Winter – 2016 MAC Retro Matte

MAC lines up the launches like nobody’s business!  In January, (11th) 2016, the company will be launching Retro Matte Lipcolors.  Having been exposed to the Hot Rod arena for some years, I have a TON of friends this reminds me of – the scene is saturated with gorgeous pinup gals, and dapper dandies.  The Retro Matte Collection definitely has that vintage flavor (the ad image with pea green playing cards and oversized sunglass frames help!) 

Winter 2016 - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 – MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Per MAC:

For those who prefer timeless glamour to all-out flash, matte reigns supreme. M∙A∙C has created an innovation on this classic texture with 15 robustly saturated shades of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. Whether you choose the intense fire truck red of Fashion Legacy, the vivid fuchsia of Tailored to Tease or the tantalizing nude of Lady-Be-Good, all these lipcolours promise one thing: a big splash of colour in a liquid-suede finish that transforms lips instantly and lingers, impossible to forget.

The product will sell for $20.00 (USA) and will include the following colors:

  • Fashion Legacy Intense fire truck red
  • Feels So Grand Deep true red
  • High Drama Deep dark plum
  • Dance With Me Deep cranberry red
  • Lady-Be-Good Warm mid-tone nude
  • Tailored to Tease Bright fuchsia
  • Oh, Lady Deep wine
  • Recollection Intense bright violet
  • Quite the Standout Bright orange-red
  • To Matte with Love Bright raspberry
  • Personal Statement Shocking pink
  • Divine-Divine Light creamy pink
  • Mademoiselle Bright creamy coral
  • Back in Vogue Peachy nude
  • Rich & Restless Mid-tone pinky salmon
Winter 2016 - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 – MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 – MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

The colors look bright in the photo, and it does indicated “saturated,” so I’m curious to see swatches.  Loving the nude, peachy tones!

Winter 2016 - MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Winter 2016 – MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Autumnal Cat Eyes

For any of you who loves winged eyeliner, or retro…or vintage pinup…or fabulousness…!  

Bobby Pin Blog always has wonderful posts, and I LOVED this one.  She shows a few cat eye looks using Fall shades in combination – often we just see black, or one tone, but this shows how lovely it can be to mix!

I have read her posts for a while, having been in the Hot Rod arena for work (LOTS of Rockabilly, Psychobilly, and vintage gorgeousness!)

So if you are interested, check it out! 🙂


Sunday Style

We’ve been having an unseasonably cold Spring, I have to say…but it doesn’t stop hot rodders, for sure.  So long as it isn’t hailing, snowing, or pouring like mad (roadster + leather seats + rainstorm = BAD NEWS!)…it’s game on.


The sun was out, chasing away the chill with a broad and beaming smile, making it a perfect day to enjoy the gorgeousness of two ’32s.  I can’t claim to have had great camera exposure (many friends of mine are photographers – CRAZY talented ones, at that!), so I’m almost a bit embarrassed… But…a person can tell a car was being photographed, so it all works out. 😉

These two are particularly stunning – the burgundy and tan manages a sophisticated-but-sassy air, and the navy with tonal pinstriping, baby blue accents and interior is cool and classy (I’d say the same if we were talking pencil skirts and pumps, rest assured.)


We don’t get to see too many hot rods ’round here, which is a shame – they have a way of making a day so much more fun.  MAGIC! 😀

There are local meets around and about, but for the big shows, we usually head out to California.  The New England Hot Rod Reunion in New Hampshire is a nice new show, adding a sister to the Hot Rod Reunion out West (happy about it, as it allows New England Rodders a closer venue!)  I kind of feel like sightings are really special out my way, in this case, and it’s always a great opportunity to snag some cool shots. ❤ 



Cruisin’ In Style

I don’t hear enough people say these words as much as they should (or, if not the words specifically, I’m not hearing enough people express the sentiment(s) behind them!)…

My parents are awesome. Flat. Out. AWESOME.  

I like to tease my father that he’s a “nerd” – he’s incredibly bright, meticulous, seems to be good at anything he puts his mind to.  He is my idol in so many ways, and has taught me so much.  So even though I tease him (isn’t that my purpose!?), the truth of it is…he’s a smartypants with sick STYLE.  

Forget that he wears a badass biker chain attached to his heavy-weight, embossed leather wallet… And forget the crazy rad denim he wears… He also has a real “thing” for hot rods.  

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.27.02 PM

My father started fiddling around with engines around the tender age of eleven or twelve – he and my uncle would help neighbors and friends with various and sundry “car projects,” and fixes…so it’s fair to say he had “the bug,” and the drive to learn, early on.

In 2002, he extended his passion into a non profit, the American Hot Rod Foundation, with which I have had the pleasure of working for some years.  Over that time, we’ve gone to countless shows, met incredible people…and seen a TON of g o r g e o u s vehicles.  We are going out to Bowling Green in June or so, and since I haven’t been before, I am sure I will be snapping photos like mad.

AHRF at GNRS in Pamona 2015

AHRF at GNRS in Pamona 2015

We don’t really get to see a lot of hot rods around us – in part, the North Eastern weather patterns cut “daily driver” time down (rain and snow really aren’t ideal, much that the drivers protest!)  So when he takes his out, they inevitably cause a stir.  “What IS it?” some people actually ask…  

They sound uh-mazing!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.26.54 PM

They LOOK badass… Pinstriped louvers, moon tank, chopped, channeled, white wall tires… whatever!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.27.02 PM

They even smell great!

Spring has finally graced us with her beauty, so the warmer weather means more bonding time with Daddy-O!  Driving downtown to run errands is a BLAST in these babies (he favors 1932 Fords.)  It’s an incredible treat, not only to ride around in one…but to have that time with my father, who is an amazing man…in SO many ways.  And boy oh boy, does he have STYLE! 

Traveling Nutrition Part II

I had to take a trip to Denver with my father last week for some hot rod related work…and as soon as we landed, we had to be in a car for another three hours…for an hour-long top in Nebraska.  We started traveling at 5:30 a.m., and basically continued our “en route” for a good 14 or 15 hours out of the entire 30 or less that we were in (or around) Colorado, which always makes healthy eating a necessary forethought (at least for moi!)

Gorgeous '32!

Gorgeous ’32!

I packed a whole bunch of snacks in my bag (an Oakley backpack carry-on) so I’d say 50% of it was food.  Important stuff!  I brought extra so we could both have something on the journey – apples, snap peas, baby carrots, tuna packs, 100 calorie packs of almonds, some almond butter packs and a few sugar-free chocolates.  All that didn’t stop me from getting MORE food at the airport for the plane, though!  4.5 hours in a seat meant I’d be hungry so I snagged a gluten-free high protein wrap (which I shared with my father), a coffee (necessary!), and two hard-boiled eggs.  Protein is a perfect go-to because it is filling for the longer-term, and none of it was particularly caloric (which I personally consider because I am inactive and sitting for so long!)

From the airport for the flight to Denver

From the airport for the flight to Denver

When we were ON the road, a lot of people think finding healthy options is impossible…  Well, if I can find something, I can assure you it is NOT impossible! *lol*  I am not only incredibly picky and “clean,” but we also had very limited, and only “fast food” choices!  After snagging the rental car, we hopped off for some lunch.  Subway was our best bet.  I was THRILLED to see they had baby spinach – much more packed with nutrients than iceberg!  I’d like to avoid deli meats because of nitrates (when I buy them for myself, I opt for brands free of gluten, nitrates, and other added “junk.”  But, at Subway, I knew I didn’t have a choice in the matter.  So…I ordered baby spinach, two chicken breasts and sliced turkey…a few tomatoes and cucumbers, and had them chop it up.  It didn’t LOOK incredibly appetizing but it was perfect – loaded with protein and vitamins, it kept me full for a long while, and I knew I was at least having something reasonably healthy (no dressing, by the way, just salt and pepper for me.)

Subway spinach, turkey and "double chicken"

Subway spinach, turkey and “double chicken”

The hotel later in the even was great – I ordered more spinach, grilled and seasoned chicken, and a ton of steamed carrots (the veggie they had for the day.)  They brought me an ample amount of all those things and most certainly didn’t mind me asking for something “modified” off the menu – nothing complicated here!

Dinner at the hotel!

Dinner at the hotel!

Dinner at the hotel!

Dinner at the hotel!

The next morning I had poached eggs (I always ask for medium boiled, eat one or two and have the remaining whites) and took some fruit salad and an apple for the road – delicious, and filling because of the protein, fiber and water content.

Hotel breakfast take out...for the car rides!

Hotel breakfast take out…for the car rides!

At the airport on the way back, I busted out my tuna and crackers (I only ate one cracker!) and I got a spinach and chicken salad with cucumbers at the Wolfgang Puck at the food court.  It was actually SUCH a large portion, I didn’t eat it all!  I did manage to polish off my snap peas with my father though!

Brought along for the airport...

Brought along for the airport…

Wolfgang Puck's at the airport

Wolfgang Puck’s at the airport

Plane snack!

Plane snack!

So it is actually not impossible to eat well…or reasonably so…when on the go.  Just ASK.  Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t worry about modifying or explaining.  If you want plain and simple, just say so! 😀


Inked Shop Demi Loon

There’s a special place in my heart for rockabilly and psychobilly.  I’ve been involved with an automotive non-profit from some years, and because those “automotives” happen to be hot rods (and rat rods, and the like) I have the great pleasure to be immersed in the rockabilly and psychobilly scene from time to time – L ❤ V E.  It’s campy horror, classic vampery, sassiness, and a cheeky-but-always-badass twist.

Viva Las Vegas is one of the best shows to be in the thick of it – the fashion alone is divine.  These guys and gals truly LIVE ’50s.  No, they aren’t “making a statement” for the sake of it…they LOVE it, breathe it, live it.  And it’s amazing.  From the grooming, to the ink, to the cars, to the clothes…to the dancing and music…it’s all SO much fun.

I will no doubt be going on about that in later posts BUT…I got an Inked Shop newsletter today and it was all about Demi Loon.  The reason I bring up Viva is I can TOTALLY picture these been sold out there at the Show, and I pretty much want them all myself.  The model of course is adorable, with her hourglass figure to fit these really nicely (I wish my obliques came in more like hers!)  The styles are reminiscent of a ’50’s pin up, with a layer of badassery going on.  The “Betina” polkas are precious, and the “Drop Dead Darling” is too cute for words…

“Bad Apple” is one of those tanks that I would sport at the gym…just because, Ba Ba Black Sheep! 😀

And the Smokin’ hat would work for leg or back day when the hair HAS to be out of the way.  I might bend the visor a bit, because I personally prefer a curve… I love that the print is kind of hidden – just like my ink, it would be pour moi, as they say.  And honestly, that’s kind of the fun, no?  The mystery of it all?