The “Otherworldly” Glow Getter

Highlighters have absolutely proliferated the market…I’ve gone on about it plenty, and so have most beauty blogs.  And fashion sites. And publications. It’s a trend that hasn’t gone away, and probably will always find a place no matter the changing tides (yes, even when matte is the end all be all!)

Ethereal is ALWAYS in, but galactic is a whole other thing… It is definitely less wearable, but somehow still as appealing to most eyes (and wallets!) simply because of its novelty and “otherworldliness.”  I mean, who doesn’t want some kind of gleam somewhere?  It’s chic to sport an angelic sheen!  In the case of Milk Makeup’s Holographic Stick, though, it IS more extraterrestrial.

I’ve seen a bunch of posts out there but BeautyByKelsey shared one of the best swatches of this stick, as well as Anastasia’s Moonchild palette, Kat Von D’s Eyeshadow, Pat McGrath’s 003 highlighter (which was a quickly snatched-up cult item when it came out some months ago.)  It was nice to see it here, as other posts didn’t quite get the “on-skin, actual” look across.  Not to mention, if you really want to go full-bore, you have a nice collection of space-age products and hues to choose from!

There’s a definite lilac sheen going on here – it does NOT (hallelujah!) appear to be glittery or shimmery at all. Fear not, for those of you for whom glitter is your thing – this will still command some attention when on your skin (at least from someone else’s rods and cones!)

Not for the faint of heart, but those who want to stand apart. And glow while they’re at it.

Supernova, outer-spaced fabulousness.  If there’s life out there, prepare to wow.

10 Shades Of Black

In honor of Halloween…even if it WAS last Night!…I’m sharing Temptalia’s post about the Top 10 Shades Of Black. ❤

Black happens to be my favorite shade…or the absolute absence of shades, if we must be technical.  That’s not to say I don’t love color (I’m especially partial to rich jewel tones!)…but black is hands-down my most “go-to” of them all…

So I loved seeing her take on the top 10! 🙂  

And I looooved some of these names!  “Witches,” “Blacktrack,” “Clubbing Stilettos, “Batty”…  



Kat Von D Shade + Light

I just saw this new Shade + Light Contour Palette by Kat Von D.  It isn’t surprising that companies are tying new products in to the massive trend that is contouring (I’ve written about the topic many times!) See the word “contour” and suddenly a palette with varying tones of brown, taupe or auburn, paired with some brighter, highlighting tones are “contouring.” (Should I put in the “lol” I am thinking?!) 😉

But no matter what the palette is called, or what trend it plays to, it’s always nice to have a selection to choose from – one product, many uses.  We LOVE that!

This palette features a trio of quads – Neutral, Cool, and Warm, along with a handy guide!

  1. 3 x 0.08 oz Base shades in Laetus (creamy nude), Lazarus (cool taupe), Ludwin (peachy bronze) 
  2. 3 x 0.04 oz Contour shades in Samael (dusty fawn), Saleos (smoky brown), Succubus (rich rust) 
  3. 3 x 0.04 oz Define shades in Solas (espresso brown), Shax (jet black), Sytry (chocolate brown) 
  4. 3 x 0.04 oz Highlight shades in Lucius (soft beige), Liberatus (pinkish ivory), Latinus (golden bisque) 
  5. Step-by-step contouring guide

Per Sephora: 

Transform your eyes through the art of contouring. After tapping into makeup pro secrets, Kat Von D created this first-of-its-kind eye shadow palette. It’s specially-designed for eye contouring, a groundbreaking technique once used only by beauty experts to define and enhance eyes.

I think the colors are great and, again, always nice to have a variety of options.  Keep in mind (as I’m sure you already know), you are never limited to the pairings palettes offer – mix them up and play around!  Warms and Cools and Neutrals can look fabulous together, and so long as you have varying intensities (light, mid and dark), you can contour so as you please! 


The trendie is very headed-into-Fall…which works for moi!  Anything vampy and I am all over it, so I can’t help but love this luscious Berry Trend! photo photo

I only ever wore lipstick for performances…but it doesn’t stop me from wanting them…or ogling over stunning shades and swatches! 😀

While I adore patent and glossy, I also think the matte trend is fab-u-lous!  It’s edgy and refined, and makes such a statement…add to that a dark and mysterious hue, and you are guaranteed to stand out!

Bite Frozen Berries actually only offers only five “flash-frozen” shades – sounds pretty delectable, honestly, and looks that way too! photo photo

Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid offers several bite-worthy hues as well, including:

  • Dammed – black cherry
  • Exorcism – ripe blackberry
  • Vampira – reddish burgundy
  • Bauhau5 – deep raspberry…

Nosferatu, which I’d just want because…Nosferatu!…is a blood red crimson.  I think that can be counted partially! photo photo

NARS Audacious has a relatively large assortment as well – it could be up to fourteen berry beauties if you consider the fresh-picked strawberry and rich raspberry hues in addition to all those bold blackberries! photo photo

Sephora features about eight lippies for this trend, though you can peruse up to 165 on the site….many of which, I am SURE, will include a blackened burgundy or, at least, something berry-ish.  (If not…any wine will do, darling! 😉 )