You Need SPF All Year Round

Sun protection is a must – all year, at all times. Frankly, I fall short of applying sometimes when I’m in short sleeves, but you better believe my face is covered. I am also getting better about neck and décolletage.

I have a few favorite brands (La Roche Posay takes the #1 and #2 spots), and I actually DO take this topic quite seriously. It isn’t just the ageless and ghostly pallor I’m after, taking care to protect our skin during sun exposure affects our health. BIG time.  

But to add a little fun to the conversation… I came across this photo and couldn’t help but take to the sassy branding. Red, black, and g o t h all over – well played, marketers.

Brilliantly, wonderfully, well played…

La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo Unifant

I’m a huge La Roche Posay fan – their products are great quality, and always manage to deliver.  The Effaclar lineup is a hugely popular one, and has been since Effaclar Duo (specifically) launched about two and a half years ago.  As an athlete, taking care of my skin is not only important, but imperative – rolling on sweaty mats means I have to take extra steps to keep my peau clear!

The newest addition (no launch date just yet!), Effaclar Duo Unifant, takes the anti-blemish technology and pairs it with mineral pigments to visibly even your skin tone and reduce redness, while going to work on potential blemishes AND letting your beauty show – nice.

BritishBeautyBlogger image

BritishBeautyBlogger image

The formula boasts a combination of:

  • Niacinamide, an anti-inflammatory form of Vitamin B3
  • LHA. a hydroxy acid (and Effaclar favorite) to aid in cell renewal
  • Piroctone Olamine, which fights off bacteria
  • Procerad helps to calm the kind of inflammation that allows dark spots to form
  • Linoleum Acid, which regulates sebum 
La Roche Posay image

La Roche Posay image

The product comes in only two shades for now – light and medium (my disappointment resides here, as I feel it is important to offer a deep, and ultra fair as well.)  Overall, though, I love this brand, and I LOVE non-masklike products that let the best of your skin show through.  

For more images, check out BritishBeautyBlogger

La Roche-Posay Wearable UV Patch

High tech is hitting skincare in yet another innovative way.  My UV Patch – a sticker with a thickness of half a strand of hair – is designed to become a “second skin” the moment you apply it.  

Christian Kettiger / La Roche-Posay

Christian Kettiger / La Roche-Posay

Now the patch isn’t used in PLACE of sunscreen...its purpose lies in measuring the amount of UV you are being exposed to.  There are a number of products being marketed which do the same thing, but they differ in that they are more like technologically-advanced jewelry – a bracelet or band, as an example (not so unlike fitness monitors.  not necessarily bulky, but still an obvious wearable with weight.)

These slim stickers also have the advantage of being able to work with product – you can apply your sun protection over it without any issue.  Wearers can get their UV reading in 1, 2, 3!  The sticker will change color, indicating your level of exposure.  All you need to do is snap a photo of it and upload to get your stats (so yes, you will need an App for this.)

The idea behind My UV Patch is to give you a better sense of what you are being exposed to on a regular basis, presumably encouraging you to take appropriate preventative measures going forward.

It is still in Beta, but I’m curious to hear more about it.  I do hope they accept some feedback in the meantime – I don’t think most men want to traipse around wearing a heart sticker, frankly.  And to be honest, neither do I.  Maybe they’ll make skull-shaped ones?!  

Micellar Water Gel

Tremendous!!!  La Roche-Posay – a brand I personally ADORE!!!! – has just come out with a GEL version of Micellar Water.  I schedule posts so actually this is a few days earlier…. I want to post everything at once (I have so many drafts!) but I am moving soon and just super overwhelmed!  I am, however, still trying to be timely! 🙂

Now I knooooow that Micellar Waters are THE THING all of a sudden.  When I travelled to Paris as a sixteen year-old I thought the magical H2Os were the cat’s meow (I’m 37 now) – there wasn’t a pharmacy that didn’t have several things of the ilk, and since every Parisian woman seemed to have immaculate skin, I was ever-curious about their regimes.  Especially as a teen!

Variations have been finding their way to the backstages of Runways for moons…and nothing has changed…save for the massive, current-day attention.

But I don’t know…

I HAVE some cleansing waters, including baby cleansing waters just for my face! But I feel like micellar waters aren’t the ideal consistency somehow – I feel like I waste too much in the process, including over absorption into cotton.

Do I sound crazy?

I use water from the tap…and I try not to let it run with total abandon – even if I’m not paying for it at a store, it’s pretty darn precious.  But then there’s that little bottle of micellar miraculousness that I can’t use without feeling like too much is going down the same drain….along with a few dollars.

Enter the GEL.  I love that La Roche-Posay has a gel.  The thicker consistency means that more of it is going to stay on my face, or a cotton pad, or whatever I might use to cleanse –  I was never a huge fan of makeup removers for the same reason.  So much absorbed and I’d have to re-drench to get enough of it!  

So a gel, which likely has a better chance of applying properly the first time makes me a very happy girl.  😀