Poshmark – High Heels and Whatever Else

I don’t know…eBay is nice and all but Poshmark is pretty great.  Once upon a time I was in Product Development in Ladies Footwear – talk about a wild ride!  Fashion at it’s finest…and craziest…and literally in the thick of it.  We used to say “we see everything from the birth, to the death, of a shoe.”  And we did…

Poshmark is great because it offers more than just what you can find on eBay (but, in the same vein, both new and loved items you may not be able to get elsewhere – Fashion obsolescence!)  

If you want to list something on Poshmark, while there are fees involved in selling, there aren’t any up front for listing…so even if you get dinged with a small fee at point of sale, you aren’t getting nailed monthly with hefty fees (those on eBay can really add up.)  So basically it’s long-term exposure without a major price tag, provided your items need it.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t as yet… You can do so here.


Spring / Summer 2015 – Brian Atwood

We used to purchase a whole bunch of Atwoods back in my Ladies’ Footwear days…  Not surprising, as his styles are really pretty fabulous.

I was pursuing his site today and, while I couldn’t totally figure out why so many naked male models, the Spring / Summer 2015 Brian Atwood photography was great.  I really liked the dark, as well as the marbled backgrounds – nothing really took away from the shoes (I’m sure there are some ladies who are going to disagree with me.)

The FM pumps are downright “hot stuff.”  With that name, naturally, they HAVE to be.  The set-back heel, sassy gloss, and uber-mean, single sole pitch is very “power” in feeling…so any woman in these is going to get some stares.  Or ogling.  You’ve been forewarned (though if you are putting them on, I am certain you know that already…especially if you pair these with fishnets.  Um… HelllOoOoo!)

I love that the stripy, high heel sandals pair pinks, purples and reds – keeps them fun and flirty, while offering versatility (the ability to wear them with a variety of outfits, picking up print colors, for example, is always nice!)  

The snake material is also a great add for textural interest – I always loved mixing it with solids on strappier numbers!

The platforms have that Pleaser-esque, dancer lean…but they also go kind of Guess girl.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw similar styles all OVER the place, but Atwood’s are divine.  The heel is slender, but solid enough for its teetering height, and the last is slim enough to keep the foot from looking heavy.  The pattern is incredibly easy and jazzed up with chrome gold, or all over, covered-platform prints.  

There are a whole bunch of styles in this Collection, but these were my favs.  Plenty to look at, for sure!


Strappy Snakes

I just got a newsletter from Heels.com – the first pair in NEW is ADORABLE.

Actually, it (“Ramiya“) comes in two colors, brand is Aldo.  The first is a pinkto-orange-to-brown, and the second is a three-tone teal and green mix.  Both of these are great for Spring (such “happy” colors! 😀 ) , and work great in the hotter, summer months too.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.07.11 PM

Slim platforms are nice for giving a bit of extra lift without elevating the heel further.  That said, these still have quite a set-back teeter, so be wary (and get some ball-of-foot pads if you think you need them!)

Love the super strappy-ness of these sandals – criss-crosses are very flattering. 🙂  

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.07.28 PM

The counter zip makes them incredibly easy to get on, so no laces need be pulled or fiddled with!

At $99, I’d say these are quite a steal. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.08.49 PM

By the way…I blog about whatever I am thinking at the moment!  I wasn’t asked to promote these, and if I had been, I’d have been sure to mention it.  I believe in communication so…there you have it!  Passed the page and thought “my, those are snappy!”  😀

And faux (not REAL) snake too.  PHEW!  I love my scaly, serpentine friends far too much.  Printed is just fine!

Bewitching Balenciaga…

I was going through my closet the other day and found these bewitchingly beautiful Balenciaga Paris platforms.  I mean…SASS!  

I’m not sure if I am keeping them, or sacrificing to the all-empowering eBay (empowering in that it allows little people as well as larger companies to sell all sorts of awesomeness!)  But my gosh, are they gorgeous.

I’m not sure why but I’ve always loved pointy toes. My mother used to lovingly refer (or maybe in effort not to giggle it was masked that way? Mom? Comments?!) to many a pair of my boots as “curly toes.

Example: “Bunny?  Are you going to go out with those curly toes?  Aren’t they a little funny?”


I suppooooose some of them bordered on elfin.  Not going to lie.  But I LOVED points!  Always have. Many of the Europeans I worked with liked crazy shoe lasts too (*the last is a form that gives a shoe its the shape) – theirs had WICKED pointy toes.  Some even had the look of being pinched.


These fetish-like Balenciagas are pretty amazing…and I guess not for the faint of heart. Or, the non-fan of the point.

The toe is ULTRA pointed, with an barely there, inward sloping platform.  


The straps are fittingly uber-slim, adding to the I-DEFINITELY-own-it-because-nothing-is-holding-me-in (#Icanalreadywalktho #takethat!) already-badass air…seeing as this heel is viciously high at about 5 1/2″ from the back. 

But then…I guess the heel height is really not an issue when all sorts of ~swoons~ and ~gasping~ take place.  Par for the course? (#hopefullynopotholes #orNYCgrates!)