Updated Nutritional Labels

This article from Hungry Girl regarding updates to nutritional labels just came my way, and I actually saw the revamped format yesterday on hummus…with a much larger-than-normal, bold-faced font for the caloric numbers.

fda.gov image

I don’t count my calories, let me be clear – for me, that’s a surefire way to get into trouble.  Having had eating disorders once, I have the propensity to micromanage to the hilt when it comes to food.  Nowadays I take the much healthier approach of NOT counting or keeping track.  I DO, however, take note of the nutritional statistics – eating highly caloric foods, even healthy ones (think: avacado, nuts, salmon etc…) can add up on me quickly. So I appreciated being able to see the numbers more clearly without having to search.  

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The other cool thing about the change is that the serving sizes are being updated to a “more realistic” amount, AND the FULL amount (what’s in the package or container) will be listed. Portions can make a massive difference!

fda.gov image

The other major change will be that the added sugar will be more clear – sugar is bad news, period, and too much can cause a whole host of health problems you definitely don’t want. Yay for being able to seeing those details more vividly – the more educated we all can be, the more healthy also!

5 Myths Sabotaging Your Diet‏, by Hungry Girl

Sharing this Hungry Girl post because I feel like these are some common culprits for people, and ones I hear more often than you might think – this way, you get a chance to read the article in case you missed it, or don’t know who Hungry Girl is to begin with!  

In some cases I feel like these mishaps legitimately occur when a person doesn’t know a lot about nutrition, metabolism, or the role of exercise.


In others cases, though, it’s almost a failure to use common sense. . .  

Hungry Girl has been posting for several, solid years – what I appreciate about what she / the Company does is that they always endeavor to educate, remind, and offer some healthier solutions and alternatives.  If nothing else, the blog can help clear up some dietary misconceptions, and help readers to rethink their own habits, recipes and routines for a healthier, happier version of themselves.  


Hungry Girl Cruise Update

For those who love to travel but ALSO love to eat clean, stay healthy, and aim to come home from vacation feeling great…the Hungry Girl Team is running a Cruise in 2017 that might suit your fancy.

I posted about it here some days ago, but there are more updates here! 🙂 

I love the idea that someone was thinking “larger picture” here, and recognizes that feeling totally sabotaged upon returning from a Cruise or vacation not only happens all the time, but *might* be preventable with a little help from the (literally!) crew!  With healthy options to choose from it makes it so much easier to eat healthily while away from home!



Hungry Girl Cruise

So I’ve followed Lisa Lilien since she founded Hungry Girl back in the early 2000’s.  Having been through two eating disorders, as a result of PTSD, I was more mindful than ever about what I ate (to get WELL, that is.)  What I loved about Lisa’s blog was that she shared healthier options, but also kept things realistic.  She isn’t a nutritionist, but she likes to eat, she likes to eat on the healthier side of things, and she loves to share what she learns along the way.

I recently read that Hungry Girl is organizing a cruise with Royal Caribbean, aiming at January 2017.  I smiled because I DESPISE cruises.  There, I said it!  I know the many people love them but…I always felt uncomfortable about being confined to a space (albeit a large one!) with the predominant focus being on FOOD.  I mean…I have awesome willpower but let’s be honest…being surrounded by goodies makes it tough to have a good time – you feel this pressure to “be good” when all you see are delicious, not-so-healthy options!

But a cruise run by Hungry Girl?!  Holy smokes, that’s AMAZING!  The concept is one I absolutely love – for people who DO enjoy cruises, this offers them the opportunity to have the best of the islands, the onboard fun, AND healthy selections for their meals.  

All too often I hear people lament after a week-long vacation that they had “too much” and went “overboard” with the food.  Well…if this cruise comes to pass, you will not only have the great vacation you are looking for but you will also come home feeling great about yourself (and not overstuffed!)

Brilliant, Ms. Lilien!

If you want to chime in with feedback, go here.

2015 Creative Blogger Award

I want to thank Megan for her generous nomination for the Creative Bloggers Award – you can find her wonderful blog here: http://meganhasocd.com/about/  😀

Creative Blogger

I definitely understand what it is like to have struggles, having gone through rather a lot as well – I am so grateful to all those who share their stories, and I feel SO blessed to share mine also.  We are IN IT TOGETHER, and WE ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Megan, thank you for your bravery!

I have been working on something ENTIRELY different the last few years…and it wasn’t until about three weeks ago that my coworkers and I ended our pursuits.  My father suggested blogging and at first I thought…who on earth will even read what I am saying?!  But from the first post on, I was hooked.

I personally have followed a few (anywhere from the last few years, to as recently as six months ago) and I would love to share them here.

I am honored and touched by ALL of you who read, like and comment on these posts.  I am thankful to be able to share positivity.

As Megan stated…

The Rules

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them 

5 Facts About Myself

  1. I am a true Gemini – my facets are many, and deep.  I am a Vamp, an Empath, an athlete, a lover, a fighter, a Light-bringer, a fire-starter, a dreamer… I believe in things that cannot be seen, because a lot of the time, it is a “feeling.”  I am intuitive, ultra positive, and I L O V E to laugh.  Loudly!
  2. I LOVE heavy metal. ❤ As a dancer, I love all genres of music, but without metal I’d be distressed!
  3. I LOVE animals.  ALL OF THEM.  As a little girl I didn’t ask for a pony, I asked for a black panther or a wolf.
  4. I am incredibly, vastly thankful. For EVERYTHING. ❤
  5. I am a survivor. ❤ I have been through all sorts of abuse – mental, verbal and physical.  I ended up with two severe eating disorders (simultaneously), PTSD and CPTSD, plus anxiety as a result.  The physical ramifications alone were horrifying… And, I beat it.  You live with these disorders your whole Life deep down…but there is HOPE, and there IS a way.  I share my stories because I AM a survivor…and I want those suffering to know there is hope for them ALSO.  IT CAN BE DONE.

My nominees…and it isn’t necessary that you ALSO do this, so long as you know YOU are valued!…are:

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