Cardio Motivation

Heavy Metal…, #1.



And company to cheer me on…#2.


(Technically, he was sleeping off and on…but it was helpful to have company anyway!)


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No Treadmill, No Problem, by Eric Velazquez, NSCA-CSCS

Sharing this post¬†(by Eric Velazquez, NSCA-CSCS) because it’s a great little workout when you feel like you need cardio, and you don’t have (or want!) a machine!¬†

And yes…there is plenty you CAN do without having to be indoors, feeling like an oversized hamster. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a great way to get your heart rate up, and the metabolism burning. I’d¬†personally¬†take running with a log over the treadmill myself!

(C) Cartoonstock

(C) Cartoonstock / Guy & Rodd


Halloween Humor – Staying Slim

Did you ever notice this? ¬†Because I did. ¬†And it seriously creeped me out to see the level of cardio fitness this, oh…I don’t know…dead serial killer had! ¬†I’d be doomed! ¬†


It’s so NOT funny! ¬†I’d¬†be like¬†“hey, Michael, can you hold on a second? I need to put my sneakers on. ¬†Just ONE second, geezuz, Mr. Impatient! ¬†I need a head start.” ¬†And then I’d have to HIIT out of there.

And of course this is incredibly appropriate…for the lady who only ever wears (SLIMMING) black, AND worked in fashion for a dozen years...


(C) Off the mark, Mark Parisi

New Year, New Goals

There are about a million reasons why I believe in setting intentions and making resolutions at the dawn of a New Year – I am sure I will write at length about some of them going forward.

What I want to express now is, simply,¬†“YOU CAN.” ¬†

The language we use when referring to ourselves, to our abilities, our accomplishments…and in our own minds about ourselves…is outrageously important. ¬†I’m willing to say it is vital to a happy and fulfilled life that we speak in the positive to, and about, ourselves.

Our self dialogue has a profound impact on every aspect of our lives, from health to relationships, to the ability to carry out (or set!) our goals.  For myself, it is something I acknowledge and work on each day.  Literally. 

I love being fit and active, for example. ¬†But some mornings are tougher to motivate. ¬†Instead of dissuading myself, I remind myself of all the reasons I want to exercise – not that I “need” to, but that I WANT to. ¬†And once I focus on those things, I feel proud…because I know that I am both willing and able to push myself – knowing I am in control of the outcome by saying “I CAN DO THIS!” is incredibly empowering!

When you get through a tough workout, you feel amazing – not just physically, but emotionally. ¬†You realize that you had it in you the whole time, and that “I CAN do this!” was up to you the whole time – that might be the best benefit for me personally.

A New Year is a great time to set some new standards for yourself – add a challenge or two. ¬†And don’t worry if you don’t make a huge leap – small steps are STILL steps! ¬†On the morning of the 1st I was exhausted – I was, like most people, up late. ¬†Just watching a documentary and a few fireworks…but it was still, let’s be honest, well past my bedtime! ¬†But I woke up and said to myself, “I can do this. ¬†And I can do it BETTER than every before. Forget being tired, forget¬†about¬†wanting to rest. ¬†I know I have this in me, and I want to start the year by crushing a goal.”


I didn’t get on the treadmill to do sprints feeling like I was going to go insanely above and beyond my normal record…but I DID have in mind to do better. ¬†Instead of 8 to 10 sprints, I decided I’d do 13. ¬†I love the number 13! ūüôā ¬†Once I got to 13 I thought “I could do that, I’m going to do 16 in honor of the year!” ¬†

16 sprints, a few inclines, and some fast walking later…I had done my best sprints ever. ¬†I’m not much of a runner, but I’ll get on to sprint a few times a week because I know it gives me the results I want – but I’ve never done that many, in that time, at that speed. ¬†

Will I break that record tomorrow morning? ¬†Probably not! ¬†And that’s okay. ¬†The goal was to start the year with a bang – go big, or go home! ¬†I gave myself every reason to believe in myself and prove – TO ME – that I CAN. ¬†And you know, it felt pretty darn amazing!


Never underestimate your own ability to crush your goals – once you start on those little steps, you keep moving forward. ¬†Eventually you become a steam train and your goals get dusted! ūüôā¬†

As Nike says…Just DO IT.


The Reason I Sprint…?

Well, not EXACTLY…but I like knowing that I can outrun some zombies during an apocalyptic episode!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.13.33 PM

I think I’ll carry¬†on with my healthy¬†nutritional choices and my HIIT, thankyouverymuch. ¬†One never knows…

One never knows…