Acceptance – An Autism Home Leads By Example

I loved this post from @autism_lovers – it demonstrates how much acceptance is part of daily life in a home with autism.

Living with autism means that differences are not just tolerated, but that they are appreciated.

It means being a top-notch detective and trouble-shooter.

Living with autism means learning to be flexible, patient, and – above all – incredibly creative. 

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with children with autism in the realm of physical activities – I make a point to take note of the parents when they drop their children off, and during any and all interactions they may have. Each child is different and I am ever astounded by how well parents navigate often choppy seas. I know that behind the scenes it isn’t always the smooth sailing we see…and I think that makes me appreciate, all the more, how much those parents do each day to ensure the best communication and opportunities possible. 

As someone on the outside, I want to commend those parents who live this daily. In a way that you may never realize, you touch others’ lives too. You teach the rest of us how important it is to accept one another as we are, to be patient, to love to the full, and to laugh (especially to laugh!) even in the face of adversity.

#doL ❤ VE”


Humor – Casper The Ghost On Mean Pills (Or Me Up To No Good!)

This cartoon is positively precious, especially the famously gentle Ghost’s facial expression at the end. . .

Cartoon it may be (I used to play Casper, Disney Halloween, and other slides in my View Master as a kid), I related completely. . .

Much like the sweet white sprite, I hate – yes, I dare even say vehemently hate – “mean.” “MEAN” for me is an ultimate last resort. (I’m betting Casper is on board with “mean what you say, say what you mean, don’t say it mean” wagon too.)

Of course he’s as adorable as can be, bowled over by the initial effect just as much as when he surprisedly sprouts an impossibly cute tail. But…the face at the end was a relatable laugh-out-loud.  It’s more of a sneaky look than anything else, and I feel like I unconsciously get that look from time to time…

Maybe it’s that I absconded with some vegetables and got away with it. Maybe I thought of something silly and fun to make a loved one laugh… Whatever the case may be, it’s a deliciously diabolical smirk he’s got going on, and I’m pretty sure I do that at times myself (save to say, I’m not remotely as adorable as this lil’ devil!)

Smile For No Great Reason

The enormous smile I have in this photo was because I got in the car and realized my seatbelt intersected my vampire tee.  

Indeed, scarcely humorous on the surface (or really to anyone other than myself, I fully realize!), but the juxtaposition of the “keep out!” hash mark across the biting, goth-girl-at-heart’s grin was worth a giant, sunny smile for my part. I think it was the irony.

#vamp #irony #smile #happy

The little things in which we can find laughter or a smile (for no great reason in particular) each day. . .keep your eyes out for more of them.  OFTEN.  They really are worth their weight in gold.

Selfie Silliness

I wonder if there is a term for taking a group selfie.  I hate the word “selfie” to be completely honest, but I suppose it’s just the way of the world these days.  I’m not actually sure what you’d call what my friends and I take, but they’re maybe more on par with “sillies.”  Can we add that to the dictionary too?  It’s so much more positive sounding (and definitely less narcissistic!)  


Blooper Reel

My friends and I are always laughing, even when we are working our buns off at the gym.  Maybe that’s what’s so funny – we are all panting, huffing, and puffing, but still pushing through as if we have more steam….which sometimes we don’t.  When we tucker out, one of us might chime in with “EXCUSE ME?!” in “and just what the hell do you think YOU are doing stopping?!”  Inevitably whichever one of us is being scolded will offer up an “oh really?!  I am working my ass off!  You want to come over here!?”

Therein lies a whole other layer of humor – one of us is a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu, with multiple high ranks in MMA and fighting Arts.  One of us is a 3rd Degree in Taekwondo.  I’m a 2nd Degree in Taekwondo and Hapkido, and working on Ninjutsu and JiuJitsu…and there are a bunch more folks studying ground fighting and boxing. So if we really did go at it (which we won’t, of course) it would be incredibly entertaining.  


Maybe not *quite* as cool as watching Holly Holm take Rhonda down (sorry, I’m NOT sorry, she needed to be checked!) or as Nate choking out Mr. McGreggor… But it would gather a crowd! 

As I’ve said so many times, physical activity isn’t always easy, even when your passion is very much tied to it.  Having fun while you are at it, and engaging with people who have similar goals, upbeat attitudes, and the ability to push you when you need to kick in the rump…it can make all the difference in you keeping it up.


The Mathematics Of Life

If you are familiar with “Facebook Memories,” I was sent this just the other day.  2014 was an AWFUL year for me but…I had posted it anyway. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.34.08 PM

In fact, all of my memories are positive ones – given everything that was going on in my Life at the time, I am thankful I maintained that joyful focus and attitude.  Our conversations (and our posts) can create reality…so air on the side of “+” even when the going gets tough.