Holiday 2015 – Lorac Love, Lust and Lace

Oh my, what a name! The Love, Lust and Lace Collection are three (awesome value!) limited edition sets for Holiday 2015.

The Alter Ego Gloss Set includes:

  • Sex Symbol (Exclusive Pink Nude)
  • Debutante (Exclusive Apricot)
  • Coquette ( Exclusive Hot Pink)
  • CEO (Dusty Rose)
  • Dominatrix (Deep Burgundy)
  • Vamp (Exclusive Deep Red)

The Front Of The Line PRO Eye Pencil Set includes:

  • Black (Matte)
  • Black Pearl (Metallic)
  • Gold (Metallic)
  • Silver (Metallic)

And the PRO Eye Collection includes:

  • Cobalt Blue Pocket PRO (exclusive) – Shades: Cream, Nectar, Mocha
  • Front of the Line PRO Eye Pencil in Black
  • PRO Plus Fiber Mascara

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Givenchy

Holy SMOKES is there a lot of hoopla about the Givenchy Show this year!  Riccardo Tisci will be opening a store in New York later on in 2015 (making it his tenth house), which attributed to some of the excitement…but the show also coincided with the horror of 9/11.

I don’t get into politics and don’t intend to start here…  What I will say is that I am confused by his “contemplative slowing down” of the show – many respects were paid, and should be – silence was offered in remembrance around the globe.  (I have many friends who are officers and military, some of whom were on the scene immediately.)  

But if there was any hint of using such an event to make a point (which I have seen in the industry first hand, sadly – the less stellar side), or add something in the world of Fashion, I would be highly put off.  Given how many other designers there were, I have that twinge of “what is that about?” with this Tisci.

I took a whole slew of screen shots to share but I’ll be honest, I’m having a tricky time with this one…  Some feel the waiting and spectacle was legitimately in honor, but I don’t know.  I’m Miss. Positive so typically I focus on the shows I really enjoy…and I did really like some of the pieces – laces, satins, sheers…unconventional pinstripes and wild interpretations of menswear on the feet…  It was really beautiful and detailed.

But I’m not sure the goings on were totally about 9/11 – a day which I will never forget, and in New York at the time. 

Vogue has offered more photos than for any of the other shows as yet, including details, beauty (extremely paired down, bleached brows, clean skin), atmosphere, and live stream (in addition to the review and Collection.)

Here is a gallery, but forgive that I have less comments – I really did want to write but my gut didn’t feel like following through with a glowing review.

Wheels & Dollbaby Le Boudoir

A sophisticated-but-playful “mini collection” from Wheels & Dollbaby is now available on their site!  

Le Boudoir features romantic, lingerie-inspired silhouettes, with “French jewelry box inspired trims and fabrics.”  Delicate gathering, slim velvets, vintage lace and organza ribbon are just some of the glamour details on these designs.

Shapes are very much in the “curve-hugging” vein, featuring W&D’s well-known slim pencil skirt lines, stripy tops, and sexy full sleeves.

Colors for this collection are black and pink, pairing perfectly with the elegant-but-sexy shaping of the pieces.  Slightly boudoir…incredibly “noir,” I absolutely LOVE the looks.

D&G’s Rainbow Lace

I not only love that Dolce & Gabbana’s is doing Taormina lace…which can be everything from haute, to edge to elegant, to sexy rock ‘n’ roll…but that they are offering so many gorgeous (and WEARABLE!) shades!  

They could go with an evening gown, but then who wants to compete?!  

If you are feeling edgy, wear them with light-colored denim and a tee (rock royalty?!)

More professional?  Pair them with tapered khaki pants for the office

Or toss them on with an all-black, evening-out ensemble to jazz things up with a jolt of vibrant color. 

These lovely ladies are bedecked with large-scale brooches, sporting “bright bezels” – “they’re so happy!” as my mother would say.  

Decadent, absolutely.  

Show-stopping, 100%.  

And SO much fun. 😀

I find the colors to be right on point – perfect, representative shades of each color group. The array of nudes – from deeper, to pink-hued, to cream – is stunning, and will work on a variety of skin tones.  Black is a must-have, of course (you can choose from a variety of heel heights, by the way, adding to Dolce’s points!)

There’s also a true, blue-based red that’s divine, fiery orange, watery teal and powder blue… All just beautiful.

Emerald and cobalt are also accounted for, as well as a golden yellow, bright red, peach, and regal purple.  

The colors, to me, are what really make this line perfection – I don’t ordinarily wear color on my feet, but these are such statement shoes that stepping out (no pun – honestly! – intended) is absolutely warranted.  

Jimmy Choo Lace

Jimmy Choo is maybe not a household shoe, but it is a household name – the styles are well-known, and remarkably unfussy much of the time (which makes them extremely wearable…and coveted.)  But, alas, they do carry a rather hefty price tag.  Fortunately I know a lot of companies will follow suit – right or wrong (and no puns intended) with similar styles down the road.  Always happens, and always will.  

I love the new lace arrivals, which manage to be elegant and sophisticated, while at the same time maintain a sexy flirtatiousness.  They look gorgeous on, and work nicely to give a little bit more coverage for ladies who don’t want to be in a more bare sandal style.

The beautiful nude or black mesh laces are paired with nude heel counters  This is much like wearing a flesh-toned bra under white clothing, ladies – you won’t see it!  (A little insight, two of my major pet peeves – same family, I think – are panty lines and white bras under white shirts!  Just…DON’T!  Not a good look.  Skin color will always disappear…and that’s the point, after all! 😉 ) 

The nude is maybe my favorite – while I tend to favor black on the whole…nude lengthens lines, and who doesn’t want that?!  The heels are perfectly matched, shiny “ABS,” and the piping and heel piece are “self” color leather (I can’t imagine them detailing these any other way, but I’m glad they kept them so simple – the lace does enough to jazz up this basic-but-beautiful pump)

These would work wonderfully for a formal occasion, though knowing me…I might pair them with jeans and a black silk top – edgy, but sophistocato! 

Rare M.A.C. Code

It is incredibly rare that M.A.C. offers any kind of discount.  Like, ever.  Thanks to Nouveau Cheap for this post, and to @lipstick_lace-bubblegum and @lisptickjunkieforever for sharing with her!

@lipstick_lace_bubblegum for Nouveau Cheap

@lipstick_lace_bubblegum for Nouveau Cheap

I was actually NOT aware that M.A.C. had redone their site – while I do subscribe to newsletters, I feel like I rarely get them.  So, I was happy to see this post all together! 🙂

Additionally, per Nouveau Cheap (again, many thanks for sharing all this!):

Thank you to ALL THREE of you!  Nouveau Cheap, @lipstickjunkieforever, AND @lipstick_lace_bubblegum.  So appreciate you all sharing this rare code!

Thank you to ALL THREE of you! Nouveau Cheap, @lipstickjunkieforever, AND @lipstick_lace_bubblegum. So appreciate you all sharing this rare code!


The Fox Got Hitched

I mentioned recently that I’ve always loved Taylor Says – she started with Pleaser-esque platform pumps with super cheeky soles and has, over some time, expanded into lines of still-sky-high styles…but with more upper options.

I came across these two on Rebel Circus today, ad they’re too cute for words!  The first sandal style is called Oxy Foxy…and it’s not surprising given the swirly-tailed fox on the sole!  The sole background is a bright lime and lemon print, which works great for the little character! The style features a western triangle harness and top-of-foot fringe.  While the pattern would prove too heavy elsewhere, it works in perfect balance with the thick platform and heavy heel (I love that heel for these, by the way – WAY more feasible.  If you have tried walking in fetish or dancer shoes, you know what I mean!)  

Taylor Says Oxy Foxy

Taylor Says Oxy Foxy

Taylor Says Oxy Foxy

Taylor Says Oxy Foxy

The other style, Till Death, is more like some of her original stuff… I think the first pair I saw had sugar skulls or tattoos on the soles…in which case, I wanted them for sure! 😀 The heel on these is appropriately slimmer, though they aren’t for the faint of heart…or clumsy at foot!  So if you DO wear this to or for your wedding…please be mindful and have hubby-to-be carry you!  

Taylor Says Till Death

Taylor Says Till Death

The pump upper is utterly bejeweled in tiny rhinestones, varied in size (which frankly makes them look higher end – uniform can sometimes seem less expensive, believe it or not.)  The soles are ADORABLE, touting a full bloom rose, times two, with “Till Death” “Do Us Part” banners.  The background, all the way down the inside of the heel, is a cake-frosting-white and seafoam lace print, perfect for the occasion (and to pop the rose print.)  The lining picks up the seafoam, which works nicely.  I know that usually it’s the bride’s gown that show-stops… But if she’s got these on, the dress might play second fiddle, or at least be tied!

Taylor Says Till Death

Taylor Says Till Death