Jimmy Choo Lace

Jimmy Choo is maybe not a household shoe, but it is a household name – the styles are well-known, and remarkably unfussy much of the time (which makes them extremely wearable…and coveted.)  But, alas, they do carry a rather hefty price tag.  Fortunately I know a lot of companies will follow suit – right or wrong (and no puns intended) with similar styles down the road.  Always happens, and always will.  

I love the new lace arrivals, which manage to be elegant and sophisticated, while at the same time maintain a sexy flirtatiousness.  They look gorgeous on, and work nicely to give a little bit more coverage for ladies who don’t want to be in a more bare sandal style.

The beautiful nude or black mesh laces are paired with nude heel counters  This is much like wearing a flesh-toned bra under white clothing, ladies – you won’t see it!  (A little insight, two of my major pet peeves – same family, I think – are panty lines and white bras under white shirts!  Just…DON’T!  Not a good look.  Skin color will always disappear…and that’s the point, after all! 😉 ) 

The nude is maybe my favorite – while I tend to favor black on the whole…nude lengthens lines, and who doesn’t want that?!  The heels are perfectly matched, shiny “ABS,” and the piping and heel piece are “self” color leather (I can’t imagine them detailing these any other way, but I’m glad they kept them so simple – the lace does enough to jazz up this basic-but-beautiful pump)

These would work wonderfully for a formal occasion, though knowing me…I might pair them with jeans and a black silk top – edgy, but sophistocato!