Holiday 2016 – Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

Wait…WHaAaaAT!?  Where were THESE when I was competitively Ballroom Dancing, dang it?!  

These are the PERFECT, iridescent light catchers (and I’m highly irritated that they’ve come out now…several years too late!)  The names are as sassy as the shades, and I love that they (along with many other companies) are following suit of such brands as Colour Pop and showing swatches on a variety of skin tones.  *LOVE*



FLUKE. . .

I can’t well wear them to the dojo (lest my partner’s gi light up like a Christmas ball) but…I hope other people indulge in the high-wattage glow! 

The Diamond Crushers are meant to layer over lip color, but I’m sure you could use them on your own.  You could also very likely get creative (because…why not?) and use them to reflect light to / from other areas.  Eye gloss, anyone?  

Halloween A La Lime Crime

Lime Crime is known for their offbeat shades, and daring finishes…so really Halloween isn’t a stretch.  Like, at all.  

But I love that they make a point of the 31st all the same, and they they go “LE” (limited edition) in honor.  “Bloodmoon”? I do!  (Incidentally, I never – ever – wear lipstick.  But…I bought it, because… #vamp #bloodmoon #batwings. ❤ )

It’s kind of hard to resist – the perfect blackened red, don’t you agree?  Wicked is also spectacular, but I find it more a challenge to find the right dark blood red… Of course then I see Red Velvet and want that too… ❤

It’s perfect for leaving love notes, so I have an excuse to splurge. 😉  (Or at least that’s what my not-so-inner-also-outer Vamp says.) 

If you are feeling angelic, you could always go “Moonstone” – fair to say they have all manner of “bold” covered…and in that shade, you wouldn’t be run of the mill “divine!”



Lime Crime True Love

Right in time for those who celebrate Cher Cupidon’s Day…

Lime Crime is introducing three new shades in the True Love Collection inspired by…but of course…the luscious petals of roses:

  • Cupid – soft petal pink
  • True Love – vibrant pinky red
  • Saint – deep cranberry red

The set is on sale for $44.00, currently (usually $60.00.)  Personally, I think the colors are right on – vibrant, richly pigmented, and noteworthy.  Happy, Happy to those with bold hearts! ❤ 


Lime Crime Perlees

Lime Crime just launched a new lippie, as much a “wow”er as their ever-edgy shades and formulations.  

This one is called Perlees – a glowing matte pearl lipstick in some wearable…and some more shocking…hues, with names like Asphalt and Mirage and Penny (yes, very much like the copper cent!)  

You wouldn’t expect less, would you?!

This formula is sure to get you noticed and, I’m willing to bet, it would look pretty bada$$ in a photo shoot!

Rock it?  

I’d go for Third Eye myself (above!)

Fall 2015 – Lime Crime

While some existing shades (think: Wicked! ❤ ) can also fit the bill, Lime Crime has some new Velvetines for Fall 2015:

  • Jinx – Witchberry Purple
  • Squash – Glowstick Orange

Personally, I LOVE the two images together…from an aesthetic, used-to-make-fashion-boards perspective.  ON…trickier.  But then it’s all about the treats ‘n’ tricks, right?!

There is also a SALE going on with a variety of goodies, including some Velvetine shades, pale Unicorn Lipsticks, and glittering Carousel Gloss, among them.

Lime Crime Velvetines

I’m admittedly a bit conflicted posting about Lime Crime – while I don’t know the whole story, it sounds like the owner isn’t particularly nice, or fair in business – for me, that kind of ruins it.  I was terribly disappointed to hear it, as I already own a few of the lip products (which I used for Ballroom competitions, and LOVED), and wanted to get the Velvetines in Wicked.

What I can say in addition, though, is that I think everyone has a right to make his or her own decisions, and those who do love Doe Deere’s products will enjoy knowing there are a few more shades to the Velvetine lineup – Faded. Shroom, and Bleached.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.07.34 PM

Of the “Last Dance With Penny Lane” looks, this shade my my fav…

Daisy, Rose and Violet are the heroines in this tale, toting along a glittering, candy apple guitar…

If you are a Lime Crime fan, worth taking a peek.  Some of the palettes are back in stock for a limited time too…


Molten Metal

I L <3VE RED.  

I love metallic red.  

Red Metal

Red Metal

Maybe because it’s just flat out feisty.  I’m a vamp so…

Maybe because it’s unexpected?

Or maybe it’s just it’s super-hero-villainicious! 



I can’t say it’s a trend at present. (Metallic colors HAVE been an “it thing” in the past, so reserve judgments, please!  In fact, if memory serves (and it appears to – thank you, Google, for corroborating my story!) Versace’s ’90s metallics were donned by THE girls of the era.  Quite the hullabaloo!)

Versace Metallics from the '90s

Versace Metallics from the ’90s

Anyway…I came across a photo on Beauty Launchpad and it reminded me how much I DIG red metallic.  I have a cool Lime Crime lip gloss that has a wicked metallic sheen to it (I’m sad to report it sounds like the owner of the company, For Deere, is not the nicest person, so I’m not planning to purchase more)  I bought the Candy Apple Carousel for Ballroom competition and it definitely served me well.  It IS pretty fabulous.  Sigh. I knew a few real devotees… Bummer. photo photo

After seeing the Launchpad shot, I snooped around and found a few more images.  I’m a visual person, and I’ve been tearing magazines since I was a peanut.  When Pinterest first came out, you better believe I was on there!



Red metallic isn’t for the faint of heart but…wouldn’t that be against the very fiber of the person wearing it?!  I mean, I’ve got fire in my soul so…

Molten metal, as it goes…  If you’re wearing the hue, you’re probably the type who likes to leave her mark…  The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with that! 😉