Sharing The Honey Love!

Honey is a free service that enables consumers shopping online to save cash as they go – yes, it really works.  I’ve used Ebates and actually saved a bit with it…without really having to do a thing! 

Honey also provides a browser extension, but instead of sending you money later, it automatically tracks down coupon codes and applies them at checkout for instant savings – sweet!

If you shop online A LOT you will love it.  Even if you aren’t a heavy hitter online shopper, you will still benefit and save a few bucks (so really, why not!?)

Check it out and join HERE


Hard Work

Nothing in Life worth having is free, or easy.  Period.


We all have a different path, different goals, different failures and struggles… But the one thing we can have in common – if we choose it – is opportunity.


If you want it, you have to be willing to work.




Some days the journey feels insurmountable, but the results are always within reach if you keep at it.  There would be no meaning, nor joy, in any of it were it not the case – to be handed what we have not earned will never give the satisfaction.


Clean Eating For The New Year

I’ve seen a ton of posts lately about clean eating shopping lists, so I’ll share a few sites also (below.)  It’s a great tool to have on hand when at the grocery store (which is best to go to when you aren’t hungry – I make that mistake all the time!) so I love that so many people are sharing their own versions.

Clean eating seems a lot more daunting than it is – it has always been a top “new year’s resolution” for people, but also one that seems to fizzle out.  Healthy is a lifestyle so it takes commitment – but it is more than achievable, and if you want it, you can have it!  

One of the best parts of seeing someone stick to their goals is when they start to feel “GREAT” again.  Not only do they have more energy, and feel physically better…the “looking better” (whatever that means in their terms – more muscle, maybe more toned, fitting into a smaller size etc) gives them worlds more confidence, and often a smile to go with it.  It’s awesome to see people feeling great in their own skin – everyone deserves that. ❤

But it is tricky sometimes, especially when it isn’t habit yet.  In that case, it helps to remember a few things (no one should ever have to feel discouraged!):

  • Little tweaks can make a BIG difference.  You don’t have to overhaul everything!
  • One derailment won’t cost you everything. Really, it won’t
  • Not buying it / having it at home is one of THE best ways to stay clean!
  • Portion mindfulness, and allowing yourself to digest is huge (I focus on this a lot for myself)
  • Meal prep can be a lifesaver
  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded folks is incredibly helpful
  • Be realistic.  You don’t have to drop a crazy amount of weight quickly – slow and steady is healthier, and far more achievable
  • Day at a time.  Works no matter the problem!


Nothing feels as wonderful as being healthy – the results of taking care of yourself truly manifest in every aspect of your life. You don’t have to climb Everest either – little steps can add up to a LOT of success. 

For a few helpful shopping lists:

Pop Sugar Week 1 Clean Eating Shopping List

Ambitious Kitchen Free (Printable) Clean Eating Grocery List

Clean Eating Grocery List For Beginners by The Gracious Pantry

Pinterest (there are a multitude here!)

Eat Clean Snacks! (look it up for even more…)

To a happy, and healthy New Year!

Kerastase Le Cap

Well this is flat-out adorable!  I love Kerastase products – pricey, absolutely – so, I use them sparingly. But the formulas are incredible (as in, you get REAL results!), and the company comes out with new innovations relatively frequently.


I just saw that they are offering a GWP (Gift With Purchase) for the Discipline Collection through August 6th – it’s a snazzy little black shower turban (feels very 1920s in vibe!), that you can use in the shower…or to protect your hair from summer sun, while cleansing your face, at the beach…etc!  I don’t think it’s going to “block humidity” so much but you will at least look chic while HIDING the effects of the humidity! 😉

I thought this was too cute – I haven’t seen any accessories as gifts as yet, so I love that they are giving it a whirl.  The box it comes in is gorgeous, but then they are always very consistent with lovely packaging at Kerastase.  The Discipline range is fabulous, by the way – I have two of the products in my own arsenal!  The scent is heavenly and I always get results!

The Language of Dance

There are times in Life in which language fails us, whether in great triumph, or devastating loss.  Words can express only so much meaning as they have been endowed with by humankind…

So when I saw this quotation, I lit up, understanding fully what it means to “speak” in movement…

Her Movements


Dancing and skating were as much my first language as English, in many ways...  I didn’t know I was an Empath as early on, only that I was different in the way I processed.  I saw the beauty and good in everything, but I also felt like words were sometimes NOT enough.

Skating and dancing were ways in which I could cope with Life, and I realized that I was “speaking” just as loudly…and effectively…through my movement.

When I was about 15 or 16, a childhood classmate…the first boy who ever expressed interest in me and asked me out…was killed as the result of a car crash.  I can still feel the sadness in my chest when I write about it, these many, many years later.  I was scheduled to do a performance at a skating show only weeks later, and so I let his mother know that I was going to perform in his honor. 

I still remember it…

I remember the sound of rain falling in the beginning of the song, and how I opened the program.

I remember the dress I wore and how the cool air felt, and smelled…and what it was like to glide through the program from start to finish.  For me, those few minutes afforded me the “words” with which to say “I miss you.  I’m so sad.  I don’t understand…  But I know you’ve transcended this physical for a Life eternal, for a reason only you know…  We cannot fathom, those of us left behind…”

There were no words to express how I felt, especially with respect to seeing his mother upstairs behind the glass watching me…

When I finished, I came off the ice, and she greeted me with a smile and tears.  She hugged me and gave me an angel that he had on his dresser.  I still have it on mine.  

I knew that my sentiments came through in my movement – so much more clearly than if I had called, or written, or shown up at her door.  And it meant everything to me that she knew he was in my thoughts too.



Words don’t always delve deeply enough…  

Letters of an alphabet we created are stitched together, glued in place with meanings we have given them…and in that, I feel the confines are too great.  

Words are bound by limitations, where movement is free to “BE”…  

And so, for me, movement IS the pen with which I write…  My story, my feelings, the depths of my heart…  The expression is as infinite as the stars in the Night sky.