Once A Vamp, Always A Vamp

Cant’ take the goth or vamp out of me, no matter which way you spin the world…

As evidenced by my Pinterest pages…

Bella and ‘N Spice or really just the whooooole kit and caboodle.



Halloween Fun – Wish Formula Bat Eye Essence Mask

Well, this is a first… I mean, I’ve seen sheet masks with character faces, but one in the shape of a bat…not until now. The glam-goth girl in me thinks it’s absolutely precious (and I’m not sure I’d ever want to use any other eye mask again!)  

If you’re feeling (or looking) a little fatigued, Wish Formula Bat Eye Essence Mask will swoop in to the rescue. Combining soothing licorice, brightening vitamin C, hydrating fermented honey…and a kiss of mistletoe…these sassy little wings will perk you right up, leaving you with a wakeful look, and plump-ified peepers.

If you love Halloween as much as I do, the marketers might well have you snookered.


Lips 101 With Besame

If you are in California at all, and free from 1 to 2:30 tomorrow – I only just saw this newsletter! –  you should check out Besame’s Lips 101, a class to teach the basics of lipstick, including the history, production and application techniques.  It’s only $10, which is pretty fabulous.  Sadly, I’m not in range for the class, but I’d enjoy it for the historical and production portions for sure – terribly interesting!  

I know a whole handful of pinups, dancers, performers and pinup photographers – this would be terrific for any and all, as well as ladies who simply love makeup and love to get glam! 😉

Le Keux Halloween Pin-Up Kit

Well, now…Halloween HAPPENS to be my favorite day…  And I ADORE all things pin-up.  

This fabulous little makeup set doesn’t have a ton of products, but it can certainly get you started on the look (and it’s just a fun idea!) 😀  Black cat eyes and ruby red lips are staples for any retro-glam kitten! 

Le Keux’s Halloween Kit includes:

  • Black Cadillac Eye Liner
  • Whistle Bait True Red Lip Color
  • Applicator brushes

HRST Books does have other cosmetic items, and hair products, which you could also snag…including a few wonderful books and dvds to assist with actually doing the makeup and hair.


Autumnal Cat Eyes

For any of you who loves winged eyeliner, or retro…or vintage pinup…or fabulousness…!  

Bobby Pin Blog always has wonderful posts, and I LOVED this one.  She shows a few cat eye looks using Fall shades in combination – often we just see black, or one tone, but this shows how lovely it can be to mix!

I have read her posts for a while, having been in the Hot Rod arena for work (LOTS of Rockabilly, Psychobilly, and vintage gorgeousness!)

So if you are interested, check it out! 🙂


Tilbury’s Bombshell

I love Charlotte Tilbury’s newsletters – she always has something gorgeous featured, and she has TONS of video tutorials!  

Her “Looks” are all super stunning, to be honest – it’s really just a matter of what the occasion is, and how “done up” you want to be. As a former dancer and skater, I’m a total cosmetic junkie BUT because I’m an athlete, I don’t wear a whole ton on my face (I can look “made up” really quickly, and natural is more my thing.  That said, I think makeup artistry is AMAZING and having had to prep myself for comps and shows, I really value what goes into the process.)

charlottetilbury.com photos

charlottetilbury.com photos

What I really love is that Charlotte Tilbury’s site shows the look, provides a video tutorial, and lists all of the products used in a very user-friendly way.  Hallelujah! 😀

charlottetilbury.com photos

charlottetilbury.com photos

I basically love the full cast of “characters” she’s got up, but I adored the “Bombshell”SO Screen Siren, do you think?!  

charlottetilbury.com photos

charlottetilbury.com photos

The “So Marilyn” vermillion velvet lipstick is a PERFECT red – gorgeous, glam, and classic. The site also suggests what would go with each product, once on its description page, which is super helpful in streamlining the shopping experience.

charlottetilbury.com photos

charlottetilbury.com photos

“Sex On Fire” gives this Hollywood Star a glowing contour which, paired with “Bronze and Glow,” and an ardent amber eye, is incredibly sultry.  

charlottetilbury.com photos

charlottetilbury.com photos

It’s definitely one of my favs of the group.  The Veronica Lake hair along with it?  Divine.