Emphasis On Can

I love this quote from Autism Speaks – there’s nothing more important that encouraging children (your own, or otherwise!) by focusing on their strengths and positives.  

Autism Speaks, Dr. Temple Grandin

The world critiques enough, wearing down the strongest and most brave. . . Therefore at least give children (if not also yourself and your loved ones!), unhindered by the “should,”s “can’t”s, and “bad”s of adult conditioning, the opportunity to meet life with confidence and a smile. 


Illamasqua – SOPHIE Anti-Bullying Campaign

If there is one thing I don’t like to do, it’s engage in political diatribe, or proselytize my own views.  While I’m not opposed to important discussions, I have found that one or the other can often turn out heatedly, but generally not with good resolve. I try to keep my opinions about such things to myself, and simply listen when others care to share (or ignore the vehement postings if I must.)

That said, I am really big on anti-bullying, and because I work with children in Marital Arts, I like to encourage education about what seems to be more and more prevalent these days. Having been the subject of several forms of abuse from partners in my past, I can safely say it is a topic that some have a hard time speaking up about, particularly as the victim.  Bullying in and of itself is a very primal act…and one you might expect humans would have the wherewithal to override.  While dominance is oft exerted in the animal kingdom, I feel that the deliberate taunting is something human beings have added to the mix. 

I like that Illamasqua – a brand that stands apart in a multitude of ways – is so outwardly supporting this cause.  I can’t say that I was outrageously divergent aesthetically, but I got to a point where I was enough so, that I got teased, talked about, harassed too… That wasn’t the “abuse” in my own life so much, but it was pretty terrible.  While I managed to sidestep most of it (mainly I was distracted by worse!) I understand what it’s like.

Illamasqua has been honoring the memory of Sophie, a young lady who was the horrifying subject of bullying gone to the extreme, since her passing in 2007.  Each November they run a campaign to spread the word, and to take proceeds and donate them to a worthy cause. 

I have no affiliation with this company in any way, and in fact learned about Sophie some years ago through them.  But again, I respectfully share because it’s important that no one is alone in their suffering.  

Martial Arts – The Love Of Losing

At Ninjutsu, my Sensei teaches the children to embrace failure.  We ask them – often“who loves to lose?!”

Joyfully, the children yell out “MEEEE!”

We then ask, WHY do you love to lose?”

“Because it helps us to leaaarrrrnnn!!!” they emphatically reply.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.13.08 AM

Life is riddled with challenges – there are often far more “failures,” lost games, missed deadlines, rejections (etc!) than there are successes.  But as a result, we learn SO much more – We grow and develop to have an astoundingly richer, more valuable experience in Life, and we learn that NOT winning is not only OKAY…but it is a POSITIVE.

In my mind (and heart) teaching this to children cannot be started early enough.  Let them know that failures are going to happen – no one likes surprises! 😉

But ALSO let them know that it is okay, that their own value has not diminished in any way, and that because of that “loss” many good things will bloom in its place.

More of my Martial Arts… ❤

Six Bunnies Sass

I don’t have little ones yet…save for three gorgeous, melanistic felines!  I know I’d never catch anyone in my town shopping for tats or badassery for their progeny, but you can bet I’ll be getting something sassy one day for mine!  

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.47.35 PM


I have the blessing to work with a lot of hot rodders so I’ve spent ample time at shows where “pinup,” and ’50s styling is the in thing.  It’s not a trend, mind you, and it’s not half-done – these folks live it, and LOVE it.  It is a joy to be around, and frankly a refreshing departure from the ever-changing, ultra fickle World that fashion has become.  

There is no longer an “it” anything – there are about a thousand “it” items these days.  A person can get anything, anywhere, at any time…and styles are incredibly vast and varied . While all that is great (on a number of levels), it’s so nice to see REAL retro – these ladies and gents spend time perfecting the look, and it has a real charm about it.  

I remember seeing two little boys at Viva Las Vegas one year, both in cuffed Levis, exclaiming over some cool pomade they bought for their pompadoos (I don’t say pompadour, since they were little things – they get the cuter, “little guy” version. 😉 ) It was so adorable I actually asked permission to take a photo of them!  (If I can track it down, I’ll add it in.) Often, I will see babies ’50s-fied at the shows, some in their own little hot rodded strollers or wagons – it’s to die-for-adorable. ❤

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.08.29 PM

Viva Las Vegas 2013

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.45.45 PM


Six Bunnies reminds me of some of the cuteness I see worn (and being sold) at Viva, and like shows – it’s positively precious, any way you take it…especially ON.  So I had to share because whether you have little ones or not, it’s hard not to say “OMG” and just smile ear to ear when you see a toddler in a Six Bunny onsie. ❤

Six Bunnies

Six Bunnies FB