Today is my mother’s birthday, so I thought I’d honor her by sharing her absolutely phenomenal talent.  What’s even more wonderful than these beautiful arrangements is the reason behind them. . .

For as long as I can remember, my mother has participated in some kind of volunteer or charitable work.  She’s done countless classes for children, in particular, over the years, and loves nothing than giving, sharing, and seeing others surprise themselves with talents of their own.

She recently spearheaded an event, Flowers, Fashion, and Footwear, that raised money for a local social service agency that she has worked with for many years, Community Centers Of Greenwich. CCI services children, adults with special needs, and seniors, and provides educational and financial assistance for lower-income families.

I am convinced that my love and passion for volunteering with these communities was passed down by her and my father’s dedication to helping where they can.  I am honored to be their child and thankful for the early exposure to these wonderful aspects of community service.

For the CCI event, flower arrangers were called upon to pick a pair of Louboutin shoes – owned by Kent Russell, perennial specialist – and design an arrangement to match.

I looked at the photos in the Fairfield County Look article (event link above) and without knowing hers, I gravitated to them as my “favorites.”

I grew up with the great fortune of having flowers and nature in our home all year round (yes, even in the throes of wintertime!) And it wasn’t just the beautiful blooms or branches, which I, for one, adore… The unreal sculptures and art she always manages to create look more like they belong in THE fanciest spas, homes, hotels…whatever!…in the world. They’re always breathtaking.

The shoes, of course, were art of their own.  Having been in the footwear and fashion industry for many moons, I watched the birth to death of many a pair…and I know exactly what goes into them.  I’d personally steer clear of stepping out in these if I were him, however, simply in fear of dirtying their impeccable polish!

In any case, I’ll maintain my mother has a supernal gift because there’s no explaining the talent – it’s an inherent spark I wish I had.  But I’m so very proud of her, and I’m inspired by the things she does to raise money to help wonderful causes…all the time. I can only hope to make as much difference in my life, and am blessed to have the example. (Keeping in mind I won’t ever quite get the hang of flower arranging!)



Poshmark – High Heels and Whatever Else

I don’t know…eBay is nice and all but Poshmark is pretty great.  Once upon a time I was in Product Development in Ladies Footwear – talk about a wild ride!  Fashion at it’s finest…and craziest…and literally in the thick of it.  We used to say “we see everything from the birth, to the death, of a shoe.”  And we did…

Poshmark is great because it offers more than just what you can find on eBay (but, in the same vein, both new and loved items you may not be able to get elsewhere – Fashion obsolescence!)  

If you want to list something on Poshmark, while there are fees involved in selling, there aren’t any up front for listing…so even if you get dinged with a small fee at point of sale, you aren’t getting nailed monthly with hefty fees (those on eBay can really add up.)  So basically it’s long-term exposure without a major price tag, provided your items need it.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t as yet… You can do so here.


2017 Pantone Color Of The Year

We used to wait with bated breath for Pantone to release the Colors Of The Year.  Not because we couldn’t discern on our own which colors we saw most OF on the Runway (we are observant adults!)…but because it does get highly specific. When every other fashion company is following suit, we have to represent the same palette (at least in some close proximity.)  A lady doesn’t want to buy a variety of new pieces for the season only to find her footwear is way off the color mark…so the palette becomes our template, and the way in which we flesh out our collections.  Granted, our textures may be vastly different, but there will still be some crossover – leathers, skins, and fabrics will find a way to jive with their apparel counterparts. (To make money…they kind of *have* to!)

The same goes for the cosmetic industry, though – they follow the shades as much as they can, though I imagine it is a bit more of a challenge.  For those who produce nail polish, even lipstick (Lime Crime, anyone?) offbeat shades aren’t a stretch.  But it can be an exercise in creativity to come up with items that do speak to these hues for more companies that favor “wearable.”

For 2017, this is what we are looking at:

The top colors for Spring 2017 fashion are:

17-4123 Niagara
13-0755 Primrose Yellow
19-4045 Lapis Blue
17-1462 Flame
14-4620 Island Paradise
13-1404 Pale Dogwood
15-0343 Greenery
17-2034 Pink Yarrow
18-0107 Kale
14-1315 Hazelnut

The KEY color here, however, is Greenery.  



Butter London, for one, has already hopped on the Greenery bandwagon.  I don’t LOVE the shade but…even as a Fashion Director, that wasn’t (ISN’T) up to me!  

If it’s in synch with the rest of your ensemble – or even the contrasting “pop” – you can be assured you and your Greenery are fully in line with the trends.  It might be the new-season jolt you (didn’t know you) needed.

And just in case you nail polish and your kale salad isn’t enough bang for your buck, you can embrace the “idea” – and stop a lot of traffic – with a new, leafy green Mercedes AMG GT Roadster…


So like it or not, green IS in.  It isn’t everyone’s color necessarily, but there are ways to sneak in a hint here or there.  If all else fails, just point to your side of vegetables when you’re out to dinner – not only will you be on par with fashionistas across the globe, but healthy is trendy too.  Ahhhh.  Double whammy!

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Lanvin (Details)

There was a lot going on at the Lanvin Spring 2016 show – thanks to for the tons and tons of photos showcasing the purposeful question of whether theater and fashion can indeed coexist.  I feel like it’s fair to say…at least insofar as this Show was concerned…the answer is yes.

The Show presented a deviate juxtaposition of staid, crisp, traditional (maybe even “professional”) attire paired with fabrics and details far more fit for a stage…

There was that charcoal-seamed skirt with the wide satin belt and smoke grey trench, you might have seen?  Combined with sheer, oversized polkas and a see-through lace bra, the ensemble took on an unconventional edge…one I daresay would draw an audience.  (But then, isn’t fashion intended to do that, just as in the theater?)  

And then there was a frayed, sleeveless blazer (really, a full jumpsuit with a blazer-style top) with a tux-ie satin lapel.  That piece, already tipping the common scales, was paired with choker-style cuffs and necklaces, (all boasting heavy metal locks) for a more severe and eccentric twist.

If you take a peek at Vogue, you’ll even see what appears to be live croquis – models wearing nude, corseted undergarments, over-draped with hanging fabrics, as if to be a dress-in-progress, living bust and all…

There were also sequins in spades, tossed together with nude sheers and doll-like bows, making for a more “curios and tag sale” kind of spectacle.

But…the “touches” weren’t ALL completely outlandish.

The mixed media and color-patched bags were done in wonderful autumnal shades, and luxurious animal skins…

And the slouchy boots?  COMPLETELY, remarkably...fabulously wearable.  While the toe was a hair more “almond” than most would reproduce for a larger market, the overall look was one that a broad audience would “get,” the buttery leather and suede notwithstanding.


At the end of the day, some designers can put on a SHOW…they can wow and inspire us by pushing the envelope with what borders on anomalous.  But it is also nice to see a few items here and there that can translate to everyday…for the everyday woman.  The bags and scrunch boots were right on.

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Givenchy

Holy SMOKES is there a lot of hoopla about the Givenchy Show this year!  Riccardo Tisci will be opening a store in New York later on in 2015 (making it his tenth house), which attributed to some of the excitement…but the show also coincided with the horror of 9/11.

I don’t get into politics and don’t intend to start here…  What I will say is that I am confused by his “contemplative slowing down” of the show – many respects were paid, and should be – silence was offered in remembrance around the globe.  (I have many friends who are officers and military, some of whom were on the scene immediately.)  

But if there was any hint of using such an event to make a point (which I have seen in the industry first hand, sadly – the less stellar side), or add something in the world of Fashion, I would be highly put off.  Given how many other designers there were, I have that twinge of “what is that about?” with this Tisci.

I took a whole slew of screen shots to share but I’ll be honest, I’m having a tricky time with this one…  Some feel the waiting and spectacle was legitimately in honor, but I don’t know.  I’m Miss. Positive so typically I focus on the shows I really enjoy…and I did really like some of the pieces – laces, satins, sheers…unconventional pinstripes and wild interpretations of menswear on the feet…  It was really beautiful and detailed.

But I’m not sure the goings on were totally about 9/11 – a day which I will never forget, and in New York at the time. 

Vogue has offered more photos than for any of the other shows as yet, including details, beauty (extremely paired down, bleached brows, clean skin), atmosphere, and live stream (in addition to the review and Collection.)

Here is a gallery, but forgive that I have less comments – I really did want to write but my gut didn’t feel like following through with a glowing review.

Buckles and Badassery at the Dojang

Well…it’s more like buckles, badassery, and ballets at the dojang.  My Grandmaster LOVES that I am a dancer (I regularly tell him he is one inherently, though he protests – his love of movement transcends his own Arts)…but in this case I mean that I was in ballet flats today.  


I actually don’t love ballet flats…but I can’t stand flip flops, and can’t very well be barefoot all the time!  We all need something for warmer weather that’s easy to slip on.  I found these Nine West ballets and the upper was…I thought…kind of badass.  


The multi-buckle, oval ring, and several-strapped style has kind of a punky flair…and that works for me.  I’m not exactly girlie girl, so I don’t do well with the traditional bow-adorned, or cutsie-rounded styles (and the like.)  Mind you, I WAS classically trained in ballet, I am a dancer, and I love glitter…but all in all, I’m more tough around the edges and can’t – believably – pull off something too demure and sweet.


So…I snagged these, and I love them.  I can slip them on and off, which is a great thing when I get to the dojang and want to get started!  I can’t say it is the best look on the planet, but they’re black (my favorite! 🙂 ) so they…er…blend…with my dobok pants.  


At least I think so…and since I’m the one wearing them, I guess that’s all that matters!



Fashion Industry Shows – Autumn / Winter 2016 / 17

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job in Fashion (though truly, there were many!) was attending various trend shows and seminars – we worked with a fabulous group of leather, synthetic, fabric, and print vendors…and met many new ones along the way.  

Much of the time they came to us in the office, pulling a slew of gravid suitcases in tow, stuffed to the seams with the newest materials and leathers.  But a few times a year, the Shows rolled around, giving us an opportunity to skip into NYC and browse hundreds of vendors we may not have seen otherwise – serious inspiration!

Some of the invitations are cropping up so in the event you are in the business and haven’t had an opportunity to attend, you didn’t get any literature as yet, or you are in NYC and have the time, some of these might be up your alley! 

PRMIERE VISION NEW YORK – July 21 – 22, at Pier 92.

  • This year will feature over 300 exhibitors, showing the latest and greatest in prints, fabrics, textile designs and accessories.  You will see everything from hand-done to digital to screened designs, as well as one of a kind vintage pieces.   
  • There is a PV app, as it turns out (that would have been nice to have back in the day!) so you can stay up to date.  
  • The Trend Forecast for Autumn / Winter 2016 /17 includes “The Protective Shield Of Minimalism,” “Unique Roots,” and “Digital Surrealism” as the predominant themes. Times for July are not yet listed, though typically each day is filled with presentations.  Keep in mind, they are not always the same each day. 
  • Other tools include the Fabric Forum, Color Wall, and Color Card.  
  • They may additionally run a Spring / Summer 2016 Highlights Seminar, though not sure of timing.

LINEAPELLE NEW YORK – July 21 – 22, Metropolitan Pavillion, 125th W. 18th Street

  • Lineapelle showcases all things up and coming in leather, textiles and synthetics.  
  • The key Industries in attendance are Footwear, Handbags, Leathergoods and Leatherwear…but if you work with leather at all, it may be for you.  The textures, colors, hands, patterns…it’s amazing!  Many qualities are offered, so you can work with vendors to find the materials that will best suit your production needs (that said, it’s always hard to see the most expensive, drop-dead gorgeous skins and know you can’t necessarily use them!
  • The Trendbook usually comes in the goody bags, and presentations are offered at 11 am and 2 pm on the 21st, and at 11 am on the 22nd. 

Autumn / Winter 2015 – Roger Vivier Crystal

Roger Vivier has a whole variety of embellished footwear for Fall, though incidentally, his site wasn’t showing the Collection yet.  I checked Louisa Via Roma also but, alas, it was on only Footwear News!

Roger Vivier photo

Roger Vivier photo

Elle happened to feature one of the styles, the crystal-encrusted black satin bootie, in May’s edition – it caught my eye, despite being cozied up to an admittedly ostentatious, uber-bedazzled pair of Dolce denim.  Even so, it stood out.  It’s not for someone who wants to blend…and honestly, it will draw the eye…so if you want to lengthen your legs, this may not be the right style.  It is worth a mention that this glammed-up girl is worth $3,195 (those are some impeccable seams, apparently!) 

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.40.43 PM

Footwear News photo


The side cut outs remind me of many a Latin Ballroom gown, flashing flesh unabashedly.  I can’t say whether it would slim the foot necessarily, as the crystals will protrude a bit.  The little “disco ball” on the heel is something Vivier has done before – I do personally think the three-row crystal curve speaks for itself.  

The Collection also has a few other styles boasting crystal beads… The sandal, Croqueuse de Diamants Virgule, might be even more “look-at-me” given, in particular, it’s more forward (as in fashionably so) curvaceous heel.  It gives me the vibe of a menswear spectator, possibly because I sketches so many menswear looks as sandals. This could totally be black and white with perfing!

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.40.35 PM

Footwear News photo


One of the tamer ladies in the group is a pale aqua croco with crystals on alternating bands – this would be STUNNING for Spring or Summer!  It might be the most  broadly wearable, but I still think the bootie is precious.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.41.05 PM

Footwear News photo



Ivanka’s Heels

I used to work for the company that designed and produced Ivanka Trump’s footwear line – she’s absolutely lovely, very pulled together, and incredibly classy.  Always.  

I just saw a newsletter go by featuring some of her new styles, and these two were my favorite.  I might have detailed Hayzes a bit differently, with different tones of snake, in a different order, but I like the concept.  In a multi-textured black, or a multi-textured / hued nude, this would also be gorgeous (snake works with stingray, crock, patents, suedes…so many fun combinations out there!) The upper pattern balances the vertical bands (if the sides didn’t pull together that way, the pattern could make the foot appear bulkier.  The way it’s done works beautifully to slim and contour the foot.)  The ankle strap also balances the bands well, and finishes the pattern nicely.

Ivanka Trump photo

Ivanka Trump photo

I also love Mackley – this is definitely a leg-lengther (I mentioned this in the post, “Ballroom Nails,” just prior to this.)  Flesh tones are perfect for elongating one’s line – and who wouldn’t want to?!  The style is nearly-closed as far as coverage, but a style like that actually feels more comfortable and supportive on the foot.  The heel is a great shape and width for the style, and not too set back. These would be incredibly sexy with a pencil skirt…I kind of need a pair like this! 😉

Ivanka Trump photo

Ivanka Trump photo

“Ballroom Nails”

I remember back in the day…I was at Nationals, actually…that my partner and I were talking about long nails.  As a former figure skater, it just wasn’t even a second thought – we’d never have done it!  Ever try lacing custom boots with long nails?  NOT helpful. I’d have my skates on faster than you could blink – ice time was precious!

But he was going on about him much it affected one’s “line” on the floor.  (Have you ever noticed how much we point in Latin, by the way?  Half the time I didn’t even know what I was pointing AT! *lol*)

I knew from wee-hood about the magic of tan, nude, or baby pink footwear – in ballet, as much as ballroom (and even at the rink, if you recall Olympians back in the day with beige skating boots), those shades lengthen the legs.  *If you didn’t know that, give it a whirl sometime – never underestimate the power of a great nude shoe!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.13.23 PM

I’m not going to lie, I thought the whole thing sounded terribly annoying – I’m an athletic type (my dancer friends called me a “jock.”  Kind of made me feel like a high school linebacker, but whatever.)  So even though I was prancing about bedecked in swarovskis, The thought of the going to a salon…sitting forever…and having to deal with longer nails at all, was just plain obnoxious.

Well…I tried gluing some on temporarily.  Working in Product Development meant I had to sketch…and honestly, I was NOT used to the nail thing…so it was awkward.  I mean, really?  Who had time for that?!  

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.14.41 PM

After several rounds of gluing…and a few popping off…I decided to just GO.  My coach was going to a place right next to the studio so I but the bullet and told the girl I wanted UV gel.  Honestly, I’ve been doing it EVER since!  (One of the girls where I get my mane cut had some WICKED black ones…UV also.  Definitely line-lengthening.)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.11.40 PM


Most of the girls in ballroom do really wide French gel...but it just isn’t me.  AT ALL.  So I bought some UV glitter gel from eBay Hong Kong and have had my girl do a degrade with it ever since (we’re talking years.)  My coach had a “signature” cut-out-crescent thing going on… For me, it’s glitter ombre, usually in silver, but sometimes I’ll do sheer color.  They’re incredibly short when I have them done because they grow a mile a minute…but they are super fun AND super sturdy – weightlifting requires it!


My Sensei will generally take one look and say “oh, brother…” and I DID almost rip two off last week nailing a bag with one-two punches.  But…par for the course.  If they were JUST my nails, they’d have torn off OR be short and bleh.  

Ninja with sparkles?  I think yes.  I mean, when I DO knock someone out, it’s nice to know my lines looked longer doing it! 😉