New Moon Spring Cleaning

We will all be going through a new moon in two days – yes, right on top of St. Patty’s (if that’s your thing.) While each day is an opportunity to let go of what isn’t serving us (self-deprecating beliefs, irrational ideas, hurtful attitudes, debilitating fears…whatever it may be!), a new moon is perfect timing. You don’t necessarily have to have witchiness in your blood, nor anything special beyond desire and willingness. It’s about delving deeply within ourselves and really “seeing” the whole picture…

Many of us are our own worst enemy. We all have flaws, fears, and insecurities – all of which are very real in our minds. As a human being it is not only expected that we will harbor these feelings…but it is also okay that we do. What matters is what we do with that information, with that honesty, and with our intention.

Focused intention – and a lot of self-love – is all you really need for the magic to unfold…

  • Make a list of the things you don’t need to carry around in your mind and heart. Think about each one, and what it would be like to let it go…
  • Then make a list of all the good things you are thankful for in your life, opening yourself to the possibility that more of it is coming your way

It’s a small exercise, but profound. And there’s really no better time than the present to recommit to taking care of you.


How Well The Internet Knows You

On one hand, it’s a little (or a lot) frightening what the Internet knows.  Fortunately I’m not a celeb so I’m not really worried about anyone looking up my “dirt” and coming after me.  (That said, I’m not sure they would once they saw my preferences…)



(Pinterest, for one, is always sending samurai my way for one – they clearly keep track!)

And then there’s Amazon and their recommendations…

Even though data is being gathered, it’s nice (on the other hand) that a a monstrous retail site can suggest things you may like.  Double edged sword (no pun intended!) in that I might spend more, true. . .

Swords: An Artist's Devotion, Illustration (C) Ben Boos (Author, Illustrator)

Swords: An Artist’s Devotion, Illustration (C) Ben Boos (Author, Illustrator)

Swords: An Artist's Devotion, Illustration (C) Ben Boos (Author, Illustrator)

Swords: An Artist’s Devotion, Illustration (C) Ben Boos (Author, Illustrator)

BUT…I’d rather have the option to skip the fluff and go to the “good stuff” (or at least what I consider the good stuff) even if it means seeing The Art Of War, 5000 Spells, or Sherlock Holmes again (which already grace my bookcase.)

So – at least for now – I’m okay with the gods of the ether picking up on my search habits.  At least then I won’t have to look at Justin Bieber cds or a princess coloring book to get to the badassery.

Sketching, and the Art of Jumping In Without a Clue!

As I mentioned earlier on….I am NOT an artist.  I have friends and family who are REAL artists.  And they are all UH-MAZING.  I love what they do, admire their talent, and am always grateful for tips!

When I was in Fashion I was given (a very generous, in my opinion!) opportunity to sketch.  I taught myself, and I did my best to absorb and learn from those around me – it’s never to late, and to hell with not having gone to school for it!  I had IDEAS…and all I really needed to do was be able to translate those ideas on to paper.

Not so easy!

What the sketchers and designers do is NOT an easy job – they work hard at it, have long hours, and suffer from migraines, blurry vision, and serious carpal tunnel syndrome!  No joke.  So I was also thankful that I could help here and there in whatever way I could, and to learn as I went along.  (I’d literally STARE!)

Pascal Memishian's personal sketches

Pascal Memishian’s personal sketches

At first, my sketches were maybe 2″ by and 1″ – minuscule, totally out of proportion…and just plain odd.  But, I tried!  Those ideas were swirling around and it was totally worth giving it a go…  Let’s be honest…it was more like doing the high dive without having any idea about what to do, save that I shouldn’t do a cannonball. Great.

I bit the bullet (and a pencil or two) and kept at it…

Though my sketches were never like the pros, the my creativity was conveyed with more and more ease…  And that made ME happy because I wasn’t trying to use my hands and worse, WORDS, to describe a design!  It was also helpful because more ideas meant for better brainstorming – it was totally collaborative. ❤

Pascal Memishian's personal sketches

Pascal Memishian’s personal sketches

I ended up not only with hundreds of shoe sketches, but also designing all my Ballroom costumes and gowns, as well as designing in the jewelry field for a short stint (SO FUN!) 😀

Pascal Memishian's personal sketches

Pascal Memishian’s personal sketches

The point of all this jabbering is…


If you don’t have a degree, or the same background as your coworkers…WHO CARES!  

T R Y !

Jump in.  With your clothes on!

DO a cannonball if you feel like it...just TRY.  

You never know where it will lead.  You may love it.  You may hate it!  But you will always know you tried...and if doors open up for you because of it, you will be even more thrilled.  You will be so proud of yourself…and even if we never meet, I will be proud of you too!  Because I am proud of EVERYONE out there who just gives it a go, nerves be damned.  You’ve got a lot more up your sleeves than you probably even know.

Yes, you.   You have what it takes!