The Race Of Gentlemen 2016

Summer has officially arrived, and with the season comes all sorts of outdoor get togethers and events to attend – have some fun and score some vitamin d while your at it, right?

I’ll get looks (not good ones!) for the admission but…I’m not a huge beach person.  What I mean but that is, I won’t spend the day there doing zero no matter how much fun it is to everyone else.  Slathering myself in oils to lay there and cook like a chicken doesn’t work for me…  But! . . . I do love being outside, being active, and doing something exciting.  


This year, I had to good fortune to attend the Race Of Gentlemen in Wildwood, New Jersey, as part of the American Hot Rod Foundation crew.  One of the best parts was that my fiancé came along with me – how awesome to have him be a part of something my family is passionate about, and to have him meet the gang. ❤


“AHRF” began back in 2002 in the hopes of preserving and promoting hot rod history. The founders recognized the dire need to document the pioneers of the hot rod movement, as many of them (at that time) were approaching (if not already in) their 80s and older.  The risk of losing the precious history and first-hand stories was far to great to do nothing about it – and so the Foundation was born.

We have sadly lost many of these pioneers in the last decade, but with over 100,000 photos (most of them also digitized by AHRF), 350 hours of original footage, and countless hours of audio, AHRF hopes to keep them – and their incredible contributions – alive.  


The word “history” may seem dry – I can’t say that I loved most “history” as a student back in the day either.  But then the reality is that many of the kids today – generations removed from the pioneers in some cases – are endeavoring to be exactly what those guys were.  So learning the history gets them that much closer – it explains not only the birth of certain ideas, but the inspirations and innovations that may have led to them via, of course, the words from the men themselves.


There are TONS of events each year, but we always try to hit the larger ones – Grand National Roadster Show, L.A. Roadster Show, and Hot Rod Reunion, for example.  We love having a presence when we are able – it gives us a nice landing spot to set up, talk to the awesome crowd, and (hopefully) infect a few more with the history of it all!

The Race Of Gentlemen was holding its fifth event in Wildwood this year, so while it definitely has amped up, it isn’t as overwhelming or enormous as others.  The benefit is that you can catch up with the people you are hoping to see, and have enough face to face with those who might have questions.  You can also get much closer to the races than you can at other shindigs (at the Roadster Show, you are often higher up in the stands – here, you were atop a mound of sand in a crowd, but pretty darn close.)

One of the key reasons TROG stands out is that it is run on the beach.  Literally.  The racers gear up and blast down the sand dragway, adding a whole other element to the (incredibly friendly) competition.  Of course, sand isn’t quite as quick and slick, but it’s certainly a lot of fun.

The community is one of the reasons I love hot rod events – super down to earth, interested, enthusiastic…respectful.  How about this trash can at the parking lot party the night before?!  Nary a bottle or can on the ground.  🙂


It’s a great group to be around, and of course there is ALL sorts of amazing eye candy.  The innovations and creativity that go into the vehicles – bikes and autos alike – is something to behold, and always cool to hear about.


I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to attend, but also to have been introduced to this crowd some years ago by my father.  It’s always a good time, and being outside on a breezy summer day made it especially awesome.  The rain held off the second day too – knowing, I think, that everyone was having so much fun.


Tweezermen Curl & Go

So this is one of my lady-directed posts…as this happens to be one of my “girlier” fetishes.  I like to kick heavy bags and curl my eyelashes…but, in my defense, I look half dead when I don’t do the latter! 😉

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.08.26 PM

My mother always told me to protect my lashes, so I’ve been conditioning them for probably two decades – moisturizer, petrolatum, lash conditioner, hair conditioner…you name it.  I need them to stay flexible!  It’s become a “thing” over the last few years, I’ve noticed, with a proliferation of products designed for natural lashes, or to boost ones own flooding the marketplace.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.08.10 PM

When you compete, perform, and train in ballroom dancing, figure skating, and ballet, stage makeup and falsies (false eye lashes, that is) are par for the course.  Still, I’ve always HATED the false lashes, refusing to wear them the majority of the time (much to my dance partner’s chagrin.)

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.08.50 PM

Can they look gorgeous?  Absolutely!  But I didn’t like having them so close to my own….forget about all the times the glue decided to let a wayward edge go flying – not a good look.  So I stuck with the exaggerated liner, which you could always see far away, and used the curler and some black coats to keep them defined.

Anyway, I probably own a dozen curlers…but my favorites are always tweezerman.  For whatever the reason, these have worked the best for me – sorry, Shu Uemura (the generally considered “gold standard.”)

I have never seen this new version, Curl & Go, in person – at first I was very intrigued.  But I’m not 100% whether it is actually a step up and substantially easier to transport (in the video, it still looks sizable.)  Still, the prospect of having one nestle better in your bag is always a nice thing – I’ve got them all over the place (car door, bag, gym bag etc…) so compact is compelling.

Does it look a little too creepy-torture-device?  To most of the guys I know, probably.  I give Tweezerman credit for the innovation though, and will be curious to see this in person.

New from E.L.F.

Elf seems to keep the skincare coming!  

The brand has just rolled out five new products including:

  • Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser
  • Cleansing Duo Face Brush
  • Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool
  • Bubble Mask
  • Facial Massager

I can’t help but see the distinctly Asian influence here – frankly with all five products!  In my mind, that’s a wonderful thing – the Asian market is always innovating, bringing to market new and exciting ideas.

Prices here range from $4.00 to $24.00, so you are looking at more mass market pricing than the back-in-the-day-everything-for-$1.  That said, I wouldn’t necessarily trust a mask that cost only $1.00 so I’m not really complaining!  *LOL*

Thoughts on the new goodies?  Have you tried any of the other new skincare pieces?


Scoop On Top!

Yippeeee!  I know any of you out there who use supplements (I use aminos and protein powders) the losing-of-the-scoop is a familiar – and ANNOYING – scenario!

I actually take men out and leave it with a funnel (which I use for my aminos) because having to fish for it is far to obnoxious… Powder everywhere that turns white when it gets wet…no thanks!

Enter Aptar with a handy-dandy BAP (Bonded Aluminum to Plastic) technology “which uses an aluminum liner to permanently weld the closure to the container, providing an all-in-one foil to closure solution.”  

The scoop is attached with a “holder” to keep it in place inside the flip top…forever! (if you keep it snapped in!) 😉

Beyond not having to fish for a scoop…!  The flip top also “allows material savings while improving deal integrity…and provides a fresh safe product.

I like it!

The company will be showcasing the product at Mr. Olympia #143 in Vegas on September 18th and 19th.


On Being a Car Enthusiast…

This is another one of those great car enthusiast quotes that struck a chord for me.  I don’t recall where I saw it, so if you have attribution beyond what’s here, please share! 🙂

Car Enthusiast

I’ve had the great blessing to work in the automotive history arena, which has exposed me to an entirely new world of people, topics, genres…  No longer is the “muse” a runway model or an “it” silver screen idol from days gone by.  (I reserve the right to say that muses *can* be idols of past eras when it comes to fashions, hair styling, grooming etc. But I’m speaking more broadly here!)

The “car community” is one that I speak of fondly, and when I say “GREAT PEOPLE” I don’t really care if it’s a gross generalization!  I take no issue with classing everyone in there that way! 😀  

Many of my friends are artists, photographers, builders, racers, enthusiasts… They are brimming with passion and enthusiasm for what they do, and what others do.  They pour over the uniqueness and innovations and “ideas” rendered in metals before them.  It’s awesome to sit back and watch – faces lighting up left and right, solid hand shakes and happy, interested conversation.  

I love this quotation because when I started in the automotive scene, I noticed that everyone was incredibly supportive of one another…within the community, even when spanning various genres.  “Huh.  They are legitimately appreciative of the work that went in, even if it isn’t their own idea of “right” or “beautiful,” I thought.  How WONDERFUL! ❤

What I also noticed is that some close-mined folks, not at all into cars, didn’t “get it.”  I personally grew up being encouraged to follow my heart and appreciate that we are all different – we have different likes, inspirations, dreams…and that is precisely what makes the world SO interesting and beautiful.  So the “nah…” dismissive stuff always felt inherently “odd” to me. 

I may not play certain sports, or go to certain events…but you will never hear me put someone down for being passionate about something.  His or her money, effort, time…that’s his or her business.  And if they can see beauty in a different place than we can, all the more reason to admire, to appreciate, and to be genuinely happy for his or her happiness.  

It’s a beautiful thing, really – I’m one of the people who look as much at the people…at the smiling faces, the joyful and inquisitive looks, and positive exchanges…as much as I look at the cars.  

We ALL deserve that, find it where we may. ❤