Know Your Worth

I was taught this lesson many, many moons ago…but I failed to actually learn it until much later. I suppose, though, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes to learn…just that we are willing to do so, and that we move in that direction consistently.¬†

Any day can be the day we break a cycle or release what no longer serves us – but it is ultimately up to us. This is a powerful bit of wisdom that takes not only a willingness to learn it, but immense courage to take those steps. When we trust ourselves, and that life always finds a way to work out for the better, we can more easily take the leap. It is one that – in the end – is well worth the bravery.

Know your value, recognize your contribution, raise your head high, and claim the life you deserve. We are not bound to any limitations but those our minds contrive.


Random Panther



Because black panthers are the most spectacular creatures on the planet, hello (and I not-so-secretly am jealous I’m not one myself!) ūüėȬ†

I mean…just L O O K!


Nature is astounding.

PS…did you ever see that Geico panther ad? ¬†ūüôā

A/W 2015/16 RTW ‚Äď Roberto Cavalli (Backstage / Beauty / Details)

There’s a ton of “unfussy” hair on the Runways. ¬†Granted, the girls at Roberto Cavalli had an array of artists on the helm to curl and tousle! ¬†But the end result is an easy, I-really-didn’t-try effortlessness. ¬†(All the photos are from ūüôā )¬†


  • The eyes were the focus for this Show, making for a somewhat sultry stare…
  • Inky black liner was applied on both rims and smudged for the lower line. ¬†
  • Black and silver shadow was dusted under the eye – silver to the inner eye for a “gleam,” and blended out to black, giving an air of I-slept-in-my-makeup look – kind of “rockstar” (or I-partied-with-a-rockstar-last-night), and why not!? ¬†
  • Top and bottom lashes were coated in black, and¬†a clear eye gloss on the otherwise-naked upper lids jived with the silver inner eye corners for a a youthful dewiness.
  • Pouts had a peachy wash, and cheeks were bare (or seemingly so!)
Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 5.10.28 PM

I really like what the artists did here because Cavalli always has some super smashing prints!  Anything more would have distracted, and less might have been too undone.  


  • The footwear included leopard print hair calf, polished black leather, what looks like a glossy¬†burgundy eel skin, and royal cobalt velvet. ¬†Very luxurious, very autumnal, interesting pairings…
  • Heels were full and blocky, featuring lucite with golden details (slim bands in some cases, ornate embellishment in others!)
  • Toes were Beatle-bootish, with softly-rounded square points.
  • Many of the silhouettes were high ankle boots, but there was also a ballet-laced pump in black with a degrade lucite heel¬†among the group!
  • Clutch bags seemed to be his go to silhouette, although there were a few larger strap bags. ¬†
  • Bags were featured in¬†velvet (both textured and smooth), some in print, some paired with wide leather straps…all with¬†ornate, golden fastenings or buckles. ¬†There was also what appears to be a geometric metal clutch with closure of lucite and intricate golden leaves.
  • Belts showed off their large-scale lucite or golden laurel buckles
  • And jewelry was also elaborate, but somehow not overpowering, with golden leaves, and some polished,¬†faceted natural stones.
Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli A/W 2015/16 RTW photo

Roberto Cavalli always seems to do a gorgeous job – the Show as beautiful, and the makeup and accessories rounded it out perfectly, exactly as it should.