Curlers For All Lash Shapes

My one beauty must-have…?  Eyelash curler.  NOTHING – sorry! – wakes you up faster.

For me, though, I’ve always had trouble finding one that doesn’t snag or pull.  I typically use the Tweezerman clear, open-ended one, which works like a miracle, but back in January I saw these.


ProCurl and ProMaster Lash Logic are designed with different eye shapes in mind – round or almond.  

BRILLIANT!  And…might I also say…FINALLY!

Because we all have a different shape, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal – literally.  Instead, we are generally forced to use the same tool, setting us up for potential snags and pulls – and lost lashes – along the way.  OUCH.

This new breed of curlers take angles into account, allowing for a beautiful lash curl, minus any pinching.  Hallelujah!

I have been meaning to post about this for ages – a recent post from ReallyRee reminded me that I needed to share (albeit in a horribly delayed fashion!)

Fall 2016 – Marc Jacobs Blacquer

Marc Jacobs new Collector’s Edition – launching for Fall – embraces blackness unabashedly.  Black in and of itself is so deliciously dauntless one might even say “THE” blackness.  Ahhh….How gloriously gothic of you, Mr. Jacobs…and in ample time for my favorite day! (#halloween, don’t forget it! 😉 )

The Collection includes:

  • Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Blacquer 
  • Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Taboo
  • Epic Noir Mascara & Gel Eyeliner Collector’s Edition Set 

It isn’t for the shy, for sure, but rather those who can go boldly withOUT batting a lash… I personally think it’s brilliant that cosmetic companies aren’t automatically eschewing the less traditionally “wearable.”  Women are more fearless in this day and age, and it isn’t only the Manic Panics of the World who should feel free enough to offer such intrepid shades.

My Pagan heart adores you, Marc.  I like your brazen nerve!


New jazz from Maybelline that wasn’t supposed to be out quite yet…but that IS.  Ballroom dancers rejoice – less need to wear the falsies (which I couldn’t STAND!)

The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara promises to sweep your flutter to the side, giving a lifted, winged effect – how pinup and fabulous!

Maybelline’s Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer is hopping on the heels of the brow building trend, not only adding color, but filling out sparse areas with its fiber-infused gel formula.

Summer 2016 – MAC Transformed

A couple of posts out there about this beautiful new Collection, Transformed!

MAC Image

MAC Image

MAC Image

MAC Image

The Lineup will include:

Huggable Lipcolour
  • Cantonese Carnation – warm rose
  • Origami Orange – creamy orange
  • Seoul-Ful – light, creamy pink
  • Good Luck Mochi – rosy mid-tone pink
  • Bonsai Bloom – cool nude-pink
  • Flaming Lips – deep, creamy red
  • Touché – light beige cream
  • Glamorized – creamy, vibrant pink
  • Rich Marrón – mid-tone nude cream
  • Commotion – deep, cool plum cream
Eye Shadow
  • Honesty – pewtered bronze (lustre)
  • Brule – soft, creamy beige (satin)
  • Woodwinked – warm antique gold (veluxe pearl)
  • White Frost – vivid white with icy shimmer (frost)
  • Knight Divine – black with silver pearl (veluxe pearl)
  • Contrast – purplish-blue with blue pearl (velvet)
Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour
  • Back In Vogue – peachy nude
  • Red Jade – bright, creamy red
  • Bengal Tiger – loud orange
  • Mango Mango – soft peach coral
  • Fuchsia Flicker – intense hot pink
  • Slipper Orchid – bright plum
  • Lady-Be-Good – warm mid-tone nude
  • Fashion Legacy – intense fire truck red
  • Oh, Lady – deep wine
Technakohl Liner
  • Bare Asset – medium beige
Haute & Naughty Lash
  • Haute & Naughty Black – black
Rebeleyes Gel
  • LinerTop/Bottom – rich, smoky black

HAPPY 2016!!!

I’m so excited for the New Year to start – it will be a continuation of all the good from 2015! ❤  It keeps getting better and better!  

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.16.51 AM

Don’t forget to set, and be clear about, your intentions – miracles happen every day!

I came across this makeupforeverofficial image and thought, what a perfect way to end and begin the year – with a glittering glow, a vampy “take-no-funny-business” red, and peaceful, restful vibe.



Hmmm…one of the more interesting looking items I’ve seen lately.  SUPER active I may be, I baby the heck out of my lashes (yes, I moisturize them too! 😉 ) I’m therefore always curious when I see things designed for fluttering fringe…

The product, however, isn’t anything particularly futuristic or anything, despite its unusual first appearance.  What is it then?  It’s the world’s first “airtight” mascara.  Why is that so special, you ask?  Evidently it is quicker drying than most mascaras on the market, and housed in a twist-pen-type applicator.  (Doesn’t feel crazy novel, but I haven’t seen reviews as yet.)

Cosmopak 1derLASH

Cosmopak 1derLASH

Per Cosmetics Business:

The revolutionary patented airtight mascara twist pen incorporates a super light, luscious formula in an airtight, simple twist pen. The micro flex applicator can be made in any colour, while the super flexi applicators separate and coat lashes without causing irritation.

We provide a full service, customisable production offering a variety of colours in a light, fast drying texture. This formula is perfect for layering and building density on the lashes as well as providing lash growth if you opt to include peptides. To use, simply twist the base to deliver the mascara to the patented comb giving separation and definition to lashes using a new 180° sweep application.

The airtight design increases the shelf life, helping the 1derLASH Pen to last and perform longer. Independent testing has proven this design reduces presence of bacteria inside the 1derLASH Pen in comparison to standard mascaras. The design does not allow the brush to dry out under normal storage conditions and helps it to stay moist.

I dunno… IF mascara is your #1 must have, this might be worth a check out.  There are so many great formulas out there, I’m not sure I’m convinced this will sway the masses, save for dramatic results…or substantial increase in shelf life.  I don’t feel really wowed…

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

I have to be honest here…I had NO idea who this was!  But I LOVE MAC and I love their ever-interesting collaborations. After having read the below, it made perfect sense that I didn’t know who this was – I’m admittedly far out of reach of the celebrity scene.

“Since the 1980s, famed nightlife icon Susanne Bartsch has been known for her elaborate, outlandish and extraordinary fêtes for designers, celebrities and partygoers alike. Three decades later, her events continue to attract New York’s beautiful, strange and eccentric. Now, a collaboration that harnesses the unique world of Bartsch into two fantastical false lashes.”

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

Falsies and extensions have DEFINITELY picked up steam over the last decade – certainly they were out there but having been a competitive Ballroom dancer for many years during the last decade…it’s fair to say they were not as easy to come by in stores!

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

There is nothing really mild-mannered about these – those who do buy them are likely among the fearless stand-out types (which doesn’t mean if you aren’t that way, there is anything wrong with that!  I’m not sure I could manage these even ON the Ballroom floor where false lashes are so common they are almost a pre-req!)  Given who these are in collaboration with, though, I’d expect nothing less!

The two limited edition lashes are as follows:

MAC Curlicue Lash – $75.00: Swirling and “girly” retro lashes. 

MAC On Top Lash  – $75.00: “Wispy waterfall”-look lashes.

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

MAC x Susanne Bartsch Collection

Feeling sassy???


Smashbox X-Rated

Coming November 26th to Ulta, and to stores on January 3rd, 2016, Smashbox’s X-Rated Mascara brings “different levels of drama” to your fringe.

The product was designed to be layerable, allowing you to choose the intensity of your look.  The “breakthrough triple threat brush isolates, magnifies and mega-coats each lash with an interlocking fiber-loaded formula that never clumps, flakes or smudges.”

Per the site: 

“Why it’s unique:

Triple Threat brush features three deep channels for mega-coating lashes and three rows of bristles that isolate, amplify and extend each lash. 


  • Extremely long-wearing formula for luscious lashes, day to night
  • Brush isolates, magnifies & mega-coats each lash
  • Tripod fibers stack on lashes for endless volume
  • Amplifies & lifts with each layer
  • Clump, flake & smudge-free”

L’Oreal Superstar

I’ve seen these products offered online at Boots and L’oreal UK, but I have heard that they’ve been spotted in the US as well.  There is a Superstar Mascara, as well as an Eyeliner that are new to L’oreal’s Fall lineup…and why not!?  More options for supersized eyes!

Per the site, the Super Line Superstar will:

Transform your look in one daring stroke. It’s specially designed felt tip fulfils your every wish. The ‘Corseted’ tip with a flexor system helps you to follow the natural contours of your eyes, boldly extending to the ends of the lashes. It’s showtime!

Ink Tank Tip: Releases ink over your lash line for perfect line control.

Per L’oreal’s UK site:

Our 1st mascara to give you show-stopping lashes in 2 effortless steps. The innovative 2-step system works to thicken and lengthen the look of lashes with Velcro fibres, for super-sized, super-long, Superstar lashes.

Cake From Besame!

If you love vintage-inspired cosmetics, Besame is for you!  

The packaging is not gorgeous enough to go on your vanity…it’s groegous enough that it SHOULD be! As for the formulations, Besame draws inspiration from a glamorous past when taking time to get “dolled up” was more like a ritual, whether for the day, or for going out.

Cake Mascara is precious little box of inky black, that helps us channel our inner Marylin.  Cakes were one of the first lash products which offered ladies the promise of a flirtier gaze – it “beautifies lashes and brows, making them appear longer, darker, more luxuriant.”  

The product can be layered without fear of clumping, so it says, and claims to be more sanitary, as the brushes are washed after each application, and not stored within a tube.