2017 Sneak Peak – Maybelline Khaki Camo (Et Al)

I very distinctly remember – in my many years of Fashion – when “camo” would come back “in season.”  It was never just about the print, mind you, but the colors themselves – you couldn’t go to a fabric or leather show with seeing a proliferation of khakis, olives, sandy browns…

I follow the Runways (a lot) less these days – at the time, it was a huge chunk of my job! But, when you see posts about cosmetic companies backing a certain hue, you can be sure you will be seeing it in everything from handbags to shoes, to apparel.  So embrace your badassery and get to this borderline-grunge, sooty but sexy shade. It definitely will work for green and hazel eyes, but give is a shot – for a variation on smokey – no matter the color of your eyes.

There are LOTS of other products coming out as well from this brand, so be sure to check out Nouveaucheap’s post for pictures and descriptions!  It isn’t JUST about the camo khaki for sure…


Bringing Back The 90’s – Rebel’s Market

I feel like this isn’t the first of the “bring-back-the-90s” campaigns of late – Vogue.com was also reminiscing about the oddities of the Runway back when I was in my tweens. . .but in a way, how can you not miss it? (I never really thought I’d say that.) There was just SO much attitude.

Rebel’s Market also seems to be taking a trip down memory lane…  I came across my own combat boots while posting this – how a la mode am I!? *lol* 

The header was priceless – I mean who else would it be?  Cry-Baby, naturally.

Remember the oversized plaid shirts?  Should I even admit that I owned them?  It was cool to look slovenly, and devoid of any figure back then, but I’m not sure I could pull of “unkempt” at my age.

Docs.  Yes, Doc Marten’s were “the” cat’s meow.  A friend of mine in high school had a pair she bought in Egypt – dark purple velvet with a mass of rubber cylinders for a heel – totally avant grade (and therefore badass.)  I thought the petrol leather ones were awesome too – all sorts of renegade.

There was something to be said for witchery too, back in the day – for me it’s EVERY day, but I get that some only hop on the wagon when things “trend!”  Sporting moon phases, obscure (or obvious) phrases in other tongues… Smokey eyes and brick red lips.  Yep, all par for the 90’s course!

If you feel like delving back into the sea and reliving those years (provided you were living at ALL at that time), Rebel’s Market has “gone” there…  Dive in!  The clothing is warm!

Got Grunge?

I’m seeing a ton of Spring these days, which isn’t at all a bad thing…  But it’s kind of like seeing Christmas decorations before Halloween…and I personally think Halloween (especially Halloween!) should have its time to shine!  

Same goes for colors and texture – in fashion apparel, color cosmetics, packaging, what have you – it’s nice to relish in the tempestuous, Earthen, burnished shades for a while (It isn’t even New Years!)

These four hues read autumnal, wintery, nocturnal and vampish – and, as you know, I am ALL for vamp! 😀

The new Legendary Creams, not only giving a nod to the aforementioned, but also to the moody, dark-lipped grunge of the 1990s, are as follows:

  1. Plum Role – Matte Dark Plum
  2. Punked– Matte Deep Grey
  3. Coffee Run – Cream Rich Brown
  4. Witchy – Cream Deep Burgundy (had me in mind for this last one?!)

These will be strong and bold, and with Plum Role and Punked, you teeter on a sassy edge – so if you are faint of heart, steer clear.  Otherwise, paint your pout and rock with denim (torn and battered, of course!)


A/W 2015/16 RTW – Saint Laurent (Accessories)

If someone showed me Saint Laurent’s Collection without the designer’s name, I’m not sure I’d have believed it.  From first glance, it felt very post-apocalyptic grunge.  If the models didn’t resemble (almost strikingly so), an early-90s Courtney Love, they definitely conjured images of Blade Runner’s Pris.

A/W 2015/16 RTW - Saint Laurent style.com photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW – Saint Laurent style.com photo

The overarching vibe was street punk with a grungy callousness.  (Elements of goth in there, even gothic lolita…but overall, the “grunge punk” was loudest.)

Black fishnets were the go to, some torn and running…on purpose…while other girls strut in solid black tears.  Why not, anyway, punk was always so unapologetic!

A/W 2015/16 RTW - Saint Laurent style.com photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW – Saint Laurent style.com photo

Footwear was devoutly black…

  • Adorned in some cases with heavy, matte steel spike collars, O rings, studs, spikes, and polished silver chains.
  • Black leather laces with black-coated O rings made for a more severe straight-laced look… 
  • Silhouettes ranged from ankle boots to three-strapped cuff sandals, and criss-crossed sandals, metal-bedecked, with a frankly hellbent edge.
A/W 2015/16 RTW - Saint Laurent style.com photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW – Saint Laurent style.com photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW - Saint Laurent style.com photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW – Saint Laurent style.com photo

Got to love it!  SO in your face! 😀

Handbags were decidedly punk in fashion, touting haphazard charms, snake and chain pairings, metal spikes, and rogue sprouts of tulle.

A/W 2015/16 RTW - Saint Laurent style.com photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW – Saint Laurent style.com photo

There might have been hints of later-80s Madonna too…but I think it “Love” spoke loudly in this one.  (I can’t say what the designer was thinking specifically, but it was hard to not go here!)