Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Lanvin (Details)

There was a lot going on at the Lanvin Spring 2016 show – thanks to Vogue.com for the tons and tons of photos showcasing the purposeful question of whether theater and fashion can indeed coexist.  I feel like it’s fair to say…at least insofar as this Show was concerned…the answer is yes.

The Show presented a deviate juxtaposition of staid, crisp, traditional (maybe even “professional”) attire paired with fabrics and details far more fit for a stage…

There was that charcoal-seamed skirt with the wide satin belt and smoke grey trench, you might have seen?  Combined with sheer, oversized polkas and a see-through lace bra, the ensemble took on an unconventional edge…one I daresay would draw an audience.  (But then, isn’t fashion intended to do that, just as in the theater?)  

And then there was a frayed, sleeveless blazer (really, a full jumpsuit with a blazer-style top) with a tux-ie satin lapel.  That piece, already tipping the common scales, was paired with choker-style cuffs and necklaces, (all boasting heavy metal locks) for a more severe and eccentric twist.

If you take a peek at Vogue, you’ll even see what appears to be live croquis – models wearing nude, corseted undergarments, over-draped with hanging fabrics, as if to be a dress-in-progress, living bust and all…

There were also sequins in spades, tossed together with nude sheers and doll-like bows, making for a more “curios and tag sale” kind of spectacle.

But…the “touches” weren’t ALL completely outlandish.

The mixed media and color-patched bags were done in wonderful autumnal shades, and luxurious animal skins…

And the slouchy boots?  COMPLETELY, remarkably...fabulously wearable.  While the toe was a hair more “almond” than most would reproduce for a larger market, the overall look was one that a broad audience would “get,” the buttery leather and suede notwithstanding.


At the end of the day, some designers can put on a SHOW…they can wow and inspire us by pushing the envelope with what borders on anomalous.  But it is also nice to see a few items here and there that can translate to everyday…for the everyday woman.  The bags and scrunch boots were right on.

Christian Louboutin Scarabée

Christian Louboutin’s Scarabée Collection is more than just footwear and accessories…it also offers three special shades of nail lacquer.  As a fan of Ancient Egyptian history, I was positively delighted by the deliciously bold iridescence (honestly, I find iridescence much easier to wear, as its chameleon-like nature works with more things!)

This enduring little beetle has many positive, symbolic, and magical meanings – but in and of itself, the scarab has an incredibly gorgeous, color-morphing shell, shifting shades with the light and shadow.

Magic indeed.

Louboutins are well beyond cult status – it is almost as if the term itself is as much an “it” as a Dior dress was an “it” must-have in the 1950s.  This ode de la Scarabée is an edgy, delightfully bright, and showstopping array of heel heights and hand-held goodies.

The leathers are the kind of patent, high-gloss voltage that you would expect, I think…  Given the ornamentation chosen – London-punk street streak – I think it all jives.  That said, you need to have some attitude to wear these styles, make no mistake.  Metallic fuchsia to cobalt degradé…or cobalt to metallic green ombré…these are meant to be seen.

The polishes are packaged in Louboutin’s traditional bottle (which is really anything but – it’s absolutely a boudoir show-off gem, if you ask me!) Shade l feels like the most easily “translatable” color…but then, the intention with any item in the collection is to stand out…or let your personality (through fashion sense!) do so!

Having been in footwear, I know these are not inexpensive to make…in this way, with this quality.  I can’t imagine they made too many, but when something from Scarabée IS worn…I bet anything we will see it in print!

Red carpet, brace yourself for beetles!

Fashion Industry Shows – Autumn / Winter 2016 / 17

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job in Fashion (though truly, there were many!) was attending various trend shows and seminars – we worked with a fabulous group of leather, synthetic, fabric, and print vendors…and met many new ones along the way.  

Much of the time they came to us in the office, pulling a slew of gravid suitcases in tow, stuffed to the seams with the newest materials and leathers.  But a few times a year, the Shows rolled around, giving us an opportunity to skip into NYC and browse hundreds of vendors we may not have seen otherwise – serious inspiration!

Some of the invitations are cropping up so in the event you are in the business and haven’t had an opportunity to attend, you didn’t get any literature as yet, or you are in NYC and have the time, some of these might be up your alley! 

PRMIERE VISION NEW YORK – July 21 – 22, at Pier 92.

  • This year will feature over 300 exhibitors, showing the latest and greatest in prints, fabrics, textile designs and accessories.  You will see everything from hand-done to digital to screened designs, as well as one of a kind vintage pieces.   
  • There is a PV app, as it turns out (that would have been nice to have back in the day!) so you can stay up to date.  
  • The Trend Forecast for Autumn / Winter 2016 /17 includes “The Protective Shield Of Minimalism,” “Unique Roots,” and “Digital Surrealism” as the predominant themes. Times for July are not yet listed, though typically each day is filled with presentations.  Keep in mind, they are not always the same each day. 
  • Other tools include the Fabric Forum, Color Wall, and Color Card.  
  • They may additionally run a Spring / Summer 2016 Highlights Seminar, though not sure of timing.

LINEAPELLE NEW YORK – July 21 – 22, Metropolitan Pavillion, 125th W. 18th Street

  • Lineapelle showcases all things up and coming in leather, textiles and synthetics.  
  • The key Industries in attendance are Footwear, Handbags, Leathergoods and Leatherwear…but if you work with leather at all, it may be for you.  The textures, colors, hands, patterns…it’s amazing!  Many qualities are offered, so you can work with vendors to find the materials that will best suit your production needs (that said, it’s always hard to see the most expensive, drop-dead gorgeous skins and know you can’t necessarily use them!
  • The Trendbook usually comes in the goody bags, and presentations are offered at 11 am and 2 pm on the 21st, and at 11 am on the 22nd. 

Philipp Plein’s Badassery

I was walking to the Upper East Side in New York the other day and I literally stopped dead in front of Philipp Plein.  Why?  BADASSERY!  

I’m not sure if I saw the spike-studded men’s kicks first, or the studded leather jacket (I *think* the latter, but then the shoes were bright red) with the UBER-glam skull shirt (um, WANT IT!) but it was a have-to-take-a-snapshot moment.  I love spiked studs, and I love when they are en masse – it’s so London Punk, and you just don’t see it that much in mainstream anymore.  (Did we ever?!)  I believe the jacket on the left is the same as the Runway bomber, which appears to be more blacked-out.  It could be the light reflecting off the metal lapel plaque and studs…  But if not, sprayed tonal, or dark gunmetal would rock just as much (if not more!)

Philipp Plein NYC

Philipp Plein NYC

The kicks are pretty rad, and lean kind of hip-hop-ish.  No?  I can see a music artist sporting these with Dolce slacks or something at an event.  (Or maybe Plein pants.  Probably more kosher to say!)  They have a throw-back-to-80s feel to them a bit, and I can’t help but think of Michael Jackson (far as I’m concerned, that’s a compliment.  Please, don’t shoot me down. I’m a DANCER! 😉 ) 

But what REALLY stopped me in my tracks was the GINORMOUS black crystal skull in the front of the store.  The maintenance man literally stepped aside, opening the door (this was early morning before hours!) because he could SEE that the thing lit me up!  *LOL* 😀 I want that for my apartment, dang it! 

Philipp Plein NYC

Philipp Plein NYC

Plein puts skulls on all sorts of pieces, and appears to have a penchant for placing them prominently on the back.  I don’t think the “glitz” diminishes the coolness factor at all, either.  I personally think it adds extra sass and edginess – not for wall flowers for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.45.07 PM


Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein

Iiiii LIKE IT, Philipp, if I dooo say sooo myself! ❤

Teal Dégradé


I saw a Burberry ad in a recent mag and had to share because the color was just so (as my mother says) “happy.” 😀  It feels perfect for Springtime, and looks light, and incredibly “buttery.”  (PS, in the promo image on the site, they use a darker, sheer teal “sash” of sorts, which looks amazing – though the patent belt is how most ladies would wear it, I think the sash is a lovely idea (provided you can track down a shade like it.  So long as it is tonal, it will work!  I’d say darker is better but lighter tonal would work too.))

I admittedly wear a LOT of black – it’s my go to, and for a variety of GREAT (I think!) reasons:  

  1. I’m gothie and vamp at heart (Morticia, Vampira, Vampirella, Purgs, Elvira, Lily Munster…those ladies are my idols!)
  2. It’s SUPER easy and goes with E V E R Y T H I N G!
  3. It’s slimming! 😀

BUT…I do love color.  Especially shades in the green, or jewel-tone family. (I’d have green eyes so I’d be ALL over this particular shade!)  This suede and patent combination is gorgeous (I love tonal material mixes for subtle surface interest)…and it comes in a DIVINE green dégradé. 

The site features a lot of stunning solids, so worth taking a peek.  The midi trench also comes in a rich pink and golden mustard hue, both are beautiful, also in the glossy, soft suede mix.


Strappy Snakes

I just got a newsletter from Heels.com – the first pair in NEW is ADORABLE.

Actually, it (“Ramiya“) comes in two colors, brand is Aldo.  The first is a pinkto-orange-to-brown, and the second is a three-tone teal and green mix.  Both of these are great for Spring (such “happy” colors! 😀 ) , and work great in the hotter, summer months too.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.07.11 PM

Slim platforms are nice for giving a bit of extra lift without elevating the heel further.  That said, these still have quite a set-back teeter, so be wary (and get some ball-of-foot pads if you think you need them!)

Love the super strappy-ness of these sandals – criss-crosses are very flattering. 🙂  

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.07.28 PM

The counter zip makes them incredibly easy to get on, so no laces need be pulled or fiddled with!

At $99, I’d say these are quite a steal. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.08.49 PM

By the way…I blog about whatever I am thinking at the moment!  I wasn’t asked to promote these, and if I had been, I’d have been sure to mention it.  I believe in communication so…there you have it!  Passed the page and thought “my, those are snappy!”  😀

And faux (not REAL) snake too.  PHEW!  I love my scaly, serpentine friends far too much.  Printed is just fine!

My Iridescent Guess

I remember the year that iridescent was ALL the rage.  I mean, it was out in full force on the runways, gleaming with unabashed trickery!  Smoke and mirrors, in the best way possible! 🙂

I loved some of the lighter versions – there was something almost angelic about those ivories and pastels…  We had a nude, if I recall correctly…and nude with iridescence is SPECTACULAR!

Annnyway.… I remember when we made these, and I was thrilled to get my own pair!  The fun of these lustrous, polychromatic leathers…in patent, naturally, for extra “glow“…is that they go with SO much more.  I always feel a bit awkward donning black shoes with a color – not to say they don’t “go” but I just feel like they draw the eye too much.  I happen to wear black primarily but I also love jewel tones…


These prismatic pumps will go with anything teal, purple, black or even deep blue…and that is why I absolutely adore them!  Versatility is a dream! 😀 The split, slim metallic and covered heel is super sassy too, and works perfectly with the pointed toe.  These look gorgeous on, also, not just sitting there (incidentally, some only look good ON!)


So, way to go, us (back in the day!)  I’m so happy we made these, and thrilled I snagged a set myself.  I don’t wear heels much but there are occasions on which I am desperate for something easy, classy, sexy and sublime.  These DEFINITELY fit the bill!