Garnier Sheet Masks

I’ve seen zero word of these until this am – I was resistant to sheet masks forever, thinking they fall right off my face while I did other things around the house, took a bath, whatever.  They DON’T, and they’re FABULOUS.  And, you have to wear a lot less on your skin, or zero makeup at all, when your “canvas” is in great shape.

I haven’t – obviously – tried these, but I do have the Garnier Aqua Bomb moisturizer, which I love.  I like Garnier as a brand as well, and hope that we see these in the USA…soon.  The moisture sheet masks are typically the ones I go for – they not only hydrate, but soothe and plump the skin.  At almost 39…I like it! 😉 

@chicprofile instagram

@chicprofile instagram

Nutrition – Sweet (Healthy) Snacks

There’s really no need to reach for candy – I know it’s delicious BUT…when you haven’t had it in a while, it truly becomes TOO sweet.  It tastes unnatural and overboard, and never as good as it sounds.  That said, cravings are notorious for overriding your best efforts and willpower from time to time… A great option?  Nature’ sugar…!


Eating TONS of grapes or mounds of fresh fruit isn’t necessarily recommended…but generally you don’t need nearly that much to satisfy a sweet tooth.  A small amount, a snack here or there…that WILL do it. Fresh fruit is also best (as opposed to dried, in which your sugar concentration is much higher) because it’s VOLUME – you get to eat a good amount of it.  The water and fiber content will help to fill you up, and it will be more than a spoonful of the other stuff.  

My favorite options are a couple of sweet grapes – I LOVE Grapery! Cotton Candy grapes, Moon Drops grapes – organic Fuji apples, or pineapple.


Give your body a healthy option first – you might be pleasantly surprised that the craving for something that will derail you actually disappears.

Other in the world of DELICIOUSness…

A Healthy Way To Food Shop

We have a fun Farmer’s Market in our City that runs on Sundays during the warmer months – while we aren’t there every weekend like some of my buddies, it’s a fun Sunday morning activity, and a nice way to stock up on healthy options for the week!


Generally I’m scoping out the veggie situation, as vegetables are the bulk of my diet.  Fruits are great too, like melons and Fuji apples (when they are in season – hurry up, October!)



 You can also pick up flowers, healthy greens, fun seasonal goodies like pumpkins and gourds (hello, Halloween!), grass-fed meat, fresh eggs, and even hummus and mead…


Since I’m not a sit-on-the-beach type, I love this summer activity option – it’s nice to get up and out and DO something…and it also makes food shopping and meal prep easier for the rest of the week.



For more Nutrition jazz…

Summer 2016 – Estee Lauder Genuine Glow

More glow-getters on the horizon, this time from cosmetic giant, Estee Lauder.  Genuine Glow Summer 2016 Collection includes five super-star, radiance-delivering products:

What I love about these products is that they are ageless – they can work beautifully for someone in their 20’s as much as someone in her 50’s – they are designed to give a natural illumination to the complexion with subtle, flushed color.  

There’s no over-doing here, no mask-like finish, or real ability to be too heavy-handed in the first place.  Hallelujah! 

In my own mind the goal of any color cosmetic (shy of ballroom / skating / theater performance (etc) OR your wedding (mine’s soon! ❤ ) / night out (etc)) is to enhance.  Not hide. photo photo photo photo

Yes, you ARE gorgeous enough to go without makeup!  But for days when you might need an extra boost – just enough to give your bright eyes the spotlight (as opposed to sleepless undeyes or lackluster skin!) – these hydrating, priming, and brightening products can help.  

Chicprofile shares more details here (haven’t seen all online as yet, but those with links are above. 🙂 ) 

The Estee Lauder Edit

I had seen some articles about this new launch, The Edit, from Estee Lauder a couple of months ago, though it was more challenging to get additional information at the time.  The reason it resonates with me is two-fold…

Growing up my mother ALWAYS stressed the importance of skincare – she is 73 and, in my opinion, looks great for (and unlike) her age.  

Second, I wrote my thesis in Business School about Estee expanding into Asia – at the time (this was 1999 or so), Asian products were NOT easy to come by.  These days – especially in the last two years or so – they have become almost “cult” here in the states.  Of course I’m beaming because I’m thinking “I TOLD YOU SOOOO!” 😀 <—*insert smug grin here!*

I have always and ever been enamored with Asian skincare – the ladies across the ocean (from me, anyway!) weren’t out basking in the sun, and I saw that they took extra time and care of their epidermis, things that mattered to me even at a young age.  I can’t say at almost 38 that I am NOT showing signs of aging myself, but I do feel that I am “aging well,” thankfully.

So I LOVED hearing that Estee was branching out, not because it isn’t already a fabulous brand, but because it always had that “older appeal.”  It seemed more geared for, and fitted to, and older crowd – one perhaps that isn’t “aged,” but that does have concerns about aging.  So The Estee Edit is like a fresh update for the brand, bringing in, and catering to a younger market.  The brand / segment is chic, youthful, and fashionable, and there is a true modern (and glow-enhancing!) edge to the products (brightening powder, lip color transformers, flash illuminators…)  AWESOME.

There have been several posts about it recently so allow me to share!




Thankful For My Other Half

I could enumerate – at great length! – there reasons I cherish the love of my Life…  

This one image comprises several reasons in one, actually! – as I have eluded to in many pasts posts, I eat to live, not the other way around. Thankfully eating disorders are well in the past, but any of us who have been there must make efforts every day to stay strong, and healthy.  Muscles need fuel and nutrients!

Finding someone who is supportive of you, your needs, your desires, and your quirks is a blessing beyond words.  He checks to make sure I have snacks before any lengthy road trip or travel.  He makes wherever we go out to eat that I can get something I am, legitimately happy with… He’s so incredibly good with me, and it never goes unnoticed.

I came home from Ninjutsu the other day and he had bought me lunch.  The kind of lunch I would have bought myself.  Not just what was convenient, not nothing at all… He surprised me with clean, healthy food…and I was so very thankful. ❤ 


Fresh Cocoa Does A Body Good

I’ve always really liked the brand Fresh, finding their formulas to work nicely for my skin.  I haven’t tried this new body scrub – Cocoa Body Exfoliant – but I LOVE scrubs, so I was eager to check it out.

This product is formulated with crushed cocoa and cocoa butter, as well as coconut shells for natural exfoliation.  The texture is velvety (and looks rather luscious, dare I say edible!) and it boasts a “seductive scent.”

I see the “proof” on the site, though I’d take it with a grain of…er…coconut shell…  Naturally a body scrub will deliver (at least on some level) decreased roughness, overall polished skin, softer touch etc…  That said, I didn’t see any ultra hefty claims so it’s more like “Hi! I’m 240g of cocoa polishing goodness for $45.”  Fair enough.

Since I’m particular about scents…even chocolatey ones…I might want to run by a Sephora and test it out beforehand. But it does look delish!

Body Shop Fresh Nude

While there isn’t a ton of information out about this foundation, Body Shop Fresh Nude, as yet, a few bloggers have shared what they know…as well as images (which are, indeed, equally as important!)  BritishBeautyBlogger understands the shades to be quite extensive, and the fun part is the two Shade Adjusting Drops.

I’ve written about the various dropper foundations of 2015, and this is very much in line with that idea – not only is coverage customizable, but also the tone.  

As any competitive dancers can tell you – at least those of us in the Ballroom! – matching to a self tan can be a nightmare!  Sounds silly but if you need to match for a few days, you need the kind of solution these Adjusting Drops provide!  (A self tan WILL streak…so you can’t forego the foundation.  Just won’t work!)

But dancing aside, these allow more flexibility for ANYONE – maybe you just want to add a darkening drop to your moisturizer.  Why not?!  

Personally, I’d go for lightening…and I hope more brands come out WITH contour-esque lightening and darkening…  I can’t imagine they WON’T – trendy may be too “conformist” for some of us, but the benefit is that we get more of a selection when something DOES hit main stream. I’m definitely okay with that!


Farmer’s Fridge

I ran across this Farmer’s Fridge spot in the May 2015 Marie Claire and was super excited to see it – I had literally just been listening to a nutritionist on Sirius Doctor radio talking about glass-jar salads as something you can do for a Spring or Summer gathering (SUPER cute, and uber healthful idea!)

A lot of people have a tricky time finding healthful choices on the go, or run out of ideas about what to make – these adorable little mixes combine all sorts of good-for-you veggies and greens, berries and legumes, calcium, protein and healthy fats – awesome all around. 


Farmer’s Fridge’s jars are super fun (yes, salads can be fun! 😀 ), they’re easy to make (if you can’t get to a location), easy to shake up and munch…and they look like live decor (I’m thinking of Takashimaya again.)  The jars are free of BPA, which makes them even more awesome, and they are travel / office / lunch etc friendly.

There are a number of salad options (there are more, this is just a screen shot)…

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.05.18 PM

And breakfast and snack options too (there are more, this is just a screen shot)… I like that some nutritional stats are provided, where possible, as well – I personally always like to note my macros and micros when I can, as it allows me to stay on track with my own goals and needs.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.05.42 PM

And, there is a section on protein… ❤ (Happy girl!!!  Again, there are more than those shown below.)  The packaging for all of these is simple and straightforward, which is also rather refreshing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.06.57 PM

Farmer’s Fridge Kiosks are an ADORABLE idea (this veggieholic is DELIGHTED!)  They aren’t in my area at all (if you are in Chicago, you lucked out!) but again, this is a really fun idea for home entertaining in the warmer months (or, really, whenever!)  

Way to go, guys – what a fun and exciting way to offer healthy food selections to the community!  (Fun for kids too! 🙂 ) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.08.33 PM