Portion Control 101, by Mackenzie Arrington For Jiu-Jitsu Magazine

This article about portions – Portion Control 101 – came my way recently via Jiu-Jitsu Magazine.  

Jiujitsu Magazine

Jiu-jitsu Magazine

If you google “portion control” you will be bombarded with enough articles and charts to sink a ship – but amidst the plethora, they generally share similar advice. Phew.

(As a note, you might also be bombarded with innumerable photos of Professor Snape – The seemingly insignificant “r” in portions makes potions so close in the eyes of Google that you may as well be in the Harry Potter fan club.  Nutrition, magic.  Eating, dragons… I dunno…)
Learningzone Express

Learningzone Express

Portions are a tricky thing for me – I can definitely eat a lot more than I do, and have to make a concerted effort NOT to go overboard.  As a kid, my level of activity was so high that I needed to eat more than I did.  Nowadays maintenance requires mindfulness, and a good deal less where volume is concerned.  When I falter, I see the difference fast.

Everyone is different so each person will have his or her own needs and requirements when it comes to how much they need to take in on a daily basis. No need – EVER – to compare.

One of my personal problems is being bored or – just-because-for-no-good-reason – feeling like I need to chomp on something (even when my stomach is fine!) I can’t say chewing gum is the best habit either but…better that (in my case) than eating more calories than I need.  

Anyway. . .the article talks about using one’s own hand as a guide – it’s a useful tool, and one you never leave home without. Jiu-Jitsu practitioners are notorious for monitoring their diets – the Gracie family, for one is HUGE on nutrition.  In fact, they have their own diet and they unapologetically recommend their students abide by it.  

At the end of the day what works best for you to reach your goals may well be different than someone else, or that new and special “diet” (fad, doctor-recommended, whatever!)  That’s OKAY! 

What can help all of us is portions – minding the amount of food we take can be a massive help in obtaining results, regardless of what macronutrients our body needs, or in what quantity.  

I know I need to allow myself to feel full sometimes, for example.  Taking a drink of water and waiting a few minutes helps deter me when I feel extra ravenous.  If I’m still starving in a half hour, maybe I do need a little more protein – but better than having far too much in a sitting without really needing it. 


L.A. Splash Smitten

L.A. Splash has a newbie out – Smitten Liptint Mousse.  At first I was incredibly confused, having remembered L.A. Girl’s Matte Pigment Gloss, which has a similar flavor.  

L.A. Girl USA photo

L.A. Girl USA photo

The Liptint Mousse is $14.00, which for whatever reason I felt was kind of steep.  I’m not well versed with L.A. Splash Cosmetics, but I had in my mind that they were more mass market, and therefore a bit lower with price points.  Having said that, it is also possible I fully confused them with L.A. GIRL’s, who’s matte lippie is only $5.00.  I was expecting to see that kind of price for this one.


My favorite shade, hands down, is Ravens Claw.  I liked Harry Potter, but I’m kind of thinking on a more vampy tangent – name sounds cool, minus the association! I also LOOOOVE deep reds.  I wish I had an excuse to wear it, but I think the gym goers may shoot a few looks (not good ones!) in my general direction were I to march in sporting a dark red lip and my weight gloves.

Hey, it takes all kinds, right?! 😉

Inflamed is second runner up!

(As for L.A. GIRL, my favorite there was Secret, though what I love about their range is that the shades are more versatile overall.  Still not for wallflowers, but in colors more expected.)