Humor (and Tips) – It’s HOT Out

The heat is definitely rising these days in the Northern Hemisphere – While past years have run higher, it is well above what the body is accustomed to regulating on it’s own.  It is therefore vital to stay mindful when the weather turns the dial up – lack of preparation can end (quite) poorly.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.04.54 PM

I’ve sort of been feeling more lethargic, but I’m outrightly blaming it on the oppressive heat.  Still, I’ve toned down my response – I used to be more melodramatic about it…

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 4.15.07 PM

Now I just do my best to deal.  I won’t be caught with a frown on my face anymore, but I will be equipped with a giant bottle of water…especially when I’m training or working out.  

The Holy-Heat! Checklist:

  • H20 – Stay hydrated!  Everything from your core temperature, your heart, brain, and body function, to your skin will thank you.  So, SO important, and not to be overlooked.
  • Sunscreen – Wear it when you are out.  Reapply often.  I guarantee you aren’t wearing enough (neither am I! *slap on hand*)
  • Salt – This depends on the individual and personal conditions but…if you are an athlete in particular, you need to replenish your sodium and overall electrolytes.  Water matters, but be careful not to over dilute.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.03.59 PM

Being stuck indoors during summer is a drag, especially when it’s “nice” out – but if the temp does creep up to “ungodly” maybe take a shade break too. Overheating is never a good idea, especially if you can prevent it.  And…you can!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.07.27 PM


FlimStar On The Go

Charlotte Tillbury has some incredibly gorgeous products…  This two in one compact palette is pretty divine, imparting glamorously flushed cheeks (all that paparazzi, you know!), dewy skin, perfect pout, and a sultry, shimmering gaze.

Filmstar On The Go comes in three color ways: 

  • Some Like It Hot
  • Rebel Without A Cause
  • The Spy Who Loved Me

“Channel your inner Bond Girl with The Spy Who Loved Me, a rose-gold luminescent eye cream paired with a berry balm for a sultry, seductive air.

It’s double trouble with Rebel Without A Cause, a striking gold leaf shadow teamed with a fiery hot pink cheek and lip colour. Cara Delevingne in a jar!

Alternatively, plump for Charlotte’s Studio 54-inspired Some Like It Hot, a sizzlingly 70’s style palette with a gilded green-brown eye colour and punchy peach pout.”


Molten Metal

I L <3VE RED.  

I love metallic red.  

Red Metal

Red Metal

Maybe because it’s just flat out feisty.  I’m a vamp so…

Maybe because it’s unexpected?

Or maybe it’s just it’s super-hero-villainicious! 



I can’t say it’s a trend at present. (Metallic colors HAVE been an “it thing” in the past, so reserve judgments, please!  In fact, if memory serves (and it appears to – thank you, Google, for corroborating my story!) Versace’s ’90s metallics were donned by THE girls of the era.  Quite the hullabaloo!)

Versace Metallics from the '90s

Versace Metallics from the ’90s

Anyway…I came across a photo on Beauty Launchpad and it reminded me how much I DIG red metallic.  I have a cool Lime Crime lip gloss that has a wicked metallic sheen to it (I’m sad to report it sounds like the owner of the company, For Deere, is not the nicest person, so I’m not planning to purchase more)  I bought the Candy Apple Carousel for Ballroom competition and it definitely served me well.  It IS pretty fabulous.  Sigh. I knew a few real devotees… Bummer. photo photo

After seeing the Launchpad shot, I snooped around and found a few more images.  I’m a visual person, and I’ve been tearing magazines since I was a peanut.  When Pinterest first came out, you better believe I was on there!



Red metallic isn’t for the faint of heart but…wouldn’t that be against the very fiber of the person wearing it?!  I mean, I’ve got fire in my soul so…

Molten metal, as it goes…  If you’re wearing the hue, you’re probably the type who likes to leave her mark…  The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with that! 😉