Holiday 2016 – MAC Nutcracker Sweet

I’m a little bit partial to the Nutcracker because I grew up being classically trained – 10 years of ballet, and you’ll see ten years of the Nutcracker around the holidays…if not more (once a dancer, always a dancer.)  I desperately wanted to be in it, actually, and a friend and fellow dancer was – spectacular!

MAC is embracing the fun and festivities with a Holiday Nutcracker-inspired Collection – Sweet as can be.  For details, check out Chicprofile, who shares the full list of goodies, and a few more images. A little tricky to see all of the items clearly, given the bold pink patterning of dots and stripes but…anyway!  Personally, I love the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Stormy Pink, a muted grey-purple hue.  I feel like it would add a barely-there depth (not a new shade, so much, but sometimes they aren’t!)

MAC image

Bloody Gorgeous

No sense in denying I clicked immediately to see what this was about – “Bloody Gorgeous!” it read… Slave to the vampy side, I confess! 🙂

I absolutely LOVE the shades in this collection – equally as divine for fair or deep skin (though one need have a light hand if the former!) photo photo

This box set, by the late, and amazing, Kevyn Aucoin is a Collection of “iconic products in Kevyn’s favorite shade Bloodroses.”  The set is priced at $125 and includes:

The Expert Lip Color in Bloodroses – looks beautiful on all skintones (3.5 g) 
The Lip Gloss in Bloodroses – rich nourishing gloss. Shiny, not sticky! (5 g) 
The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in Bloodroses – nourishes and conditions with vitamin E and jojoba seed oil (1.0 g) 
The Creamy Glow Duo in #1 Nuelle/Bloodroses – adds a healthy, youthful glow. Doubles as a lip color (4.5 g) 
The Eyeshadow Single #109 – matte shadow with creamy smooth texture (3.5 g) 
The Volume Mascara – ultra black, long wearing. No flaking, dripping, smudging, or clumping! (5 g) 
Bloody Gorgeous Tote Bag

The set it sold out, not only at Beautylish, but also Barneys, and…but somehow Beautybay has it, and for a few dollars less! photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo



Well, I just fell in love with Nyx’s Copenhagen lippie!  ❤ 

I honestly have no occasions on which to wear lipstick (for sure it would be out of place at the dojo!), but I have such an affinity for color – especially those on the deeper end of the spectrum.  Given my lifetime history in performing sports, makeup artistry is also a profession for which I have long-standing appreciation.

This dark blood red is incredibly vampy and uber glam…but also fabulously wearable!  It’s a matte lip cream that manages to have a bit of dewiness here.  

Oftentimes you will hear that one feature should be strong, lest they all compete… But the strong cate eye shadow and liner, and flushed cheeks work well for this look – nicely done!



Vampy Red Degrade

Like I said…Vamp at ❤ over here!  😀

I love this visual from Glambymeli – the ombre is divine, and the matte red nail polish jives perfectly.  The color, by the way, is Fierce Color Craze Gel from LA Color Cosmetics

The vamptastic (I make words up periodically – bear with me!) pout is Motives Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lipstick in Sex Pot (SASS!), paired with their Onyx Khol Liner and MAC’s Nightmoth Lipliner.

The spike-tipped rings and cross only amp the look! 🙂

2016 – MAC x Zac Posen

Despite his young years, seasoned fashion designer Zac Posen has done all sorts of collaborations over the years, including one with MAC already (in 2001.)  He has a new line up and coming for February 2016, which appears to have an evening or Autumn / Winter bent to it (as far as colors appear to go.)  Posen is incredibly sophisticated and feminine, so I have no doubt it will be all together lovely – I have always really respected his taste and presentations.

MAC X Zac Posen Collection image

MAC X Zac Posen Collection image

As per

“I wanted to keep it luxurious, a little mysterious and clean, with a large dose of star wattage,” says Posen, who appears to have included black liquid liner, mascara, brushes, blush, bronzer, and his favorite: a bold red lipstick.

M.A.C. senior vice president James Grager also gave us a hint of what to expect: “It’s the perfect encapsulation of both of our worlds, with something sophisticated and sexy for every woman out there.”

MAC X Zac Posen Collection image

MAC X Zac Posen Collection image

Lancome Liqui-Drama

New from Lancome are the Drama Liqui-Pencil Longwear Eyeliners, pairing “the high intensity color of a liquid liner and the ease of application of a pencil.”

The product is designed to provide smooth color “while giving eyes maximum color intensity and all-day wear. Featuring a creamy, instantly blendable formula, it sets quickly for 24-hour wear—without budging or fading.”

I think it’s fair to say that most of us want the MAXIMUM from all of our products – it’s 2015, people! *lol* I’m not sure it’s just the fast pace of modern Life, or that we are somewhat spoiled with uber-performance from mass market cosmetics just as much as high-end nowadays.  Either way, we really do expect more…and companies have caught on, pushing the limits all the time.

I love anything long-wear myself because I’m just so active – I need things to stay put, feel lightweight, and come off easily at the end of a performance (or just any ol’ day!)  What would work best for me of this group is Brûlée, as it would be most natural and subtle.  I wanted to say the nude shade but what appears to be a skintone is actually Lame, based on the Sephora site (metallic white gold) – I bet this is gorgeous, though!!!

Colors are as follows:

  • Noir Intense – deep black
  • Brulee – chocolate brown
  • Pluie – grey
  • Minuit – matte midnight blue
  • Parisian Night – pearlized midnight blue
  • Cote D’Azur – blue klein
  • Ampoule – pearlized purple
  • Baroque – matte lavender
  • Embrase – pearlized grey
  • Paradis – pearlized tropical grey
  • Pacifique – matte sea green
  • Soleil – bright yellow
  • Macaron – pink
  • Lame – metallic white gold
  • Lumiere – metallic silver
  • French Lace – matte white

Lancome’s quality has never really faltered for me – while I don’t own a ton of their products, I know my mother (for one) swears by them.  The reviews for this look pretty fabulous so if you need a smoothie pencil, and rich color, check them out! 🙂

Cake From Besame!

If you love vintage-inspired cosmetics, Besame is for you!  

The packaging is not gorgeous enough to go on your vanity…it’s groegous enough that it SHOULD be! As for the formulations, Besame draws inspiration from a glamorous past when taking time to get “dolled up” was more like a ritual, whether for the day, or for going out.

Cake Mascara is precious little box of inky black, that helps us channel our inner Marylin.  Cakes were one of the first lash products which offered ladies the promise of a flirtier gaze – it “beautifies lashes and brows, making them appear longer, darker, more luxuriant.”  

The product can be layered without fear of clumping, so it says, and claims to be more sanitary, as the brushes are washed after each application, and not stored within a tube.

A/W 2015/16 RTW – Roberto Cavalli (Backstage / Beauty / Details)

There’s a ton of “unfussy” hair on the Runways.  Granted, the girls at Roberto Cavalli had an array of artists on the helm to curl and tousle!  But the end result is an easy, I-really-didn’t-try effortlessness.  (All the photos are from 🙂 ) 


  • The eyes were the focus for this Show, making for a somewhat sultry stare…
  • Inky black liner was applied on both rims and smudged for the lower line.  
  • Black and silver shadow was dusted under the eye – silver to the inner eye for a “gleam,” and blended out to black, giving an air of I-slept-in-my-makeup look – kind of “rockstar” (or I-partied-with-a-rockstar-last-night), and why not!?  
  • Top and bottom lashes were coated in black, and a clear eye gloss on the otherwise-naked upper lids jived with the silver inner eye corners for a a youthful dewiness.
  • Pouts had a peachy wash, and cheeks were bare (or seemingly so!)
Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 5.10.28 PM

I really like what the artists did here because Cavalli always has some super smashing prints!  Anything more would have distracted, and less might have been too undone.  


  • The footwear included leopard print hair calf, polished black leather, what looks like a glossy burgundy eel skin, and royal cobalt velvet.  Very luxurious, very autumnal, interesting pairings…
  • Heels were full and blocky, featuring lucite with golden details (slim bands in some cases, ornate embellishment in others!)
  • Toes were Beatle-bootish, with softly-rounded square points.
  • Many of the silhouettes were high ankle boots, but there was also a ballet-laced pump in black with a degrade lucite heel among the group!
  • Clutch bags seemed to be his go to silhouette, although there were a few larger strap bags.  
  • Bags were featured in velvet (both textured and smooth), some in print, some paired with wide leather straps…all with ornate, golden fastenings or buckles.  There was also what appears to be a geometric metal clutch with closure of lucite and intricate golden leaves.
  • Belts showed off their large-scale lucite or golden laurel buckles
  • And jewelry was also elaborate, but somehow not overpowering, with golden leaves, and some polished, faceted natural stones.
Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli always seems to do a gorgeous job – the Show as beautiful, and the makeup and accessories rounded it out perfectly, exactly as it should.