Bronde and Beautiful

So the new trend, according to L’oreal (and I don’t think they are far off – remember Khloe’s tortoiseshell hair) is “Bronde,” a fusion – I’m sorry, the “perfect fusion” – of brown and blonde hues.

I see the word “contouring” on the site, and I feel like that’s a smart way to play the lingo – contouring has become a household term, where once is was strictly relegated to backstage, under lights, and dressing rooms.

It makes perfect sense – we have long heard about the “face-framing layers” and “highlights or lowlights to complement skin tone.”  This is really the same thing, but using terminology to better illustrate the idea of playing up your facial features…and your coloring.

I don’t know if “Bronde” rolls off the tongue exactly…and the concept isn’t really “new” per se.  But I like that L’oreal is going with the marketing flow and tying it into the trends-of-now.  Having been behind the scenes in Fashion, I understand how important that is for the Company, as well as to consumers…  It isn’t only about selling product – sometimes it inspires, encourages creativity, and edifies at the same time.

Going “Bronde” might be the perk up someone needs to change their look and feel like a new woman – you know how well that works!  A great new hairstyle, or new twist on your color?  Life-changing! 🙂