Humor – Group Texts

A random digression…


I can’t STAND group texts…especially when the other names don’t come up.  You know what that means?  It means that I have NO IDEA who the other recipients are.

I don’t give my number out on purpose – people ask, and I respond by asking for theirs.  (So I can never call.)  So I’d rather NOT have YOU give it out on my (non-consenting) behalf.

And what about the annoying barrage of “who’s this?” or “who else is on here?”s?  

The kicker, though…?  The bajillion, text replies that follow, sending my phone into a flurry of continuous, randomized convulsions.  I feel like a hostage crisis might be less irksome – I could just tell you to your face to leave me alone (or not respond all together and be singled out as the crazy, silent one in the bunch.)

May I just say… A R G !