Vintage Witchcraft

Might I just say, these are divine. On every level. ❤

Battle Bruises

The other day my training partner and I started laughing in the middle of a mount technique – She is awesome about “staying heavy” and totally crushed me from her mount. My chest was beyond sore from class the day before and there was something ridiculously comical about the fact that I could scarcely move (not to mention remember what the heck we were doing!)  I couldn’t quite laugh without groaning from the discomfort but I think most of us in there air on the side of finding humor in the ass-kicking we give ourselves – self-imposed after all!

We kept at it – myself, I have to say, firing on less than all pistons.  I don’t like to half-ass anything but my body was just too exhausted and sore to be as optimal as I’d have liked.  Off we go into another technique and… *PiNcH!* A trap and roll gi grab produced a lovely, almost-instantaneous heart-shaped bruise on my inner arm.  Ahhh… LOVE!


A few minutes later I managed to totally slam my elbow to the mat.  I’m not sure if it was the impact, or the additional rolling over it by another body but within seconds I knew I’d have another battle wound (really racking them up that day!)

I love being a Martial Arts practitioner and though some days are rough-and-tumble (literally!  “Throw week” is one I look forward to less than, let’s say, small joint manipulation or weapons)…it is very much par for the course.  

A training partner at Ninjutsu the other day was totally out of it – I was admittedly frustrated by the spaciness and unwillingness to at least try.  Some days your body has less power, but you can still make the (mindful!) effort.  At one point he said “don’t really do it” about the block-and-striking technique we were working on at that moment.  Now, with two damaged knees I am the FIRST person to say “go easy,” or “let’s walk through this as we learn, without going to hard.”  But the reality is…you are in a Martial Arts class!  

You aren’t going to leave completely unscathed.  That doesn’t  mean you can’t train smart – you absolutely can (frankly, that’s ALWAYS my goal.)  Still…bumps and bruises happen.  You are going to need to accept that there will be some injuries (hopefully nothing major, however, which I’ve also endured.)  Martial Arts aren’t for the faint of heart by any stretch so it is important to know what you are getting into.  For me…I love to wear my heart on my sleeve…or my biceps! 😉  

My goal is to train as intelligently as I can so my partner and I get through with just a bunch of sore muscles at most.  But…when those bumps and bruises happen, I wear them like jewelry because I’m pretty darn sure I was working hard when I got them!  (I hope tomorrow when I go to try on bridal gowns, the wedding ladies don’t cringe too much! *lol*)


For more of my Marital Arts and Dance jazz…


All I can say is, I’d be running around in this gown (at home, of course) if I could get my paws on it!  ❤ 

Given the description, I’m not entirely sure whether it is an illustration or a real piece (trust me, I’ve inquired!) *lol*  It’s effectively more body jewelry then it is a “dress” but my Pagan heart is in full swoon wither way.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.17.24 PM

I mean, golden cobwebs?!  How incredibly vampilicious.  I feel like it’s nigh impossible to outdo Morticia or Lily but this is teetering on the verge of spotlight-stealing.  Personally, I’m totally head over broomstick.


Resort 2016 – Zuhair Murad

I came across this STUNNING Zuhair Murad Resort 2016 gown rather by accident…and I had to share.

To me it has a retro-screen-siren glam, but with a “bare” modernity – it would dazzle on the stage, no question…but might have raised a brow or two, teetering on the verge of sheer (har har!), unabashed translucence!

This pellucid, ruby-embellished, mermaid gown would arrest any shutterbug’s stream – I mean grinding halt, people!

Paired with the vintage half-do (that’s a somewhat-off-the-face-updo…according to me! 😉 ) and that bold red lip, it would be impossible not to stare just a little bit longer.  Have any events coming up!?

I’m not sure my mesomorphic body type would do this slim belt justice – with sky-high heels, maybe!?  It really is all about lines!

The gown is minimal, but covered – edgy, glamorous, and somewhat skin-baring…making for an incredibly tasteful show-stopper that is positively radiant on.


Elizabeth in Ellie Saab

I don’t really watch award shows, but in my Fashion Industry days, I was ever-perusing the red carpet photos for newness.  I saw a photo of Elizabeth Banks in an Ellie Saab gown in Bazaar this month, and I nearly fell over because I loved it so much.  She wore it to the Love and Mercy Premiere, and I’m pretty certain she got a lot of “*gasp!* stunning!” stares.

It’s a gorgeous, sheer brick red…absolutely dripping in crystals and beads.  Our Ballroom gowns were drowning in swarovskis also, and though I’m not exactly prissy or girlie-girl…I was ALL for major sparkle! ❤  (We’ve touched on my sparkling Ninja fetish in the past so…moving along…)

Elizabeth Banks in Ellie Saab Getty Images photo

Elizabeth Banks in Ellie Saab Getty Images photo

The handwork involved must have been painstaking – fortunately there is some haphazard-ry to it (or at least it appears that way.  As in...”oops, I didn’t get the stone in the exact, perfect spot, but no one will notice because of it’s breathtaking ‘one-of-a-kindness!’ “

The shape was divine, and the teeny-tiny waist belt finished it just enough, without taking away, or making a fuss.  I also happen to love that it’s long-sleeved.

Elizabeth Banks in Ellie Saab

Elizabeth Banks in Ellie Saab

Elizabeth also sported Saab at the Mockingjay Part 1 Premiere, which was equally as lovely.  The fresh, red and pink floral print blended into a cloudy sky of smokey-purple-greys, and multi-hued blues in an undefined print.  It had a Goddess-like gathering to it, cinched by a slim slate belt, with a cape-like fall behind it.  It billowed and flowed beautifully, and sparkled ever so slightly, peppered with tiny crystal gems.  

Elizabeth Banks in Ellie Saab

Elizabeth Banks in Ellie Saab

I always appreciated Saab gowns, and these are definitely no exception.  Just lovely.

A/W 2015/16 RTW – Zuhair Murad

I’m not as familiar with this designer, Zuhair Murad, but I really LOVED the Collection. (All photos are

The lines were incredibly flattering (granted the ladies are quite lean!)  I feel like the pieces all managed to dwindle the waists (isn’t THAT a lovely effect! 😉 ) and to draw the eye out and down, making for a very elegant and elongated line.

The Collection was definitely formal, suited for evening and events.  

A/W 2015/16 RTW Zuhair Murad photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW Zuhair Murad photo

I loved Murad’s use of sheer nude meshsexy and refined at the same time…

  • Paired with what appears to be satin overlays, cut out in tribal-like tattoo patterns, the pieces took on a real (awesome!) edge
  • Lace insets with solid black was gorgeous and very eye-catching
  • Splashes of sequin patterns were very “haute” in feeling, and ultra interesting…
  • And then there was the silver gown with the cutout golden belt, dripping in sequins and beads (I believe).  I mean, Bey could really give this one a go…it would be divine on her!  
A/W 2015/16 RTW Zuhair Murad photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW Zuhair Murad photo

Silhouettes included full length evening gowns, midi and mid-thigh skirt lengths, and some really stunning long-line pants (as in “my-legs-are-a-mile-long!”)

A/W 2015/16 RTW Zuhair Murad photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW Zuhair Murad photo

Colors ranged from snowy whites, to nude and bone, black and pale baby blue.  A pop of purple, turquoise and peacock blue rounded things out.  Really gorgeous.

A/W 2015/16 RTW Zuhair Murad photo

A/W 2015/16 RTW Zuhair Murad photo