a business meeting and you’re balancing picking up the kids, let’s say…easy to grab, won’t make a mess, and much smaller to tote around! 😀

Estee Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact is one of the newer of these items to be launched.  It comes in an amazing 19 hydrating and luminous shades, and promises eight-hour wear.

The Double Wear line has done exceptionally well for Estee, and I am eager to see reviews of this.  I fluctuate on what my favorite kinds of formulas are – because heaven knows we are assaulted with newness ALL THE TIME! – but on-the-go options are something I absolutely love.  Back in the day there weren’t many options, leaving us to siphon and fill travel size jars.  Even then, with a smaller package, it was messier (as in, not-so-spillproof!)

Love, love, LOVE products made for modern, busy lives! (PS, apparently Macy’s has a TON of sale things going on!  Good gracious!  *LOL*  So if you are interested, maybe Macy’s is a great place to get it! 🙂 ) 



Come September, Make Up Forever will add two new HD items to their roster – the Ultra HD Stick Foundation, and the Ultra HD Liquid Foundation.

How does it differ from the original HD Liquid that’s out?  The Ultra HD has been designed to work with the 4k technology that is (frighteningly) our ultra-up-close-and-personal reality.  No matter how magnified the resolution, the idea is that these new additions will look completely natural on camera, and to anyone who happens to be with you in person (which makes more sense for us non-silver-screen-imortals!) 

The formulation is enhanced with the following (as per ChicProfile’s post)…

The Liquid will be offered in 40, medium-coverage shades….and the Stick will be offered in 15.

Much that I get excited about such things, ingredients and whether a formula is comedogenic matter to me…so I will keep my eyes peeled (“oil-free” doesn’t guarantee no issues, fyi!)  

I recently got Innisfree’s Longwear Cushion and I’m loving so…I may not buy these right off the bat.  Not to say I don’t *want* to! 😉 


Just a Drop

There are several water-like, dropper foundations coming out these days… I feel there is a lot of Asian inspiration in these, call me crazy.

CoverFX came out with their CoverFX Custom Color Drops and you just KNEW that other companies were going to follow suit (the fun is, that always happens!  Yay for consumers! 😉 ) Incidentally, Physicians Formula came out with dropper foundations quite a bit earlier…though we all know Armani was one of the first to the party years ago!

Sephora photo

Sephora photo

Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Water touts an spf of 30, which I’m fond of.  It’s lightweight, but purportedly covers imperfections like a pro, keeping you demi-matte and hydrated.  I do have the 24 concealer and I have to say…it’s amazing.

Smashbox photo

Smashbox photo

MAC has ALSO come out with a liquid (available in September, 2015), MAC Studio Waterweight, used backstage at the Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Shows (such as Donna Karan and Marni.)  Makeup artists were LOVING it, so don’t be surprised if you get bombarded with images and reviews!

Chic Profile photo

Chic Profile photo

They all sound great to me – love lightweight heavy-hitters! ❤