Summer 2016 – New Releases

It’s nice to see someone cover what’s new in haircare – there is a proliferation in skincare and color for sure, but this huge category is often left out.  

As an athlete, I’m often dealing with a lot of sweat – not great for the scalp and hair.  With incredibly long hair (to my low back), I also need to baby my strands so I keep them looking healthy.  Add to that summer sun and potential activities like swimming, and you have additional layers of aggressors to deal with.  I therefore always appreciate hearing about what’s new to market – whether products specifically, or innovations.

Perilously Pale shares a list of the newest, soon-to-hit launches that you might want to keep your eyes open for. 🙂

Kerastase L’Incroyable

L’incroyable is generally a positive, no?  Kerastase most certainly is!  The Company’s haircare is definitely on the pricey end but I have never had anything but incredible results from the Kerastase product lines.  

As a dancer, you are constantly having your hair twisted and turned, teased and sculpted, tied tightly and hairsprayed to oblivion – talk about damage!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.26.56 PM

Kerastase always managed to revitalize my strands, and keep them soft and supple despite all the craziness they endured (and those performance undoes were seriously involved!)  This newbie, L’Incroyable Blowdry, features a “miracle heat-sensitive microwax technology” (S.R.S.® Microwax Technology) that allows you to set…and re-set…styles as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

Benefits include:

  • Extremely Repositionable
  • Unparalleled Shape Memory 
  • 96 Hour Extreme Anti-Fizz Control
  • 450° Thermo-Protection

I can’t imagine this won’t deliver – literally, everything I have ever used from the brand has done what it claims to.  I’m not sure I need a restyler…but it is a wonderful thing to have on hand if you have an event, if you need to make your blowdry last through a few long work days, or you are performing.  No matter the case, it is meant to make life easier…and in a fast-paced world, I am all for that!  (And ps:…I’ve never seen so lofty a claim with frizz protection – at most, 72 hours, already well over average!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.25.19 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.26.31 PM

Strivectin Haircare

Apparently the wrinkle-curing company has branched out into haircare!  I suppose that’s a fair evolution, but I was still surprised to see it!

The shampoo and conditioner currently available on Ulta, both priced at #23, are for colored locks. photo photo photo photo

Fortified with patented NIA-114 + CHROMALAST PROTEIN COMPLEX, the duo is designed to keep your color rich and vibrant.  The shampoo forms a shield around the cuticles while cleansing, in order to keep fading at bay.  The conditioner, meanwhile, “deposits low molecular weight proteins to fortify over processed strands.”  Both products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and synthetic dyes. 

Change of Pace…

The point of this post…

My main passions (beyond the Love of my Life and my family!) are Martial Arts, and living a happy, healthy Life (with animals around! 🙂 )  I care about taking good care of myself as I get older – internally and externally.  

Fashion was my career for over a decade, and I LOVED it.  By the age of 23 I was managing over 200 people in Cosmetics and Fragrances in a massive NYC department store – serious fun, and serious education!  By 24 I had forayed into ladies footwear, where I’d stay and grow for many more years – here and overseas.

But while I know those worlds intimately, and cherished that time, I feel like those topics are wildly saturated these days.  When you do Fashion Trend Analysis, the concept of “fast fashion” and obsolescence isn’t novel…  But I have so much “new” to share on here that I can’t seem to disseminate it quickly enough!  

So I’m shifting my focus a bit, and hope that’s okay – I know that “newness” will be covered in spades by some AMAZING bloggers out there.  I’m so grateful to all of you who read and enjoy – I love connecting with the larger Universe, and appreciate the kind support. ❤

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.32.56 AM


I feel like in many ways I am a dichotomy – a proverbial oxymoron, as it were.  I blame my zodiac most of the time…  Scarcely a disservice to other Gemini – we all know just how multi-faceted we can be!  

Because of my, er, celestial classification I have a habit of taking on seemingly highly opposing activities (boredom is a kiss of doom for us!):

  • Figure Skating —> Takekwondo
  • Classical Ballet —> Hapkido
  • Ballroom Dancing —> Ninjutsu 
  • Hip Hop —> JiuJitsu
  • Aerial Yoga —> Kumdo

In my own mind, of course, EVERYTHING is a dance.


Still…not all of my sports are focused on grooming the way many of my childhood ones entailed – Martial Arts?  Looking pretty is the last thing on my mind!  I didn’t grow up to be a glamorous girl – I admire those who are, absolutely – but glam won’t work for me on a daily basis.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.33.10 AM

I am far too active to maintain a quotidian routine of lipstick and updos.  I strive for “natural.”  I want to enhance, not hide.  I want to look the same when I wash my face at Night (lest my other half wonder what happened!) 😉 

Having been trained to perform most of my Life, I was bombarded with notions of grace, beauty, polish, and sophistication very early on.  There are worlds revolving around skincare, makeup artistry, hair design – if you haven’t been exposed to it, you’d be wowed! Those things mattered enormously in the sports in which I was predominantly trained in growing up.  You wouldn’t dare take the ice without your “war paint,” or the stage without the proper bun and shimmer!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.33.53 AM

As a result, I know a TON about those arenas – makeup artistry was essentially required for my sports.  I was drawn to it as a child because it was openly creative and there really wasn’t a “wrong way” to do it.  It also took a lot of skill to pull oneself together and, most importantly…

Grooming boiled down to taking your performing sport and competition seriously (not to mention the judges taking YOU seriously at the same time.)  

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.33.26 AM

At the root of all that, skincare was therefore a big deal – my mother always told me that the canvas matters the most (painting over a blemished surface is much more of a challenge, and means you forego “natural” in pursuit of a hard-to-obtain perfection.)  So, I also know TONS about skincare too, and am often asked about my own regimen.  Having good habits starting early will make a big difference down the road and I’m incredibly thankful I don’t appear to be 37.

As an athlete, taking care of our skin is vital – we are often covered in sweat, rolling on mats, or using communal equipment at a gym / school / dojo etc… So unless cleanliness doesn’t matter, we have to be a bit more mindful. 

I also L ❤ VE being a woman, and I care about aging as gracefully as I am able (I probably own every product known to man! 😉 )  I will never run about in complete shambles, and when I am going out somewhere, I will pull it together! I love Fashion and I loved working in the field – I can’t say I don’t miss it!  And I love womanly things – gowns, pencil dresses, lace, stockings, glitter…  So while “badass” and “edgy” work…so do sexy and beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.35.30 AM

When I’m training, though, I’m probably going to be a ruffled mess…so I always felt like “If you can’t handle me like [this], then I’m not for you!”  I mean… I used to live in a town where people would say, “you should wear your hair down when you workout!  You look so different!  It’s much prettier!”  

“Uh…Excuse me?!”

For me personally, the gym is for working out, staying fit, pushing my limits – not impressing anyone with looks…or anything else!  Superficial doesn’t fit in my scheme of things – I’m there to work, and to do something kind for myself.  There is always room to get dolled up later.  

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.32.42 AM

The great news? Most of my friends are furiously hardworking – whether in their career, Martial Arts, extreme sports (rock climbing, for one, blows me away!), lifting, or seriously skill-perfecting  sports like shooting, I am always in awe, and ever-encouraged to learn more.   

I’m blessed and thankful to be surrounded by supportive people who could care LESS if my hair is a mess, and I’m purple-cheeked and sweating.  Even if we are doing different activities, there is always respect and support.

I need to make a point to also say that the support of my other half is huge. He inspires me every day with his work ethic, talents, eagerness to learn, and his phenomenal heart, among many other things. ❤  

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.34.36 AM

The point is…going forward, my posts will reflect more of this aspect of my Life (a huge part of it!) than they have in the past.  As much as I am asked about my skin, and the “outward”…I am also asked on a regular basis about what I do for sports, what my routine looks like, what my nutrition consists of etc…  I feel like I can be most helpful in this way.

I love to inspire, I LOOOOVE to encourage, and I find that there is strong community in sharing… So that’s my plan for now. 🙂

As always, many thanks – I love the wonderful comments, and I appreciate the time all of you take out of your day to spend a moment with me. 

XX ❤ X




Scheduling Posts…and Various

As an aside, I do schedule posts ahead of time – I tend to run around a lot with my training and I want to be sure there is always something new. I am admittedly a psychopants about skincare, in part because of what I was taught growing up…and also because, as an athlete, it’s important to be mindful, lest I walk away bruised and blemished.  Martial Arts are far from glamorous, but having been a performer for much of my Life, I’ll never show up a disaster.  Just won’t happen.

My background in the Fashion industry, as a competitive ballroom dancer, figure skater, and performer has afforded me a TON of knowledge with respect to skincare and color cosmetics – again, it isn’t as much as daily thing for, so much these are areas I’ve been exposed to for a LONG time. Many of my friends are pinups, pinup photographers, models, performers and dancers…so the makeup artistry is an interest by default! 🙂  I am also always curious to see new launches, though it is more relegated to new developments in the world of skincare, haircare, color technology etc…not so much that a product is jiving with a runway trend.

So all that said, my posts are indeed quite varied – I’m the dancer my friends called a jock, but who has more heels and thigh highs than a store!  So I’m thankful for those who read, even if only certain posts. Since I’m not always sitting at the computer (I am, rather, off rolling on a mat!) I tend to post things ahead of time.  When I do, I add the photos on my FB page, so they will show up with the shortlink, and then a date when the post will be published.  

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.29.58 PM

Exhibit A – Facebook

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 7.41.35 PM

Exhibit B – WordPress Gallery


Fall 2015 – John Frieda

New additions to John Frieda’s color-specific lines are now available on Target’s website!

What’s interesting is the company is rolling out a powder “Root Blur Color Blending Concealer” – interesting in the sense that the price is still pretty high at $18.99 (as least from a mass market perspective, as well as in comparison to comparable products.)  The concealer comes in four shades depending on the depth of your brunette or blonde, and appears to pair two complimentary colors for custom mixing.

The Visibly Deeper Brunette Collection includes three products – a shampoo, conditioner, and color deepening treatment – all intended to deepen your locks up to one shade darker.  I’ve tried color depositing products and the only one that ever seemed to be worth it’s weight was Aveda Black Malva conditioner.  I’m guessing these work similarly, though I don’t see a fuller description.  The treatment is a leave-on-for-five-minutes deal that says it will create a darker, more lustrous brunette – it can be used on colored or natural hair.  The one review that’s posted thus far is extremely positive.

The Visibly Brighter Brunette range is meant to – as you no doubt guessed! – lighten and brighten your brown for a “natural looking sun-kissed glow, without ever looking orange or brassy.” Here again you have a shampoo, conditioner and an In-shower Lightening Treatment.

Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder is along the same lines – shampoo, conditioner, in-shower treatment…and a controlled lightening spray designed to create natural looking highlights.

I’m eager to see more reviews about these – I haven’t had great success with the current range (or past ones) designed for brunettes…but maybe these will surprise!