Food Humor – Food Strike

Yeah…no, I don’t do food strikes.  I do the opposite. . . I buy three pounds of chicken and 12 pounds of vegetables in one shot.  Not to mention the bags of popcorn to wash it all down…


Campbell’s Well Yes! Soup

Wintertime is always perfect soup weather – I’ve been favoring the incredibly delicious, stew-like version my husband makes in the crock pot, but sometimes connivence trumps making something more involved.

Campbell’s has come out with a new line – Well Yes! – whose 7 flavors steer clear of preservatives, MSG, and BPA (nice!), as well as artificial colors, flavors, and ingredients.


Beyond those points, and saying they are “nutritious and deliciously crafted” I’m not sure these boast anything spectacular…but they do have a selection of flavors with a lot less of the un-pronouncables on the label (that, actually, goes a long way.)


So if you are feeling the chill, these are a nice way to stay toasty, full, and healthy at the same time. (If you are sodium sensitive, do mind the label!)


Humor – The Grocery Store

Does this ever happen to you?

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.37.00 AM

I try to always air on the side of staying positive, but I am not exempt from being human…and grumpy…at times.  Try as I may, I can’t always understand the folks who stand at the card reader when their items are all bagged and ready to go…and the next customer’s are being processed and sent down the belt!  Um…traffic jam, hello!?

Do you know what I mean?!

Or what about the people who aren’t ready with tender and slowly count everything out…penny by penny…nevermind the enormous line behind them?

I guess what bothers me at that moment – right or wrong – is that I know I try to be super mindful of others.  I bag my own groceries… I bring my own bags to begin with.  I have my card ready to swipe, and I know I need to gather my things and hustle so the next person can take my place.

I’m definitely not better than anyone, so I don’t mean to suggest (or even hint) at that.  But I DO think that being mindful is important, and kind of wish the sentiment was a global one.  When it mindfulness finds itself in short supply…especially at the grocery store (which most of us hope is a quick in-and-out)…?

Yep.  Aisle rage!    

It might start when the person coming the other way has their cart out in the center of an INCREDIBLY narrow aisle, mindlessly scanning the soup cans in front of them, completely oblivious to the fact that you need to get by (as do the two couples behind you.)  Or maybe when you are trying to find what you need, where you know you’ll find it, but someone has their cart sitting in front with no obvious sense of urgency…or time at all?  

It’s the overwhelming lack of awareness that I think provokes the road rage synapses to start firing.  I feel like many of us fail to comprehend someone else’s perceived cessation of time when the rest of us have somewhere to be – life is so fast-paced these days it almost sounds outrageous to dawdle with such abandon (at least, it FEELS that way when we want to pick up dinner and move on already!)

I endeavor to contain myself (sometimes it’s tough!) but I’ve seen ugliness when someone young, fit, and able…just kind of stands there without concern for those around him / her.   You know the type – waits for the cashier to bag also, and load the cart?  I don’t know about you but I have to distract myself, lest I burst out with “do you think *maybe* you could HELP instead of just standing there?!”

So anyway, I came across that little blurb above and almost fell over giggling.  Kind of nice to know I’m not the only one!